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joelmir betting de la rede bandeirantes de brasil

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Following co-immunoprecipitations done with incubation with the positive control compounds, the next step would be to use the small molecule modulators developed in lab, currently designated as KI-MS and KI-MS Unfortunately, due to time constraints and concerns about moving onto other experiments for the thesis, I could not personally test this hypothesis.

Luckily, my mentor Andrew Chen was already working on this question independently and allowed w w w. Within this assay protocol there were two negative controls in a sense: a sample prepared with only DMSO, without either anti-MAX C antibody or KI-MS, and secondly, for each condition tested three washes were also run as an internal control, as there should have been no proteins of interest visible from these wash steps.

As expected all drug compounds displayed lower IC50 values on Day 5 in comparison to Day 3. A All of the drug compounds seemed to be capable of reducing cell viability, with JQ1 to being the most potent out of all four, going so low as 0. Figure 5: U87MG cell viability assay data, second biological replicate. Overall, it seemed like none of the drug compounds were effective and were delivering IC50 values greater than 30 uM.

B In this replicate, GDC was especially ineffective even compared to the other drugs, because the data was unable to converge to an IC50 value for Day 5. Cell lines incubated in compounds or DMSO and for both 3 days and 5 days, after which that plate would be visualized. These time points parallel those tested in the Stratikopoulos et al. Luminescence values were graphed, and IC50 values calculated, using Prism software Graphpad. I performed three biological replicates and three technical replicates for each of the conditions tested.

The technical replicates are accounted for through the error bars appearing on the graphs, and I have chosen to include both the second and third replicates as they each give interesting and partially conflicting information 20 the harvard undergraduate research journal RESEARCH Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall Figure 6: MDA-MB cell viability assay data, second biological replicate.

All drug compounds had IC50s around 1 uM, an interesting result considering the other cell lines did not show such consistency amongst all four drugs. However, by the time the project ended I had been unable to produce any western blot data that showing the MYC protein present in the lysate. Discussion MYC is indisputably a genetic heavy weight. It is through the Koehler Lab, and the novel small molecule MYC and MAX modulators being developed in-house, that I have had the opportunity to contribute to this cause.

When considering my own thesis I was inspired by the papers written by Muellner et al. As the first step in pursuit of my thesis, I wanted to examine whether the novel small molecule modulators behaved as heterodimer inhibitors. This was an ongoing question in the Koehler Lab at the time, so that we better understood the mechanism of action of these modulators to put their effects in the cell lines in context.

I began this step by growing E. All drug compounds displayed lower IC50 values on Day 5 in comparison to Day 3, which would be expected; JQ1 seemed to be the most potent out of all four, going as low as 0. I chose to incubate the cells for 24 hours because that was the time frame the Stratikopoulus et al. However, as mentioned earlier, the lightest band is seen from the FT-TEV lane while the darkest band was from the Beads lane, the opposite of what I would have wanted Figure 2a.

In addition, it is clear that there was overflow in the lanes of the western blot due to my error in loading them, and a repeated effort should load less sample. I expected that increasing concentration of the positive control would lead to decreasing concentration of MAX binding to the SBP-MYC, but this turned out to be harder to prove than anyone had reasonably considered.

There are a couple of reasons that could explain why these western blots were unsuccessful. Another problem could have been that incubating the five samples for 1. Either way, I feel that these positive control data are inconclusive as I was ultimately unable to properly replicate results in readable gels. Unfortunately, I was also unable to perform this due to time constraints. Therefore, I have instead included in this study co-immunoprecipitation experiments that my second mentor Andrew Chen performed with KI-MS to use as a comparison to my experiment Figure 2c.

As expected, no bands were seen at all for the flow through or wash lanes, and there was only a light band in the control lane Figure 2c. I was a bit surprised to see bands for MYC and MAX coming from the control sample incubated with normal IgG rabbit antibody, but this is most likely due to non-specific binding as MYC is known to be a sticky protein Figure 2c. In the years following these experiments the Koehler Lab has also compiled more evidence to support this case.

