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Crypto influencer list

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crypto influencer list

This spring, an anonymous blockchain sleuth posted a list on Twitter naming 44 YouTube crypto personalities and their prices for paid promotions. List of Top Crypto Influencers in Southeast Asia · Indra Kesuma · Pinoy Influencer · Marvin Favis · Charm de Leon · Felicia Putri · Marvin Germo · Paul Pattarapon. Top Crypto Influencers on YouTube ; Coin Bureau · Ivan on Tech ; JRNY Crypto · BitBoy Crypto ; Brian Jung · Whale Panda ; Camila Russo · Data Dash ; BoxMining · Lark. FAZE CSGO BETTING SITE

Layah Heilpern, LayahHeilpern Follow on: Twitter and YouTube Tips on: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency updates, and the latest news Layah Heilpern has over , subscribers on Twitter, where she often gives her takes on the benefits of cryptocurrency. For example, in a well-liked Tweet she mentioned how the best way to make money in crypto is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Heilpern also wrote a book on Bitcoin and has her own YouTube channel with 31, subscribers. Her Twitter account has over , followers, while her YouTube channel has 15, subscribers. Thompson creates helpful YouTube videos, including a series where she explains crypto topics Ethereum 2.

She also has a crypto minute video every week to keep her audience updated with what's happening in the cryptocurrency space. The Crypto Jebb YouTube channel has , subscribers, and he explains what's happening in the Bitcoin space.

Jebb often provides technical analysis for Bitcoin if you're interested in immersing yourself in the topic. One of her most popular interviews is with Michael Saylor, where they question if Bitcoin is electricity or fire.

He also has a YouTube channel with , subscribers where he gives daily crypto updates. Ivan publishes crypto analyses and tutorials on his channel, including a helpful video on how you could create your own form of cryptocurrency in 15 minutes.

The Bottom Line Following cryptocurrency influencers may help you learn more about a complicated, ever-changing financial topic. Influencers are also a great way to stay on top of crypto-related trends. You may also want to consider working with a trusted financial advisor.

Cryptocurrency influencers must know how the technology works and stay aware of any relevant news about the crypto space. To become an influencer, you will need to fully understand what investing in cryptocurrency is all about. Then, simply choose a social media platform Instagram, YouTube, TikTok , Twitter, or a mix of any of these where you can provide your unique insights.

Are Cryptocurrency Influencers Legit? Many cryptocurrency influencers give predictions and share their thoughts on what's happening in the space. You have to look at their track record and history to determine whether or not they're legitimate. It's also important to remember that the cryptocurrency space is highly volatile, making it nearly impossible to predict what exactly is going to happen next.

You can share your opinions on cryptocurrency via social media. However, if you're promoting a product as an affiliate, you have to disclose your relationship with that sponsor to your audience to avoid any potential issues with the Federal Trade Commission FTC. Article Sources Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. However, he says that is the only project in which he intervened in that way after investors lost money taking his advice.

While Armstrong does disclose that he is not a trained financial professional, many of the ventures he's promoted have plummeted. After other cryptocurrency ventures like Ethereum Yield, Cypherium and MYX Network dropped in value, he deleted the promotional videos for them off his channel. Unlike Armstrong, who says he disclosed all of his paid promotional videos, some influencers don't share that they're getting handsomely paid to plug projects. According to Armstrong, many of the companies that contacted him while he was collecting fees for endorsements didn't want him to tell his viewers the content was sponsored.

Armstrong said that five years ago many influencers would not disclose that they were paid to plug projects, but most influencers today are upfront about promotions with their viewers. But state regulators warn that there are still influencers who lack transparency. Joe Rotunda, the director of the enforcement division of the Texas State Securities Board, said he's seen paid promotions that are not only undisclosed but are pushing fraudulent ventures.

CNBC Rotunda and a team of regulators recently filed enforcement actions against two casinos in the metaverse, the new digital frontier where users can attend virtual concerts, purchase digital assets or even gamble at a casino. The actions cited Flamingo Casino Club and Sand Vegas Casino Club, accusing them of trying to defraud retail investors by selling unregistered securities.

Neither casino responded to requests for comment. Rotunda said his team found the fraudulent metaverse operations through promotions from crypto influencers on YouTube. He referenced two popular influencers who promoted Flamingo Casino Club in videos reaching about 80, viewers. The cease-and-desist order against Flamingo Casino Club said one of the influencers promoting the casino was "recruiting promoters to engage and pay him to advertise their products through his YouTube channel.

