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Places to visit between katra and srinagar

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places to visit between katra and srinagar

While we visit Katra the base for Vaishnodevi from Jammu we can visit upto srinagar & other hillstations on the way where ever defence security is given. Gulmarg. Image Source. You must be knowing about Gulmarg since many Bollywood movies shooting have taken place in Gulmarg. Patnitop. Image Source. SEDCO FOREX INTERNATIONAL INC PERTH

Get set for your vacation be it with your Is a Srinagar trip from Katra on your bucket list? Get set for your vacation be it with your family or friends, it is going to be fun all the way. We have an array of exciting Srinagar tour packages from Katra that might just get you chilling out. You can select any of our tour packages from Katra to Srinagar as per your requirement.

It could be a romantic honeymoon vacation, it could be an adventure trip, it could be a time of relaxing with your family or it may just be some me-time - we have it all arranged very carefully and selectively. Mcleodganj is also one of the best places to see the real lifestyle of Tibetan Buddhists and monks from up close. One of the reasons this place is called Little Lhasa is because the people have built this place in the image of their previous abode. And it is possible to get a glimpse of the Dalai Lama on the occasions that he is in town and one of the many Buddhist festivals celebrated in the town.

Apart from this, Mcleodganj is considered by many to be an adventurous hub, especially in terms of trekking in Mcleodganj. Home to one of the most beautiful, scenic and exciting treks of the country, the Triund Trek, Mcleodganj is the base camp for reaching the summit of the famous hill. Starting from Dharamkot in Mcleodganj, the 9 km trek leads the trekker through forests of Oak, Deodar, and Rhododendron before opening up to one of the best sceneries that you will find in the Himalayas.

And as the elevation rises, the picturesque hills and valleys become clearer, giving it all a serene touch. Upon reaching the top of Triund, one can see far off hills of the Dhauladhar mountain range that look to be so close that you could touch them if you only extended your hand. The exciting trek has become such a favorite of the community that one can even call it the poster boy of Mcleodganj tourism.

And speaking of mountain ranges, Mcleodganj lies in the Dhauladhar range, with the highest peak of the range Hanuman ka Tibba lying just behind the town. The 5,m giant stands tall and like a guard in the backdrop which is a sight to behold from everywhere in the hill station. And with such beauty and spirituality, sightseeing in Mcleodganj is something that will never bore a person visiting here. Apart from Triund, some of the places to visit in Mcleodganj include the name of the famous Bhagsunath temple.

Attached to a wonderful legend, the medieval era temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is famous for a waterfall that flows right through the temple. The majestic cascading waterfall, called the Bhagsunag falls, forms a pool at the base which is considered to be sacred amongst the devotees and dip in the cold water brings about a different feeling of spiritual in the people.

Filled with the melting snow of the Dhauladhar ranges, this lake at the base of the Minkiani Pass is the perfect combination of offbeat trekking and scenic beauty in the middle of snow-capped peaks. Alongside the experience of trekking to this calm and serene lake is the added experience of camping by its side and in a scenic meadow right under the Minkiani Pass. Speaking of which, the Minkiani Pass is another great place to see when in Mcleodganj.

Places to visit between katra and srinagar xrp cryptocurrency news today

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It lead to political tensions in the Kashmir valley. Today, the clock tower in the middle of Lal chowk is lit up with tricolour at night. With this, it clearly states that the valley is a part of India. However, it still sees occasional clashes, unreset and criminal incidents. The area around Lal chowk is also the commercial heart of the city. You can find or shop for stuff like household items, souvenirs, clothes, food, carpets, jewellery etc here. The garden is huge spans around 74 acres and explodes into a beautiful exotic floral festival of never-ending rows of tulips.

Around 1. However, since tulips have a very short lifespan, you can only find them between March — April. Srinagar celebrates the annual tulip festival here that makes as a great time to visit. Other exotic plants and trees like cherry blossom, hyacinths, daffodils are also present here. Early morning is the best time to visit if you wish to avoid the crowd.

A narrow gap connects both lakes. Willow and poplar trees surround the lake in the background. You can either take a Shikara from the Dal lake or reach the lake by road. The lake is much quieter. People looking for a peaceful time away from the constant hawkers who are trying to sell you stuff will like it better here.

Although you will find a fair share here as well. You may also prefer it if you are looking for a swim. We stayed at Nigeen Lake and I have to say, the beautiful boathouse was impressive. It offered more personal experience and hospitality than you can find in the bustling centre. The shrine is also a mosque.

It is home to a hair strand of Prophet Mohammed himself, a relic of immense importance. The relic was brought by a debated descendant of the prophet who settled in Bijapur in the 16th century. The relic passed through several hands when it reached Kashmir in the s.

The Hazratbal mosque was established by Inyat Begum and it is her male descendants that take care of the place and shrine today. The mosque is built in marble with a dome structure, the only one in Kashmir. Only Muslim men are allowed to enter the main prayer hall and women are restricted to the outer halls. But it looks nothing like the Shalimar or Nishat Gardens. It is instead a 6-floor terrace garden with living quarters and common areas. The place is a classic example of Mughal style architecture.