I recognize that a couple key conditions are different between the two protocol designs and should be addressed, but I do not think any of these distinctions would disqualify the data from being a useful comparison: firstly, my experiment was performed using SBP-MYC purified from E. Following this first goal, the second goal of my thesis was to characterize the independent IC50s of the four drug compounds in cell viability assays.

Given limited time, I chose cell lines different along multiple axes to amplify information gained i. As dysregulated transcription factors become increasingly attractive targets for cancer research, developing a small molecule modulator of MYC or MAX function in vivo will only increase in importance as well Darnell, In particular, evidence demonstrating elevated levels of MYC increases tumor recurrence in PIK3CAHR-driven mammary cancers show that MYC is an important oncoprotein that cannot be overlooked even when attempting to study a seemingly unrelated cancer driver Liu et al.

The clinical significance of MYC cannot be underestimated, especially in consideration of the work done by Stratikopoulus et al. These compounds are continually being improved and optimized by the Koehler Lab with the belief that the failures of today will inform the successes of tomorrow. The main goal is not an immediately translatable treatment, but a solid foundation from which further research and treatments can be built upon.

The next day a sample of this was incubated in a mL culture of media at the same temperature and same antibiotic concentration. When the OD of the bacteria was measured to be between 0. Instead, the cell line is known to be negative for expression of Her2- Neu, p53, estrogen receptor ER , progesterone receptor PR. In the U87MG cell line, it did not seem like any of the drug compounds were particularly effective at all, which combined with the HCC data possibly suggests that there is more of an importance placed on the tissue than the specific mutations than I expected Figures 5 and S5.

This compound initially was recorded by Yin et al. I would want to repeat the cell viability assays a few more times in MDA-MB to look for more consistency in IC50 values due to the internal contradictions present between the replicates, but considering the data from the Wang et al. During this stage I took care to do both three biological and technical replicates in order to be most thorough, and naturally there were plenty of opportunities for error when collecting data.

The potential for human error whenever I was plating drugs, or media, or cells into the hundreds and hundreds of wells over the course of the months is a particularly large problem. A lot of the variation between technical replicates could probably be explained to a deficiency in technique, especially when I was first performing the assays. Performing these experiments with a robotic system would be a good way to avoid this source of error. Additionally, the western blotting to see if there were dose-dependent decreasing concentrations of the MYC and p-AKT proteins as a result of increasing concentrations of the drug compounds also did not work well.

In the future it would be prudent to first determine exactly how concentrated the total protein in the lysate from these cell lines must be to get a detectable band in western blotting. After this incubation the flow through was stored, henceforth referred to as FT-Beads. The beads remaining in the tube were then washed twice again with cold PBS.

This solution is henceforth referred to as simply binding buffer. All 5 of these were incubated for 1. Again all 5 of these were incubated for 1. For the last time, the streptavidin agarose beads were washed twice with cold PBS. Suspension cells were directly treated with the compounds while adherent cells were first incubated overnight in culture media before being treated with compounds.

Each cell line was incubated in compounds or DMSO for both 3 days and 5 days, time points after which a plate would be visualized. Luminescence was recorded using a Tecan Infinite Pro spectrophotometer using an integration time of 0. Like the second replicate, all drug compounds again displayed lower IC50 values on Day 5 in comparison to Day 3. Figure S5: U87MG cell viability assay data, third biological replicate. Like the second replicate, none of the drug compounds seemed effective.

Evan, G. Modelling MYC inhibition as a cancer therapy. Nature, , Cancer Cell, 27 6 , MYC as a regulator of ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis. Nat Rev Cancer, 10 4 , Vita, M. The MYC oncoprotein as a therapeutic target for human cancer.

