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Nip vs titan cs go betting guide

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nip vs titan cs go betting guide

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Titan. NiP: GeT_RiGhT, allu, Xizt, f0rest, friberg See more. Titan v HR starting in 10! I've gone low on HR.. They were v impressive at times against Na'Vi earlier. CS:GO Betting Tips. "The most common strategy here is to bet mid/high value items (AWP and AK skins) on safe bets," says my source. "Teams like NiP, Titan. HOW TO RECORD CRYPTO TRADES FOR TAXES

I do, however, feel that Titan is still so new as a collective now after the shuffle with kennyS and Apex leaving for Envy, that their chances to be able to topple teams like TSM, Virtus Pro and more are very slim. Then there is Kinguin, who have more talent than you can shake a stick at, but there are still some questionable flaws that can hold them back.

Just to mention a few — communication and a limited map pool. The point is, during most events there is always a chance for an upset somewhere down the line. I just feel during a Major, all the Legends are working to operate at percent, which is going to cause the vast amount of Challengers to struggle in comparison. However, with the right team around them, they can be absolute monsters. I think they will do fine. But still, they could turn up and prove me wrong.

They are contenders now and certainly people have to take them seriously. For that to happen, it will require more than a godlike performance from kennyS, which he seemingly always delivers and which is the most basic requirement for their success.

It will require apEX to frag well and, if they reach the semi-final, at least a solid game from RpK. Compared to the other top teams, Titan lack for some fire-power, since so much of theirs is tied up in their best player, so they much bridge that gap and then rely on strong T side play to put them in position to win.

How the group should play out: The premier match-up sees some very solid upset potential, as Titan have always matched up well with nV, in light of being a significantly lower ranked team and far less likely to win big international titles. If the map the two play on is dust2 or inferno, then Titan have solid upset potential, even if nV are the favourites.

Assuming nV progress, which they should, favourites to beat every name here, then Titan are a reasonably strong second bet. PENTA do have some skilled players, but those players lack for much legitimate big LAN experience, in terms of performances to match their online form.

LGB have a solid strategical approach, but do not have anyone close to the level of kennyS or anywhere near the raw skill to stand across from nV. Slumping as of late, but the most famous lurker and clutch player in the game. Perhaps possessed of the best aim in CS:GO, is wildly streaky for a top player, at times no longer deserving of top 10 status. Mentally strong and able to force entries on maps like dust2 and inferno. Famous for locking down B on inferno as CT.

Xizt — The in-game leader, utilising a looser, more star-orientated approach. Famous for winning high pressure clutch rounds. History: The greatest team in the history of CS:GO, the four man core of this team won the first eight offline tournament they attended, not losing a map and eventually going an unbelievable in offline maps won before taking their first loss.

Even when they were bested at an offline tournament, they would not drop below a top four finish for what ended up being a streak of 31 total tournaments, lasting from August of through to late June of From the last third of , perennial runners-up VeryGames took over the top spot from NiP, but the Ninjas continued to remain a solid top two in the world.

Losing out in the final of the first major, at Dreamhack Winter , they fell there to an upstart Fnatic team. Regaining the world number one status at the next event, NiP would cement that status with a victory at Dreamhack Summer in June.

That would mark the end of their time as a consistent top four team. At their next event, they fell to their first finish outside of the top four and repeated the feat at Gfinity. At the third major, ESL One Cologne, they incredibly performed their own upset run, beating out three teams C9, LDLC and Fnatic all in close three map fashion and all when those teams seemed to have secured an edge to eliminate them.

Thus, NiP won their major title at the time they were at their weakest as a team, by far. After that, their problems caught up with them and they would fail to get out of the group stage of the next two LANs and fail to even qualify for more offline tournaments. Despite no warm-up event to test the new line-up, they survived a shaky group stage to mount an epic run to the final.

Along the way they smashed a previously hot HellRaisers in the quarters. In the semi-final, they hung in to reach three maps against Virtus. The decider was overpass and NiP would earn two championship points, but see the game go to overtime and LDLC roar back to steal the trophy. At MLG X Games Aspen, the first event of , NiP overcame a shocking group stage loss to C9, on nuke, formerly their home map, to provide the greatest series of all-time in their semi-final win over Fnatic.

Edging fnatic on cache, they fell in equally thrilling fashion on inferno to see the series head to three maps. That ability to brute force sites open has made NiP one of the best T side teams throughout all eras. At his best, he was a consistent fragger, dominant on all sides of the game and capable of winning clutch rounds at will, including those which appeared impossible for other pros. His ailing form, including during their Dreamhack Winter run, has been a problem for NiP at times.

One of his better recent performances was in the decisive map against Fnatic at MLG, where he locked down B on mirage and helped secure the win. Now, he is still capable of producing one of those magical halves or maps, where looks like the best player in the world, but those seem to come once in every five or six offline games now.

Chances: The roster change has the potential to really mess things up for NiP, especially going with a player whose native language is not Swedish, in which they communicate. On paper, one would expect them to make a solid run into the top four and then lose there to nV or Fnatic, should the bracket shake out that way. I suspect that their roster move makes them more vulnerable to teams like TSM and Titan. If they finish first in their group, then they should make top four, but if they finish second or play Titan, then I think the chances of them dropping out 5th-8th are good.

Maikelele had been capable of taking over halves in the previous line-up, so allu will need to bring a good game in every three if a similar pattern is to be followed. A key problem for NiP is the lack of a predictable home map, in comparison to the other top teams. HellRaisers HR [ 8] Dosia — Formerly an elite player, has struggled to maintain that form in the last nine months. Very passive player, but with strong aim and a penchant for taking on 1on1 aim duels and winning them.

