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Btc wyckoff pattern

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btc wyckoff pattern

With this chart, I propose my idea of a potential Bitcoin / BTCUSD / BTCUSDT bottom by using the Wyckoff Method. The Wyckoff Method can be extremely The Wyckoff Accumulation forms when a particular asset, in our case Bitcoin, enters a period of consolidation with multiple drawdowns in a. I don't think the Wyckoff pattern Reddit talk is for people to sell at peaks and to try timing the market. I think it's really smart to zoom out on the BTC. INVESTING IN PRIVATE EQUITY DILIGENCE

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Btc wyckoff pattern forex market in india 2011 btc wyckoff pattern

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But by the time we got to Wave no5 i realised that the bigger wave, the whole cycle, was about to break. So i think there's a high chance we haven't finished our correction from ATH yet. We also have to take into account the fact the announcement just after NY trading hours finished, on monday, the same day of the biggest buying volumes in months, that Tether is being taken to court by the DOJ over fraud, something they will have a harder time defending than Ripple over the SEC.

Tread carefully.. But of course the much bigger picture, across cycles is still up.. So if we repeat the pattern then the next ATH is about k. But i dnt believe that will happen for another year. Refer to the chart below: It was worth to note that the test of the reaction in March formed a slightly higher low with decreasing of supply, which was considered as a successful test. A rally could be anticipated after the test with decreasing of supply.

The rally of Bitcoin started on 14 March broke above the resistance level followed by a backup action BU testing the axis line unfolding now where the previous resistance-turned-support. The rally could be classified as a sign of strength rally SOS when the backup action BU can commit above , which was where the breakout initiated.

Since the backup action is still on-going, it is essential to considered the bullish case when the Wyckoff accumulation pattern is completed for Bitcoin and also the failure case. Should Bitcoin break above , it is likely to test the upper target near , which is the level where the breakdown happened on 4 December Although the tell-tale signs above point to a bullish bias for Bitcoin, it is essential to consider how the accumulation pattern will be violated.

Btc wyckoff pattern chaikin oscillator amibroker forex

CRYPTO UPDATE : Patterns, Players \u0026 Possibilities - Wyckoff Bitcoin and You

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