Aurangzeb later executed him and forcefully took the throne. Dara Shikoh admired Kashmir and returned to this place several times. He often came with his Sufi companions with whom he liked to have lengthy discussions. It is said that he dedicated this place to his Sufi teacher Mullah Shah. As for the name, some say that it came from his wife, Pari Begum. Overlooking the Dal Lake, you can see the Golf course and tulip gardens on one side.

Zabarwan mountains complete the view on the other side. If you can make a stop here, do not miss it in the cool evening hours. Pari Mahal timings: 9. It is a part of the Zabarwan Range and is visible from miles across in Srinagar.

Some references say that the earliest temple ruins date back to BC. However, the Persian inscriptions inside the temple imply that it is several centuries older than that. The temple was rebuilt again in the 9th century.

It was named Shankaracharya temple after the visit of Adi Shankaracharya himself. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva where a shiva lingam resides inside the main sanctum. To reach the temple you need to climb around stairs.

Evening makes a good time to visit the temple that also gives a glimpse of the city below. Make sure you are there before 5 pm since the Indian army guards the place and prohibits entry after 5 pm. That also gave this place its name. It was later preserved as a hunting ground by the royalty. It is also as a reservoir that stores and provides drinking water to Srinagar. Dachigam National Park is a vast area and covers over square kilometres.

There are two parts to the national park — lower Dachigam and upper Dachigam. You can cover the lower Dachigam area via a jeep that you can hire at the entry gate. However, you can only reach the upper Dachigam by ponies or on foot. The national park preserves several endangered species. It is home to animals native only to the Himalayas like Hangul or Kashmiri stag endangered , Himalayan grey langur, Black Bear, Leopard, Himalayan Serow and several dozens of birds.

There are only two guest houses in the national park where you can stay. But the availability of food in the area is almost non-existent so definitely get your own. I know, it seems like there are a lot of gardens in the city, and in fact, there are. But if you have time, there is no better place to spend your evenings in. However, Shah Jahan loved it so much that he appreciated it at least three times in the hope that he would be offered the gardens as a gift.

When this did not happen, he ordered the water system to the garden to be closed off. Like Shalimar garden, Nishat garden is also a terrace garden with several levels with water fountains running in the middle. You can see the Dal lake on one side and the Zabarwan mountains on the other. Nishat Garden timings: You can stay in the gardens between 9.

It is located in the old town area at the heart of Srinagar city. The first structure of the mosque dates back to the 13th century. Since then it has been reconstructed several times over, the last of it was by king Maharaja Pratap Singh. Although it was in the process of renovation when we visited. It is built in Indo-Saracenic style that was a culmination of Indian and British silhouettes popular in British overseas territories. There are also strong similarities between Persian styles and Buddhist pagodas.

The wide gardens in the middle make it spacious and welcoming. It is the largest gathering of Muslims for prayers, especially the last Friday of every month and can accommodate up to 33, at one time Jamia Masjid, Srinagar Inside the halls of Jamia Masjid Where to Stay in Srinagar There are a large number of hotels to choose from in Srinagar.

You can find most of them and book online depending upon your budget. Although, the locals are very warm and welcoming I would still not regard the place as very high in hospitality and facilities. The best place to stay is near the heart of the city since it is close to most of the tourist destinations and great places to eat. Although if you find something on the outskirts with a view, go for it if you have a private vehicle.

If you are in Srinagar, you must spend at least one night in a boathouse. You can either rent one at the spot, since there are hundreds of them or book it online. Usually, you can rent a room out of many in a boathouse. But if you are a large group, you may be able to rent the whole of it. The boathouse was absolutely gorgeous with traditional and luxurious interiors that could make any eyes pop.

There is also a helper you will attend to all your needs and prepare food. Oh, and they will send a shikara to pick you up. But keep in mind that it is a way outside the main market area. Laden with trees on the sides and a canal flowing through the middle of the garden paved with polished stones the garden is a mesmerising beauty.

With three terraces each portraying different views of the garden, Shalimar Bagh is drenched in its own beauty. Being devoted to Lord Shiva the temple holds a prime significance to the Buddhists as well. The temple involves a little trekking for the devotees and is said to stand on an octagonal pavement. The temple has been renovated a several times and the premises of the temple impart a breath-taking view of the valley below.

While the centre of the lake has clean blue placid waters the edges reflect the trees that are rowed along the shore line. With clear skies over head and wrapped between the mountains and cruising on the shikara is one of the best experiences of Srinagar. Intricately carved wooden pillars count to , the mosque reflects Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Elegantly standing tall amid the accurate square garden the mosque is of unmatchable in all forms. Being a prime place of worship for the followers of Islam the mosque holds the relics of the prophet Muhammad. The shrine is a beautiful architectural edifice that outshines perfectly. The Pari Mahal garden has velvety green gardens and has an historic importance that is much older than the Mughal Era.

The view just gets majestic from each terrace and surpasses the other. The largest of its kind in Asia, Tulip garden houses about 60 variants of tulips.

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