Flamie — Star prospect of the region, but largely unproven in the context of offline international competition. ANGE1 — In-game leader and entry fragger, as unusual as it is that those roles are combined, suggesting that HR does not play within a highly rigid tactical system. AdreN — A carry player in 1. History: Four of the five players in this line-up were members of the Virtus. HellRaisers became famous as a skilled team who could, on their day, cause a big upset over a better team, only to lose a team worse than the level of the one they had upset.

They would play NiP close in the semi-final of Dreamhack Summer , but beyond that saw themselves failing to even win tournaments domestically in the CIS region. At Dreamhack Winter , the team upset Fnatic on mirage and were considered to be favourites to reach the semi-finals, against a new look NiP, but were trashed by a huge performance from the Ninjas and f0rest, in particular.

HellRasiers have changed out young star s1mple and old but flawed star name markeloff for Flamie and AdreN, the latter having formerly been a member of the team. Style: Famous for an approach heavily predicated upon out-aiming the opponent, they are not a strong T side team and struggle to show any consistency there, relying upon big individual moments to score rounds against top teams. As CT, their skill can allow them big runs of rounds, but they lack for strong maps due to their individualistic style of play.

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Nip vs titan cs go betting guide spread 2 pips forex

NiP vs Titan - CS:GO Lounge Bet Prediction 31/1/15 nip vs titan cs go betting guide


Just like with horse racing or other sports, there are numerous factors in play in CS:GO. By analysing all the different variables, you can make informed bets on CS:GO matches. Like any other sport, CS:GO has athletes that have risen to the top and have forged names for themselves. There are esports World Rankings that detail the best sides on the planet, with Astralis being the all-time number one team. It has held the top spot for an astonishing days in total, with a longest streak of days.

This is a feat that no other outfit has come close to. At the time of writing, Natus Vincere is the best CS:GO team in the world, and has held the spot for days in its history. Knowing which sides are on top at any time is useful if you want to bet on CS:GO successfully. Betting on CS:GO is now easier than ever, thanks to the rise of online casinos and bookies offering markets on the top esports. To stake on CS:GO, you simply find the site that you like the look of, credit your account, and then start betting on the games that take your fancy.

Alongside these, you can stake on regular seasons of the esport. This allows you to improve the odds on the team that is favoured to win, so that if they do end the match victorious, you receive a higher payout. A real-life example could be current world best Natus Vincere coming up against a lower-ranked team. Therefore, bookies offer handicap betting so that you can still have fun backing the best team.

Bettors can set the handicap level themselves and it changes the requirements for victory slightly. Another popular type of bet is futures. You can predict and bet on which team will be the winner of BLAST Premier or any other tournament long before it starts. Odds are usually higher if you wager on the tournament outcome in advance. Additional betting markets There are plenty of common markets for CS:GO match betting featured by the bookmakers. However, predicting who will win each map during a match makes gambling more interesting.

One more example of additional betting markets is the final score of a series bet. Instead of simply choosing the winner, try to predict the exact score of the Bo3 or Bo5 series. One more interesting type of bet is the number of maps won by a team. Pick a team and guess how many maps they will win during a tournament. Plenty of available payment methods Good CSGO match betting sites should always offer their bettors the possibility to choose from different payment methods.

The most popular options for depositing and withdrawing money are: Visa and Mastercard, prepaid cards, e-wallets where PayPal and Skrill are the most popular, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Check whether the bookmaker offers the payment methods you use the most before signing up. Generous bonuses Another feature that you should pay attention to when picking a bookmaker platform is the bonuses and promotion campaigns that it has to offer.

For example, the first bonus that you can count on is a welcome bonus. After you register and make your first deposit, bonus money will appear automatically on your account. You can use the free money to place wagers on the website. Very often, bookmakers encourage bettors with free bets where you don't need to risk your own funds to win or cash back bonuses where some percentage of the money that you spent on bets will be returned to you whether you win or not. Subscribe to the bookmaker's newsletter not to miss any promotion campaigns.

Fast payouts CS GO match betting involves a lot of fun and excitement. However, when you play for real money, you also expect to earn profit and be able to use the money you won as soon as possible. Bookies listed adobe in this article offer the fastest payouts.

As a rule, withdrawing money via different payment options takes days. Only bank transfers can take up to 5 days. There is no additional commission taken by CS:GO betting sites for cashing out your winnings. Thus, choose the bookmaker that offers the fastest payouts to be able to enjoy your winnings right away. Rating CS:GO match betting sites Our devoted staff, which consists of gamblers, true CSGO fans, and professional tipsters whose betting tactics are followed by a large number of people, has spent plenty of time and effort analyzing various CS:GO match betting sites.

Let us show you how we check and rate CSGO gambling sites. Creating an account In order to check each bookmaker, we sign up with the website. The first thing we turn our attention to is what kind of personal data is required from the bettors to provide. Testing the convenience of the website We try out various site functions and make sure that all the information regarding betting on CSGO matches is available and easy to find. Making the first deposit After going through the list of offered payment methods, we select the currency and make the deposit.

Betting on CSGO Once the funds have been transferred to the account, our gamblers place simple and complex bets to make sure that the wagering process is smooth. Withdrawing the winnings We make sure that the sites presented to you above use payment methods with the highest payout speed. Reaching customer support By using different communication means, our experts interact with the customer support team in order to see how fast they are responding and how helpful their assistance is.

The CSGO match betting websites presented to you above are rated according to the functionality and the variety of options. You can use only skins to wager on CSGO events. If you win, you get profit in real money. You receive more skins in case of a successful bet. You can use them in the game to improve the looks of your character.

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CS:GO - TITAN'S BOOST on dust2

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