Seminars in Cancer Biology, 16 4 , Improved low molecular weight MYC-Max inhibitors. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 6 9 , Yin, X. Low molecular weight inhibitors of MYC-Max interaction and function. Oncogene, 22 40 , Molecular Biology Adhikary, S. Transcriptional regulation and transformation by MYC proteins. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 6 8 , Arvanitis, C. Conditional transgenic models define how MYC initiates and maintains tumorigenesis. Semin Cancer Biol, 16 4 , Oncogene, 20 40 , A method for the covalent capture and screening of diverse small molecules in a microarray format.

Nat Protoc, 1 5 , Schreiber, S. Small molecules of different origins have distinct distributions of structural complexity that correlate with protein-binding profiles. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 19 1 , Dang, C. MYC on the Path to Cancer. Cell, 1 , Transcription factors as targets for cancer therapy. Nat Rev Cancer, 2 10 , Mitsiades, C. Cell, 6 , Felsher, D.

Science, , Zhao, J. Nature medicine, 17 9 , Nijman, S. A chemical-genetic screen reveals a mechanism of resistance to PI3K inhibitors in cancer. Nat Chem Biol, 7 11 , Eisenman, R. Garraway, L. A small molecule that binds and inhibits the ETV1 transcription factor oncoprotein.

Molecular cancer therapeutics, 13 6 , MCT Prochownik, E. Therapeutic Targeting of MYC. Genes Cancer, 1 6 , Stoddart Ed. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press. My findings are illustrated by computing the net fiscal impact, in present value terms, of admitting one additional immigrant, conditional on education, gender, and age at the time of immigration.

I demonstrate that the average immigrant arriving past age 34 has a lifetime negative fiscal impact. Additionally, a college educated immigrant arriving past age 52 will have a lifetime negative fiscal impact while a non-college educated immigrant will roughly have a lifetime negative fiscal impact, regardless of age at arrival. Further, I confirm that age at arrival matters, and determine that arrival prior to working age influences educational attainment.

Finally, I provide a household life-cycle model that sheds light on the fiscal contribution of immigrating families. All immigration referred to in this paper is legal. Economics W ith an aging population and a social security system set to run out of funds in the foreseeable future, is immigration the key to slowing the decline in the working-age share of the population while helping bolster a strained fiscal deficit? This question is at the heart of the public policy debate on immigration.

The key to answering this question lies in understanding the age structure of immigrants and their life-cycle fiscal impact. Immigration has greatly increased in the past decades. From there were about 1mil immigrants, had 2. Along with the increase in immigration has been an increase in public opinion on the best public policy pathway.

Skilled workers that would immigrate early and immediately contribute through taxes would likely lead to large positive net fiscal effects, even accounting for the subsequent costs of retirement Kjetil From to , though, the share of inflows of immigrants aged 50 to 74 increased from 8. As can be seen in Figure A, the mean age of immigrants has been steadily rising since the s, with women, on average, older than men.

If immigrants are entering the country at a later age, they may be worsening the aging situation. On the other hand, Figure B and C paint a different picture as they show an upward trend in the educational attainment of immigrants. Between and , the foreign-born share of employees in the U. S with a masters, professional, or doctorate degree rose from 5. They may be coming in later, but if they are more skilled, their impact on the welfare system may also be larger. Although immigration is a hot policy topic, there have only been three major changes in U.

The Welfare Reform served to restrict 28 the harvard undergraduate research journal RESEARCH Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall immigrant access to Federal welfare benefits such as Medicare and food stamps for their first five years in the country, however, states could grant aid out of their own funds.

Additionally, in the annual cap for new H-1B visas was lowered from , to 65, — essentially an attempt to reduce competition between similarlyeducated immigrants and natives Peri What is the best course of action for the government to solve a growing fiscal deficit tied to an aging population problem?

Should the government focus more on changing the level or mix of immigrants Auberbach Oreopoulos ? The goal of this paper is to shed light on the quantitative aspect of this debate. The remainder of the paper proceeds as follows. I provide a brief literature review in Section I. Section VII discusses limitations, government policy implications, and concludes. Immigration has a growing body of literature with two mains sides: 1 the labor market outcomes, and 2 the fiscal impact Borjas Much of the focus has been on the demand side of the labor market impact caused by immigrants.

