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Harry redknapp twitter cryptocurrency

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harry redknapp twitter cryptocurrency

Even football manager Harry Redknapp joined the craze for cryptocurrency and expressed his support for it on Twitter. OK, I am calling the top in the cryptocurrency bubble. Redknapp said on Twitter that “I'm in, get involved” in Electroneum. Branded cryptocurrencies, posting goal celebrations on Instagram, magic internet money by Harry Redknapp's involvement in the scheme? ODDS TO WIN THE NASCAR RACE TODAY

More commonly, footballers have been used in an ambassadorial role, rather than spearheading their own football cryptocurrency, much in the same way that footballers are used to promote more traditional products such as clothing and drinks. Brazillian superstar Ronaldinho has also shown an interest in cyryptocurrencies, endorsing decentralised sports investment ecosystem SportyFi.

Outside of football, boxer Manny Pacquiao, actor Jamie Foxx and rapper 50 Cent have all been involved in the world of cyryptocurrencies. Personalised cryptocurrency is not just for footballers While the JR10 token is piggybacking off World Cup fever, SelfSell sees itself as a platform for anyone to tokenise themselves on a blockchain network. The blockchain element may be new, but the concept of selling future equity in yourself is not.

In , a crowdfunding platform launched that allowed people to sell stock in themselves. It is not the first time that footballers have been commoditised, either, with the Football Index stock market offering fans the chance to buy stocks in players since October , with their values rising and falling depending on performance.

Harry Redknapp, 75, has expressed his concern on Sandra's behalf. In January , the virus infected the year-old wife of the football manager. Harry claimed in a recent interview that those circumstances caused him to have sinister and horrible thoughts. The condition caused the former footballer's wife's vocal cords to become paralyzed. Sadly, Sandra already had neck issues before she became infected with the virus.

For ages 18 and above It is authorised for limited use in emergency situations for ages 18 and above. According to the football adviser, things apparently became so terrible that he was concerned she might suffocate to death. He went so far as to say that she was compelled to communicate through writing notes. When talking about the incident, Harry said that he was being completely honest when he said that the symptoms weren't good.

He stated that they start getting all kinds of evil ideas. It's caused a lot of worries. Sandra has been hurt. She was gasping for air, and her voice had given out. He continued and said that even swallowing meals grew challenging.

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Harry Redknapp comedy gold! The day he brought on a fan for West Ham... harry redknapp twitter cryptocurrency

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