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magical crypto friends

The Magical Crypto Friends have revealed the dates for the first ever Magical Crypto Conference VR, the first Bitcoin conference hosted. - The Magical Crypto Friends Show Episode First Choice Special thanks to our sponsor: BTSE (registrationcode1xbet.website) In. Magical Crypto Friends podcast on demand - Join Pony, Lion, Panda, & Chikun on their adventures in magical cryptoland! Riccardo Spagni, Samson Mow. BEGINNER SPORTS BETTING

The crypto experts also debated about whether Bitcoin has become easier to use over the years or not. Bitcoin maximalist Whale Panda stated that, ease-of-use is one of the major challenges when it comes to Bitcoin. Nonetheless, he believed this has improved a lot in the last two years. Spagni, on the other hand does not share the same view with Panda. He is rather of the view that, Bitcoin has become easier to use only for those who are already familiar with the technology.

He added that, new comers are still struggling to use bitcoin in their daily transactions. On a more serious note, Whale Panda reminds the folks about the informative roots of the show and how they initially discussed more technical issues. As such, he brings up an IBM statement according to which quantum computing would be available in the next 5 years and could seriously damage the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In a nutshell, he was told that the nature of these advanced devices is still uncertain and nobody knows exactly when they will get released in a functional form that meets the technical expectations. Moreover, the issue at stake is so much bigger than SHA, Scrypt, or other encryption systems used in cryptocurrencies. Even the security of http or TLS can be broken to interfere with the system, and the safest way of remaining anonymous in such a case is to stay away from the internet.

Charlie Lee adds cryptocurrencies really are a small concern as opposed to every other application of cryptography which can become completely redundant with quantum computing. If everything that is encrypted gets revealed, then the threat is posed in many other fields including national security. However, Chikun is positive that the systems will adapt by the time quantum computing gets released. Fluffy Pony concludes that second layer encryption can be added to all popular cryptocurrencies in order to resist quantum computing attacks or make them unprofitable, and new solutions will definitely arise as soon as the threat emerges.

Whale Panda quickly changes the subject to address a memorable moment involving Vitalik Buterin, when the Ethereum co-founder tried to raise funds for Bitcoin quantum computer mining. Excellion, jokingly, implies that maybe the failure of this first initiative led to the creation of Ethereum, so the entire project can serve as an ICO that funds the development of this proposed quantum mining rig.

After all, you could use the same hashing power to mine the coin and make money, guaranteed. Riccardo Spagni points out that sometimes the reward and incentive system is flawed, so it no longer brings great benefits to waste electricity mining coins. On the other hand, there are those who attack just for fun, to see the process and how well they can withstand it. Yet Samson Mow comes with the ultimate argument on Ethereum and its tokens: if someone attacks it, there is a strong and irrefutable precedent to do a rollback.

Riccardo Spagni and Tari. After a series of jokes about Fluffy Pony leaving the Monero project at an all-time high just like Charlie Lee sold all of his LTC at a similar moment, the loveable caballine reveals that a decentralized asset protocol will be built on top of XMR. Unlike Monero, Tari will mainly focus on scalability but may still use privacy options.

Nevertheless, it is still about 2 years away from launching, just because building protocols is difficult and Mr. Tari will be able to issue ERC20 tokens, in-game assets, loyalty points, and tickets as native digital assets. Charlie Lee here asks where he can buy tokens, and Pony makes it clear that there will be no pre-mine, no special sale before launch, and no ICO.

The jokes continue, as the poor caballine gets roasted for not serving any good purpose on the show. Price polls are boring actually. What I really want to know is which magicalcrypto friend you like best! Whale Panda reads a fan question that asks the four cute anthropomorphic animals to provide their opinions on the Zooko and Jihan situation. Specifically, the Zcash creator stated he believed in the words and good intentions of the Bitmain co-founder after exchanging a memorable eye contact, which assured him no secret Monero mining had occurred.

Whale Panda completes the statement with a personal anecdote about expectations of deceit: supposedly, Chinese partners expect mutual lies to get embedded in their business deals.

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No such information provided through the CryptoCurrencyNews. Users of this website agree that they are not using any content of this website in connection with an investment decision. These speculative and illiquid securities are often difficult for investors to buy or sell without significantly affecting the quoted price. Hence, the public key is for encrypting and the private key for decrypting. The public and private keys returned in the above code can be serialised by converting their byte[] values to for instance base64 encoded strings, for then to be stored in a database or in ASCII text files.

To encrypt something using the above key, you could use code resembling the following. Encrypt Encoding. Notice, this is probably not that useful, since you cannot encrypt anything longer than your key length, implying you would probably much rather want to use the "combination examples" from below to encrypt real messages.

To decrypt the above package, you can use something resembling the following. Decrypt encrypted ; Notice, only the private key associated with the public key that was used to encrypt the package in the first place can be used to decrypt the message - Which is kind of the whole point with public key cryptography. Also, to retrieve a string encrypted such as we do above, you'll have to convert the byte[] array returned from Decrypt to a string using e.

GetString decrypted. Cryptographic signatures To sign a message, implies giving the receiver a guarantee of that the message originated from whoever owns the private key. Hence, the signature is created using the private key, and verification can be done only with the public key. Below is an example that first signs the text "Hello World" with a private key, for then to verify the signature afterwards using the public key.

Sign Encoding. PublicKey ; verifier. Verify Encoding. GetBytes "Hello World" , signature ; If the signature does not match, the Verify method will throw an exception. AES cryptography AES is "symmetric cryptography" implying the same key is used for encrypting things, as is used for decrypting the same package.

It is typically used in combination with assymetric cryptography, with a CSRNG generated session key, which is assymetrically encrypted using a public key. However, you can also use the AES classes as standalone classes to encrypt some package symmetrically if you wish.

Below is an example. Decrypt encrypted ; Yet again, the Decrypt method from above will return byte[], which needs to be converted into a string using e. GetString decrypted - Which of course only works if the original payload you encrypted actually was a string.

Notes about keys and keyphrases The above code uses a "keyphrase". Internally what occurs is that magic. This is just a convenience overload, allowing you to use AES with keyphrases instead of manually having to create a bit byte[] array every time you want to encrypt and decrypt things using AES. Combination examples This is where things gets interesting, since only by combining AES and RSA you can really take advantage of public key cryptography, to transmit packages securely over an inheritingly insecure channel, such as the internet for instance.

The way this works, is that your actual message is symmetrically encrypted, using a CSRNG generated key random key. Then the key is assymmetrically encrypted at the top of the package, using the public key, and the key's fingerprint is prepended as the first bits. This allows you to retrieve the fingerprint of the key that was used to encrypt the package, lookup the private key using the fingerprint, and then decrypt it in the other end, all in one go - Without having to fiddle with hundreds of different classes and methods from BouncyCastle.

Decrypt encrypted ; This is where magic. Manually doing the above using BouncyCastle would probably be beyond what most could accomplish, without compromising security somehow. Likewise magic. Below is an example of the latter.

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