More specifically, attention has been paid to the effects that immigrants have had on native wages. While research has shown immigrants to lower native wages, especially those with less than a college level education, others have argued for the complementary nature of immigrants Ottaviano Peri My paper focuses on the fiscal impact of immigrants therefore I will mainly reference the literature on that front. Despite the strong implications of immigration for public finance, there is a limited amount of literature addressing the costbenefit life-cycle aspect of immigration Friedburg Hunt However, the related literature is important in formulating hypotheses and making assumptions in my later models.

Comparably, human capital accumulation and language proficiency have been determined to be two of the most important characteristics of immigrants at arrival, closely tying in to age of arrival effects Lagakos Intuitively, an immigrant arriving as a young child has a much higher likelihood of assimilating into the culture and surpassing the language barrier than an immigrant in Data My data comes from the March Annual Social and Economic Supplement ASEC supplemental survey of the Current Population Survey CPS.

My sample consists of pooled microdata, information on individual persons and households, for the years to Data from previous years was not used since the age classification of immigrants could only be constructed from a variable in my time frame. The IPUMS-CPS data source provides variables crucial to my research such as age, year of immigration, gender, education, taxes, benefits received, among others.

Additionally, immigrants from poor countries will tend to accumulate much less human capital in their birth countries before migrating Lagakos No clear consensus has been reached about the use of welfare by immigrants, however. While some studies have shown that longer time spent in the host country Sweden have led to decreased rates of welfare use, others have shown the exact opposite Hansen Lofstrom Another issue concerning welfare literature has been the lack of separation between welfare usage and welfare eligibility Pekkala Kerr This is especially important to consider due to changes in eligibility over time.

There are two main techniques for evaluating the fiscal impact of immigrants. The second relies mostly on accounting methods and estimating the total cost and benefits that immigrants will have on the economy, which varies greatly by stage of life Pekkala Kerr The accounting method is the type my paper focuses on. As well, I expand on my different lifecycle models to estimate household impacts of migrating families for alternate family structures.

This is defined as their total taxes paid taxtot minus the total benefits received from the government incgov. The compositions are defined below: Since netcontri is central to the remainder of my analysis, it is crucial that the variables it is comprised of are as closely reflective to the actual values as possible.

I perform a sensitivity analysis in order to determine their viability. Taxtot has relatively little room for error since it already accounts for the three major sources of tax revenue — federal tax, state tax, and FICA. Plotting the average difference between these compositions and the one mentioned above by age, I notice a negligible impact when looking at immigrants only. I run the same analysis for natives and notice a slightly greater impact past the age of 50 yet it remains insignificant.

After constructing my net contribution variables for each observation in my data, the first step in my analysis is to find the average contribution at each age. Plotting the results gives me a first pass look at the impact an immigrant has on the government budget at each age in their life. However, when facing the decision to accept a foreigner into the country, other differentiating characteristics mentioned above are observed.

Below I provide a contribution analysis based on the main characteristics observed when a foreigner attempts to immigrate to the United States, limited to the ones observed in my data set. I construct a binary variable college that is defined as 1 if an individual has completed at least a year of college all the way up to doctorate degrees, and 0 for any educational attainment below one year of college.

I then find the average contribution per year at each age for both immigrants and natives, with and without a college education. The results for college and non-college educated immigrants and natives are displayed in Figure 2. The stark difference is revealed in their earnings growth and peak earnings.

Said in another way, a college educated immigrant, on average, will have a five times greater positive 30 the harvard undergraduate research journal RESEARCH Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall impact on the government budget than a non-educated immigrant.

Interestingly, non-college educated natives perform much better than non-college educated immigrants. Figure 2 reveals another comparison between immigrants and natives. We saw that natives are reaching higher peak earnings during their working life and therefore have a higher net contribution.

