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Betting arena football

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betting arena football

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There's a month when people might crave something different. The Arena Football League might just fill a void. Ken White, the new owner of LVSC, has been handicapping the Arena Football League for years and is considered an expert on the sport by many in the industry. White's oddsmaking strategy for the Arena Football League is similar that of other sports, even though the game itself is much different.

In developing power ratings, he assigns numerical values to players for each of the 19 teams in the league. Since most players play offense and defense, the process of developing these numbers is much different than that of the NFL. So I will try and find out if teams have a mix of those guys. Because if they have all offensive players, they are going to be weak defensively and if they have all defensive players they are going to be weak offensively.

White says that speed is not as big of a factor in arena football because the field is so much smaller. While offensive linemen in the NFL average around pounds, a player in that position in the AFL would not be considered undersized at pounds.

The Arena Football League was designed as an offensive league, with most combined scores for a game nearing the century mark. According to White, the quarterback position is rated much differently than it would be in the NFL. However, field goals and extra points are done much differently in the arena game. One point is awarded for a normal post-touchdown conversion and two points are earned for a conversion by drop kick.

A field goal counts for three points and a field goal by drop kick tallies four points. Arena teams have man active rosters and eight players are on the field during play. Besides the kicker and quarterback, each team has one offensive specialist and two defensive specialists. All other players go both ways. Home field advantage in arena football counts for five points in the point spread, as opposed to the NFL where it counts for three, according to White.

This is both because the games are higher scoring and that the crowds in the AFL are livelier and they are right on top of the action because of the way the fields are configured. All these differences make the AFL tough to handicap for oddsmakers. White says that LVSC spends almost as much time on their arena numbers that they spend on setting lines for the 'major' sports.

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