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investing med s&r lwv

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Patents are important to protect key design elements that make the product unique and deserving of a premium price. Companies that receive a premium price for their products generate higher margins , which in turn give investors a superior return on their money. For some, medical equipment innovation is important in offering a competitive product.

Many government authorities, such as the US Food and Drug Administration FDA recognize that they must adapt to the rapid innovation in medical products. Companies that can innovate quickly will benefit most, and so will investors who can identify these companies. To identify these companies, monitor their research and development activities, their filings with both health and financial regulatory authorities , and approvals from the regulators.

Aging Population Many countries have an aging population. This demographic trend is a positive influence. Essentially, the rising tide of an aging population helps all the medical equipment companies grow. Health insurance , including government assistance programs such as Medicare , covers the cost of many medical care products. Usually, the patient does not pay the full cost; many patients do not even know the cost of the products provided. On the other hand, these same agencies set the price they will pay for a product, which could limit the price received by the medical equipment company.

Economic Immunity As a discretionary spending item, medical equipment purchases are not tied to the vagaries of the economic cycle. As a result, medical products companies are normally able to perform well during both the boom times and when the economy is slowing down. A large segment of the medical equipment industry also sells consumable items that are used each day by hospitals and medical professionals.

Companies that manufacture these products tend to experience high levels of free cash flow. Since the use of these items is non-discretionary, the revenues tend to be steady despite the cycles of the economy. Moreover, with an aging population, the use of these items tends to grow faster than the overall economy. What Type of Investor Are You? Growth and value investors can find investing in medical equipment companies lucrative.

Knowing the type of investor you are goes a long way to defining what to look for and when to invest. Growth In every industry, a healthy balance sheet is essential for growth, and the same applies to medical equipment companies. Companies that have sufficient cash or cash equivalents on hand to pay for their investments, such as research and development, have a much better chance of sustaining their growth.

Preferably, they have minimal debt. If companies have debt, they can cover the cost of it from current operations. Moreover, the company should be generating profits and achieving positive free cash flow. It helps if these companies have a strong culture of innovation. Innovation is vital to future growth, which benefits investors. Examples of medical devices include neurostimulation devices, surgical implants, ultrasound imaging devices and robotic medical technology, along with insulin pumps and insulin pens for diabetes.

Just as pharmaceutical companies seek to serve unmet needs, medical device companies do the same via innovative technologies. Invest in medical devices: What to know about stocks Medtech companies will often seek to show investors that their products are ready to enter the market and will be in demand right away — whether it be by serving a large demographic or by targeting a specific ailment in the population that has an unmet medical need.

Like firms pursuing drug approvals, medtech companies must conduct clinical trials to bring their products to market; they have to refine their technology and confirm efficacy and safety to get regulatory approvals. A medical device stock can experience a large jump when announcing positive results from a recent trial or approval from a regulatory body such as Health Canada, the US Food and Drug Administration or an equivalent agency in Europe or Asia.

On the other hand, poor results can have a negative impact. Once a product has been patented, the company controls its every move and can choose to license it or make other deals to expand device reach. Invest in medical devices: ETFs provide a safer entry For those who prefer to mitigate risk, exchange-traded funds ETFs are a safer way to put money into the market.

ETFs hold assets such as stocks, commodities and bonds, and trade close to their net asset value. Typically ETFs track an index.

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