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Horse racing betting terms trifecta stack

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horse racing betting terms trifecta stack

The horse racing odds at top sportsbooks for the weekend's Preakness Stakes have three $1 Trifecta: 8 with 2,4,5 with 1,2,4,5,7,9 ($15). Trifecta - The bettor picks the top three finishers in exact order. Superfecta - The bettor picks the top four finishers in exact order. Super. There are various horse races with available betting each day both across the. SOLARIO STAKES BETTING ADVICE

But what if you could get your heart racing a little more? Have you ever considered horse racing betting to up the excitement? Learning how to bet on horse racing can take you from the sidelines and put you in the saddle. With numerous types of horse bets to choose from, you can take charge and make your favorite sport that much more fun to watch.

Continue reading to learn about the most popular horse betting terms and more. These are listed as fractions that show you how much you need to spend to make a profit. Different Types of Horse Bets Basic Bets There are a few different types of horse bets , but the main three are win, place, and show: In a win bet, you pick the winning horse. The earning potential here is still good, but not as high as a winning bet.

You can also go across the board, which is when you place three equal win, place, and show bets. To win the bet, those three horses must finish in that order. Trifecta Box Bet A common way to play a Trifecta is to box three horses. The three horses you selected must finish in the top three spots for you to win. Often a better way to play is called a Trifecta key.

You need the 1 to win the race and any of your other four contenders to finish second and third. PlayUp Racebook is your best bet!

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If that occurs, there will be too many winning tickets. The total pool is divided amongst all the winners and thus, the individual dividends will suffer accordingly. No value! Even worse, including a hot favourite in a trifecta is a very bad bet. Look for races in which the favourite is under some risk, and leave it out! Value will come from other, less fancied runners. The more horses to include in the combinations, the cost of the trifecta bet can escalate very quickly.

You can reduce the cost significantly by nominating one of your selections as a standout, eg; a horse that you select to win, and boxing the other horses to fill the placings. You can nominate a standout in any position. Excessive bet cost happens commonly when there are too many runners in the race, or at least too many legitimate chances. If you need to bet too many combinations to secure the win, the cost will be high and perhaps the risk-benefit excessive.

In this case, just give it a miss and find another race to try. To get the risk pendulum swinging in your favour. However, risk reduction often comes at a cost, so beware of escalation in that area. This particular bookie is outstanding in providing trifecta punters with all the tools necessary to enjoy and profit on this popular wagering option. Joining up is easy and only takes 2 minutes.

As always, when starting something new, try a few hands at the trifecta without investing any money. Review past races and study the trifecta result. What were the odds of the placegetters? Where were they in the market? How about the widest runners? The key is to look for the right race. Strategies to win the trifecta Listed below are proven strategies to win at the trifecta.

Make sure your strategy excludes hot favourites as they destroy any value in trifecta betting. Either exclude them from the trifectas or choose to pass on the race altogether. Exclude the hot favourite Some professional punters choose to exclude the favourite altogether from trifecta bets. However, my recommendation is to decide on a case-by-case basis. Is there enough risk around the favourite to consider leaving it out of the trifecta.

If not, there is little point in continuing with the bet as the likelihood is high that the favourite wins. If there is some risk in the favourite, then this is an opportunity to consider leaving it out altogether. It often occurs that the favourite, for some reason, fails to finish in the top 3 placings. Punters who backed the favourite straight-out are seen throwing tickets away in despair, or standing around with that perplexed look on their face.

It happens quite frequently. However, when this happens, trifecta punters are in business! The payout figure on any trifecta in that race will be great. Pick the winner Trifecta betting is a lot easier if you have confidence in a particular horse to win the race. If you can lock in a horse to fill the 1st place, you can box horses to fill the minor placings. Do not use a hot favourite. Use other strategies, listed below, to remove further horses from consideration.

Then, we are starting to formulate a workable trifecta bet. Not confident in the winner? You can lock in two horses to finish on top. These horses are known as bankers. Bankers are one or two horses that can be locked into a certain position. You might lock a horse in for 3rd position, say a long shot you suspect could sneak into the frame. A little speculative but will give any successful dividend an enormous kick. Only then will you find that elusive edge as a trifecta punter.

Eliminate horses with no chance A third general strategy in trifecta betting is to not waste money on horses with absolutely no chance of getting into the placings. An shot has a 1. In most cases, unless you have a very good reason, these horses can safely be eliminated from your trifecta betting. In trifecta betting, track bias can help eliminate some horses from the list of chances and also elevate others.

Keep an eye on racing patterns earlier in the day. Hence, if you think there is some risk around the favourite, leave it out altogether. In fact, the price put up for these horses by bookmakers is seriously understated; in reality their chance is or more. In this strategy, we will remove the favourite and the horses with next to no chance of hitting the board.

If you can do this in a race with only a dozen or so runners, you can end up with only a small group of horses to include in the combinations. Example 1: J. In addition, the bottom 7 horses Nos. A great opportunity to really narrow down the field by eliminating all those horses. He really impressed in his recent run and had Kerrin McEvoy on board. At greater than each-way odds he was the perfect choice to peg as a standout in the first position.

In summary, we had the No. Atkins Plate result: Ist: No. McEvoy 2nd: No. Allen 3rd: No. A great strategy that reduced the field to 7 runners including one standout selection. Example 2: Rosehill R2, 15th June The 2nd race at Rosehill on 15th June, is a good example of excluding the favourite and widest runners. Fifteen horses and 4 emergencies accepted, however 4 horses from the main field and 2 emergencies were scratched, leaving a field of 13 to run. Because there are still 10 runners, our top selection No.

By looking at the chart some big prices landed in the top 2 spots of the trifecta, the suspect favorite ran poorly and the trifecta returned a handsome sum. A good thought process that just did not materialize. Fast forward to Thursday…I was looking for someone to play in a head-to-head tournament over the first 6 races at Betfair Hollywood Park on DerbyWars , but could not find any takers before first post, so it was back to regular betting.

Rather than longshots possibly winning, this race looked to go through only the 7 Midnight Cassanova and 8 Chocolatier. The only chance for chaos would be in the 2nd or 3rd row. Plus, I gave myself a chance for a nice payout had the 7 or 8 ran out of the money.

The odds on my key horses were not too big in both of these examples, but one can clearly see the value created just by asking logical horses to hit the board. From those early experiences I was able to read the Daily Racing Form before the age of Once The Woodlands opened in Kansas City in , I became totally hooked on the sport studying racing charts after homework and tennis practice.

In recent years, with the explosion of handicapping tournaments, my love for playing the races has risen to a new level. I have also dabbled in horse ownership within syndicates and on my own. Both my father and I selected him, which made for a memorable day. The point of this blog is to get everyone out there a few winners, but also to go in depth at how I come to the conclusions that I do.

I encourage others to post picks they like, too, but please explain how you come to your conclusions.

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What is a Trifecta Bet in Horse Racing (Definition of Trifecta - Horse Race Betting)

Sports Betting Tips: How to Bet on Horse Racing Posted in Circa Sports on September 1, Horses are majestic creatures, and their beauty is a huge part of what makes watching them race around a track so exciting.

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