Once retirement age in the early sixties is attained, though, we now see natives have a much higher negative contribution than immigrants. If not, at what age is the cutoff? This phenomenon motivates the life-cycle model I build later in the paper that can shed light on immigrant and native impacts on the government budget throughout the entirety of their life. It is impossible to tell strictly from the graphs what factors may be causing the discrepancy in earnings between immigrants and natives.

Non-educated immigrants most likely suffer from the language barrier, strongly decreasing their already limited employment options. A non-educated native may be able to benefit from relatively higher earnings based on an ability to be employed in communication-based jobs. Throughout their working life, fifteen to early sixties, they have a net positive effect on the budget each year by paying more in taxes than they are receiving in welfare.

As shown, education and gender play an important role in predicting future earnings. I build two different models to address each problem. The second expands on this model by restricting the sample for each age of arrival, essentially allowing me to elicit the effect that duration in the country has on earnings.

I use the net contribution at each age and sort them negatively, from oldest to youngest. I then sum up every yearly contribution. Figure 4 also indicates the point at which positive contributions during the working life offset negative contributions after retirement.

An immigrant arriving at age 39 will break even in terms of lifetime contributions to the government budget. From a pure government budget standpoint, this indicates that any immigrant over the age of 39 should not be allowed to enter the United States. In Figure 4, we can also observe the lifetime contributions of natives. It is quite interesting to see that natives have the exact same cutoff point, 39 years of age - even though they contribute w w w.

Whether or not they should, a lot can be learned by analyzing the differential earnings of men and women. Additionally, these trends prove useful later in understanding the dynamics of the household life-cycle model. Figure 3 illustrates the net contribution gap between male and female immigrants. It is evident that men have much higher earnings growth throughout their working life. Once retirement is reached, both men and women follow similar net contribution trajectories into the negatives.

Figure 3 also allows for the comparison of the effect of gender on the net contributions of both natives and immigrants. Native men and women, similarly to immigrants, have differential impacts on the government budget at each age before retirement. Unlike immigrants, native women have a slightly smaller negative impact than native men into their seventies and beyond. Using the previously constructed college variable, I separate the data into college educated and less than one year of college education.

Sorting the ages from oldest to youngest, I sum up all observations and plot the resulting data points shown in Figure 5. The results seen in Figure 5 illustrate the drastic impact of education that was not as evidently clear from the yearly contribution model. No matter at what age they arrive to the United States, an immigrant with a high school diploma and less will never have a net positive impact on the government budget.

In other words, they will always take out more from the United States than they will be able to Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall give back over their entire lifetime. In stark contrast, an immigrant with at least one year of college education and above will be profitable over their entire lifetime so long as they arrive before age Figure 5 reveals another interesting trend that was unapparent in the yearly contribution model when comparing natives and immigrants.

Although college educated immigrants seemed to reach lower peak contributions than natives during their working life, over the course of their entire life they outperform them in net positive contribution. However, it is still possible to draw conclusions about efficiency in impact over a lifetime by noting that it takes an immigrant arriving at age 53 or later to become a net loss while a native must start working at age 49 or before to positively contribute.

Lifecycle Model 1 - Gender Lastly, I expand upon the trends seen in the yearly contribution gender model by looking at the impact gender has on lifetime government budget impact. As mentioned earlier, discriminating due to gender may not be the right policy decision, but understanding the life-cycle paths of both men and women can be useful in forecasting household impacts.

This is especially relevant for a country with an immigration policy like the United States, which places a large emphasis on allowing family members to re-unite through immigration Borjas Figure 6 follows the same method as the education and average lifecycle models, this time separating yearly net contributions based on gender, and summing up each age into a lifetime impact. Figure 6 demonstrates the lifetime disparity in contributions between immigrant men and women.

It is interesting to note the parabolic shape of the lifetime impact curve, which indicates that 32 the harvard undergraduate research journal Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall the worse age at which an immigrant can arrive is 64 for women and 66 for men. Figure 6 also compares the gender impact between immigrants and natives which allows us to conclude that both native men and women, on average, have a greater lifetime impact, assuming they begin working at age Having seen that, on average, immigrants perform worse than natives, it makes sense that both immigrant men and women perform worse than natives.

