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Jim rogers indian investing news

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jim rogers indian investing news

Back home in India, in the last two years lots of first-time investors have entered equity markets. That always happens at the end of a bull. World markets appear to be hovering over a precipice as Europe's sovereign debt crisis, slowdowns in India and China and further bank downgrades threaten to. Dolly Khanna Dares The Bears, Buys Mu · Deepak Parekh Turns “Modi Bhakt” In W · NAMO's Digitization Push Will Send Se · Only NAMO Can Solve India's Chaos. DASH CRYPTOCURRENCY INTERNSHIP

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Jim rogers indian investing news sports bey


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Jim rogers indian investing news horse racing betting terms nz immigration

Jim Rogers Warns \ jim rogers indian investing news


It has been correcting this year which is fine, which is great but it will go very high, will get over priced in the next bubble or the next currency bubble, at which point I am going to have to sell my US dollars. I do not particularly want to because I am an American citizen but I see what is happening. I am going to have to sell my US dollars and find some place else to put it.

By the way when I say that India has a better future than Japan and the US, it does but remember India is building up debt too. I do not particularly like what is happening in Delhi, those guys are spending a lot of money and borrowing a lot of money. That is interesting because the Indian government was heavily criticised for not spending to get the economy back on track to recovery.

Given what we are seeing now with earnings and the stock markets here. Would you still be apprehensive about India in light of the current borrowing? I want to tell you again, I love India. If you can only visit one country, go there. But Delhi is building up a lot of debt now and you say they are spending enough. I am saying they are spending too much. And India is doing better or doing less badly than other places but Mr Modi is spending too much money.

I am not Indian and so I cannot tell what to do but all of this debt is going to end up badly. It is a good time to be old because old people are getting the advantages of all this but I have two teenage girls, Young people today do not have a very good future in most of the world. Which is one currency you would like to go long on for next couple of years? The US dollar. I am long a lot of US dollars. My second largest I guess is the Chinese currency. They are opening it up more and more, not enough yet.

I would open it all the way if I were China. Can I tell India or China what to do? But I would own the US dollar. It is going to get overvalued. It might turn into a bubble and at which point I would urge everybody to sell all of their US dollars because it will be the end. The world is looking for something to compete with the US dollar for political as well as economic reasons. I do not like saying this, I am American but I have to face facts. Everyone in the world should have some money outside of his own country.

First of all, there are great opportunities in many parts of the world and second it is an insurance policy, if nothing else. Everybody has health insurance, you hope you never need it but you should have some investments outside of your own country for both investment reasons and insurance reasons.

I am very optimistic about the Indian tourism for instance in , and agriculture. But you should also have some money in other countries. According to legendary investor Jim Rogers, there is hope on the horizon — but perhaps not for long. He co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in — right in the middle of a devastating bear market.

What do Ashton Kutcher and a Nobel Prize-winning economist have in common? It has all happened before. One of the surest signs of inflation is the rally in commodity prices we saw earlier this year. In fact, commodity prices are commonly believed to be a leading indicator of inflation. When the cost of raw materials goes up, that eventually gets reflected in the price of final products — and consumer prices go up. Story continues Rogers knows the importance of commodities. He created the Rogers International Commodity Index in

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Jim Rogers: An investing legend

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