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Cryptocurrency marketing campaign

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cryptocurrency marketing campaign

2) Networking on LinkedIn. Ideas For Crypto Marketing Campaigns · 1. Coinbase Bytes · 2. Binance- The Tipping Point · 3. Monero- Explanatory Video · 4. Pianity- Product Update · 5. eToro- HODL. Email marketing for crypto startups is a highly effective technique for promoting your crypto project. Email marketing entails sending targeted marketing emails. LITEFOREX DEMO ACCOUNT

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Just doing the basics right can set your cryptoasset apart, increase the brand awareness of your project, create interest in your mission and accelerate the real world adoption. Explain things simply and in detail so that people thoroughly can understand the logic and idea behind your project. Present your company in words, imagery and video. Speak in words that even non-technical people outside the crypto industry can understand.

For cryptoasssets and the whole industry to grow and thrive, there is a necessity to become friendly to non-tech users. Put extra effort into educating your target audience. A normal person should be able to understand what your project is about after having a look at your homepage.

Having a real concept that people can grasp really helps with marketing and communication. Your product needs to satisfy the need of a real market. You need to do a lot of market research talking to real people to find out what their problems are and how your technology can help solve them. Be a solution to a problem. Ask yourself tough questions including: What is the purpose of the project?

What is the concept? What is the business model? Figure out what your project does, what real problem your technology is solving for real people or businesses, and what your brand and mission stand for. Be transparent and open Be upfront on your website and your other platforms. Explain who you and your team are. Showcase your backgrounds. What makes you the right team to tackle the specific problem that you are addressing? What is your experience and why should we trust you?

Position and differentiate your startup. Aim to explain why people should believe in your product versus the competing projects by positioning and differentiation. But remember that the bigger your idea is, the harder it will be to accomplish it and the higher chance there are that you will disappoint.

Think big but take it smaller steps and goals at a time. Staff your crypto startup with customer facing resources Staff your startup with customer facing resources such as social media marketing specialists, blog writers, designers, storytellers, community managers, customer service representatives and PR professionals. These will help with the communication, content creation, outreach, audience growth and management of an engaged community.

Resources are tight? You start small and build a bigger customer facing team as you progress. Make sure your developers and marketers talk to each other Your marketing staff are not necessary mathematicians, cryptographers or developers. They are in most cases just like the people you are trying to reach.

They are the people who will represent your company in front of the potential customers. This is why the communication between the developers and marketers is critical. They need to be aligned. You want to help the marketers understand your project and your development progress in order to better communicate it to other non-tech people. Without clear internal communication, there will be misunderstandings and a lack of clarity not only within your marketing team but also with those whom their message reaches.

Take massive marketing action There are many cryptoassets and startups so if you want attention you need to take massive marketing action to get it. Without you spending time on spreading the word about your project to a new audience, it will be difficult to grow. These are some of the activities that you should perform regularly: Create great content and syndicate that content to the big platforms Join the discussions in the broader community and help people out Proactively reach out to the different publishers and influencers such as coin review sites and YouTubers See a longer list of places where you can promote your startup 7.

Start building your prospect database early on Every company needs customers. Be it B2B or B2C. You need to work on the adoption of your product early on. Be proactive. Reach out to your target market, build relationships, grow your prospect email database. Email is one of the strongest tools you have in your marketing toolbox. Reach out to and initiate potential partnership proposals with other cryptoassets and other companies to see how you can strategically work together.

Partnership news spread wide in the world of crypto and can generate synergy for all parties involved. The earlier you start, the more prepared you will be for the day your product launches and is ready to open the doors to the first customers. Without this early work, you will open the door but nobody will show up.

Establish a presence where your target audience is The audience should not come to you, you should go where the audience is. Determine which platforms you want to have an official presence on. There are many possibilities in the crypto space from Medium for your text content, YouTube for your video content, Twitter as the key social network, to Telegram, Reddit, Slack or Discord for hosting your community.