Since educated immigrants, on average, perform better than natives, however, then it must mean that one of two things or both could be happening. Either there are less educated immigrants than natives in my sample, pulling the immigrant averages down, or there is an omitted effect, such as the duration of stay. Therefore, the ratio of college educated to non-college educated is irrelative in this context. Earlier, we explored the age at immigration trends which revealed that, on average, immigrants have started to come in their late twenties, early thirties.

Age at Immigration Lifecycle Model Lifecycle Model 2 - Average The basis for my second life-cycle model is very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that I restrict the sample for each age of arrival. To do this, my first step is constructing the variable ageimmig. For each observation, I take the year at which they immigrated and subtract it from the year in which they responded to the survey. I then build a loop that runs through each age, starting at 0 and ending at Similarly to previous models, my next step is calculating the average yearly contribution at each age.

This time, having a restricted sample means that I am averaging the yearly contributions for only those that immigrated at age x. I then sort my data from oldest to youngest, and sum each age to arrive at a lifetime impact.

The lifetime contribution of arriving at age x is the only value that I am interested in since I am calculating that same impact for each different age of arrival. With this in mind, for each iteration of the loop, I only save that one observation. Running another loop, I append the lifetime contribution for each age of immigration to build my final model.

Each observation in this model shows the lifetime impact of immigrating at age x, and unlike previous models, it accounts for the time spent in the United States. The results are plotted in Figure 7. There are a few different results to focus on from this graph. The most important one, this time more robust than in previous models, is the age of immigration where working life contributions will offset retirement benefits received.

Figure 7 suggests that any immigrant arriving after the age of 34 will, on average, have a total negative impact on the government budget if they remain in the United States throughout the remainder of their life. The second result, which confirms my hypothesis regarding the positive effects of arriving early and having a longer duration of stay, can be observed by looking at the trends of immigrants arriving between age 0 to Since all immigrants arriving in that age range start working at age 15, in theory, if there is no effect of duration of stay or earlier arrival, they should all have the same lifetime impact.

These findings are in line with Schaafsma Sweetman and Hoyt Chin Why is it that immigrants arriving between the ages of 20 and 27 incrementally begin earning more while the overall trend shows that no matter what age you arrive, the older you are, the lower your total impact? My theory is that those arriving between have a higher likelihood of having completed college, are looking for work abroad, and therefore are, on average, more educated than those coming in around 18 years old.

Fourth, as we saw with previous lifetime contribution models, Figure 7 also highlights a parabolic shape to the age of arrival curve. We can see that ignoring the noise spike around age 44 , the curve levels off around age 60 before rising again. This result makes intuitive sense since 60 is right around the age of retirement. If an immigrant arrives around that age and never contributes, only receiving benefits from the government, the later the immigrant arrives past that point, the smaller his negative impact will be on the government since his life expectancy will decrease.

My belief is that a 35 year old immigrant who arrived at age 1 has a different impact on the government budget than a 35 year old immigrant that arrived at age The topic of many studies, it is continually shown that the earlier an immigrant arrives to the United States, the higher the likelihood that their earnings will surpass those that arrive later in their life.

This phenomenon has been attributed to different factors, with higher cultural assimilation and education attainment two of the most important Sandford Seeborg Hoyt Chin Schaafsma Sweetman It is also important to note that Figure 7 has more noise than previous models.

This is in part due to the sampling size I am using and having further restricted each data point to observations for that age of immigration only. The age at immigration trends discussed earlier revealed that immigrants have, over the past five years, been coming in to the United States around age Economics Lifecycle Model 2 - Education I continue to build on variations to my second life-cycle model by evaluating the impact trends due to differing educational attainment.