Questionable promotions aren't just happening through crypto influencers on YouTube. The House Ethics Committee announced in May that it was investigating potentially improper cryptocurrency promotions by Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a Republican from North Carolina. He was seen in a photo with the coin's co-founders on Instagram the next week, commenting " Tomorrow we go to the moon!

Taylor Monahan, product lead at the digital currency wallet called MetaMask, said she is "viciously opposed" to all partnerships with crypto influencers. Taylor Monahan, product lead at the digital currency wallet MetaMask.

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Buterin is only 27 years old, which means that when creating Ethereum he was only 21 years old. Still, he has managed in a couple of years to become a leading front figure for a rapidly growing community and industry. Also, what glows through him is a spark of true interest in development rather than money.

Listening to this guy speak about all the developments, you can sense the excitement he speaks with. If I had to choose one person to educate me about cryptocurrencies it would be Vitalik Buterin. He makes quality comments on everything happening in cryptocurrencies while tackling all its issues.

Many articles on his website address problems we will face in the future along with potential solutions. Charles Hoskinson To continue this list with the same kind of person, with nearly the same background, I decided to go with Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson wanted the first option. After this he decided to start his own project now called Cardano. A great channel. Image via YouTube. Being the founder of the currently fourth largest cryptocurrency naturally makes him also extremely influential.

Cardano has a large community and Hoskinson is the front figure for that. Also, as with Vitalik he has become a front figure for the whole cryptocurrency industry due to his activity in social channels. He has a YouTube channel with almost k subscribers and a Twitter account with over k followers. Andres M. Antonopoulos Now I believe that Antonopoulos might be the least well-known one out of all the people on this list.

However, in an online world where your screen time per day is getting longer than the time you sleep it might just be relaxing to read a book once a while. If you do want to read a book, then looking up Antonopoulos is the right thing to do.

A great educator. Image via Aantonop. This book came out in , which shows his involvement in the growth of cryptocurrencies. Highly recommended books for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies. Providing educational content for those who seek to get involved in the industry is a key for adoption.

It also brings more credibility in the eyes of newcomers since an industry only seen on YouTube and TikTok might not seem reliable. The guy who made a country mine Bitcoin with power from a volcano, also the guy who made a country buy Bitcoin with millions of dollars, and oh I almost forgot, the guy who made Bitcoin legal tender in a country.

But thank God Nayib Bukele did. After El Salvador announced that they would make Bitcoin legal tender many countries have started to think about it too. Also, nowadays more people in El Salvador have Bitcoin wallets than traditional bank accounts, talk about adoption. Keep your eyes on the developments in El Salvador. However, not to give out only roses, there are many things that Bukele is being criticized about. Recently Vitalik Buterin criticized the approach El Salvador has taken since it forces merchants to accept Bitcoin.

According to Buterin this goes against the core values of cryptocurrencies. This is a common question, and it has sent many people on a path to find an answer. Many have also proposed formulas and indicators which could predict the future price of Bitcoin. Now, some of these have been rather close while some have proved to be complete gibberish.

Image via Twitter. Plan B is an anonymous person with a long background in finance. Basically, every commodity that has a limited supply and a certain production can be given a S2F value. The scarcer an asset the higher the number. Now, if you want to learn more, I suggest you read the article mentioned earlier. And on top of news coverage, he has his own following consisting of the most loyal people. This combined with how positively he talks about cryptocurrency has made an impact on the industry.

Not to forget how big of an impact he made through Tesla when he announced they would be accepting Bitcoin and bought it themselves too. Jack Dorsey is another pro crypto company leader. Jack Dorsey is quite the Bitcoin maximalist which becomes clear listening to his interviews.

When it comes to his companies, you might have seen that Twitter recently announced their tipping feature using the lightning network, along with NFT verifying. Square on the other hand has been implementing crypto payments and it has generated billions in revenue. It's that they recognize the fiat ships might all be sinking!

Andreas Antonopouplos definitely deserves to make our top crypto influencers list. He has valued opinions which he shares through his Twitter, podcast and Youtube channels. He has such a great understanding of cryptos, his information is easily understandable by just about anyone. Check out our list of the top lifestyle influencers you should know for your next campaign here. He prominently shares his knowledge and insights across various Bitcoin forums and websites.

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