Create consistent, professional looking and regularly updated profiles on the different social media platforms and establish your presence in places where people spend their time. Make sure your branding, marketing and social media presence are all aligned and are telling a consistent story about your company and your mission. And do make sure that your content strategy matches the message to the specific medium. Build a hub for your project Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Slack and others are all great tools that help you grow your audience, but they are terrible at keeping your content archives discoverable.

Pretty much nobody will see it after that first day. That is a waste of a great content opportunity and can be done better. Post, organize and curate all your content on your blog or your website too: A hub that you control and that you own the domain name of. A hub that is easily searchable and navigable. A hub that Google and other search engines can discover and index in their search results.

This way none of your great content will ever get lost. There is a space for that but the first priority for your content strategy should be to create content of value to the audience you are targeting. Share commentary on the latest industry news. Publish educational and insightful analysis. Put the focus on your team members. Your content needs to deliver value. It should be compelling and should encourage audience interaction for you to further grow your community.

Be an authority in the field Make sure to have a personal presence on LinkedIn and other social media. Be a resource. Answer questions. Thanks to the open-source nature of blockchain, the crypto founders are actually much better at this than CEOs of the Fortune companies who are rarely available, open and engaged. There are many great examples of crypto founders being very active and engaged in social media: Get inspired by Vitalik Buterin of ethereum who is pretty much THE authority in the industry.

Or Angel Versetti of Ambrosus who is constantly looking for ideas and inspiration from the audience on Reddit. Or Jez San of FunFair who is honestly and openly responding to the questions from the Telegram audience at any time of the day or night. Regular public communication is key Ensure that you regularly inform your community on what the team is doing. Some crypto teams communicate daily, some such as Request Network do bi-weekly, some such as modum.

You want to instill confidence in your team and the progress you are making. You want to gain trust and respectability from your target audience. The main way to do that is by regular, clear and open communication. Ignore the market cap and the coin price in your marketing Forget about the market cap and the coin price in your marketing and communication. Forget about your rank on the CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin goes up, you go up no matter what. Bitcoin goes down, you go down too. Bitcoin goes up but you go down. You cannot win with these topics. Using COSS you can store all your cryptocurrency funds in a single location safely as shown in the cryptocurrency digital advertising campaign video. It gives everyone the opportunity to perform into the cryptocurrency market, and to avoid many common mistakes.

The cryptocurrency digital advertising campaign video shows that people will be able to let their assets managed by Mimic. It also features a multi-currency crypto wallet and state-of- art artificial intelligence to provide best value to crypto holder for everyday purchases. The cryptocurrency digital marketing campaign video shows how Amon Card solves two existential problems with everyday purchases using your crypto.

Using Atomic Swap and State Channel technology, Altcoin is building a cross-chain decentralized exchange that guarantees the security of your funds as shown in the cryptocurrency digital marketing campaign video. It is the automatic e-investment platform, which is an integral part of BTChain Limited, which is secured and credible. The goal is to build a cryptocurrency that runs autonomously, with improvements voted on and enacted directly by the miners and holders of the currency.

The cryptocurrency digital marketing campaign video shows how Decred is unique in comparison to Bitcoin! It makes worldwide transactions between consumers, merchants, businesses, distributors and community. It offers secure, instant, decentralized and private transactions with unit value fungibility and Escrow function. Using Tracto, users are able to do business where it is prohibitive before, such as high crime rates and frauds as demonstrates in the cryptocurrency digital advertising campaign video.

It has been specifically designed as a flexible platform to offer both applications and financial services. The cryptocurrency digital marketing campaign video shows the how NXT is easy-to-use, permissionless and gives its users complete freedom in many ways. It proposes to minimise the risks of centralization while acknowledging the benefits of conventional exchanges through the concept of distributed management.

The cryptocurrency digital advertising campaign video describes how Mandarin creates a unique exchange platform with distributed management. Its main strengths are in the Forex and the cryptocurrency markets where it is ranked among the highest profit makers of all time.

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