Comparable to my hypothesis regarding the effects of earlier arrival, I also believe that the effect of education will shed more light on the effect of age at arrival. Once again, I run the same loops as discussed in the previous section, this time separating my sample into those with at least one year of college education and those with less.

In Figure 8 we can see that earlier arrival evidently has an impact on lifetime contribution. What could be the reason for not seeing a clear impact of earlier arrival? This is most likely because they all end up with a college education.

The impact of earlier arrival may be increased educational attainment, manifested in the oscillation observed in Figure 8. The homogeneity Volume 10 Issue 2 Fall in my sample would simultaneously suggest that earlier arrival, age 1 versus age 10, affects future lifetime contribution by affecting the chances of achieving a college education. Therefore, when looking at a sample of only college educated immigrants, the effect of earlier arrival before working age is non-existent.

Around age range , we observe a significant spike most likely due to highly-educated immigrants, those with PhDs, arriving at those ages. I do not have any intuitive theory as to why this takes place, however, my best guess is that older college educated immigrants coming to the United States are most likely wealthier.

Instead of coming for work or medical care, they come to settle and retire — creating minimal impact on the government budget. Additionally, I addressed this data concern in the previous section, and it may have an even stronger impact since my sample has greater restrictions, but my results may be in part due to a lack of enough observational data. This may also explain the increased noise in the college-educated data relative to the non-college educated.

For non-college educated immigrants, the earlier arrival effect does take place. Within that sample of immigrants, arriving at age 1 makes a significant difference from arriving at age Since their educational attainment remains low throughout their life, a potential theory might be the effect that the language barrier has on future earnings — the later they arrive, the stronger the effect.

Arriving at age 12 versus arriving at age 13, unlike arriving at age 24 instead of age 25, will not increase your net contribution by an extra year since you may only start working at age This provides even stronger evidence that there must be some significance in arriving at an earlier age, even prior to working age eligibility. The plausibility of a working age foreigner receiving benefits upon immigration is relatively low, however. Household Lifecycle Model Immigrants who come to the United States are often not alone - they come with families.

I test my hypothesis that the impact of a family on the government budget differs from the impact of a sole immigrant through the construction of a household lifecycle model. This model helps me better approximate the impact of children on a household while varying the different types of household possibilities. I construct four different types of immigrant households: 1 a parent and child, 2 a father, son, and daughter, 3 a mother, son, and daughter, and 4 a father, mother, son, and daughter.

I assume that the parents have children at age 25 and that once the parents die the children keep contributing until their own death. A parent coming in at age 72 can expect to receive welfare until death, while their child at age 47 will contribute less over their working life than when they hit retirement. Past that point, the older households will not receive welfare for as many years and therefore will have less of a negative impact.

Immigration Policy Goals. These revolve around 4 axes: 1 Economic: increase labor supply, especially where skill deficits exist, 2 Humanitarian: reunite families, 3 Cultural: ethnic and racial diversity, 4 Political: allowing or refusing certain political refugees. My results clearly indicate that the United States should actively solicit young, highly-skilled immigrants. Similar to Canada, my results for the average immigrant point to the optimal working ages of , my cutoff point showing age 35 as the beginning of w w w.

More importantly, the answer to this question helps shed light on the optimal immigration policy when considering multi-person households. I plot my results in Figure 9. My results show that a 2-person household will positively impact the government budget over their lifetime if the parent arrives before age Similarly, a 3 and 4-person household will also positively impact the government budget as long as the parents arrive prior to age The shape of the household lifecycle curves reveal that a 3-person male parent household, on average, will have a greater positive contribution on the government budget if the parents arrive prior to age 57, however, the 4-person household will have a greater negative contribution if they arrive past that age.

The 4-person household follows a very similar pattern to the 3-person male parent household, revealing that a female spouse does not seem to have much of an impact on the government budget. In fact, around parent arrival age of the 3-person male parent household shows a stronger positive impact than the 4-person household. The 3-person female parent household and 2-person household both have less positive and negative overall impacts on the government budget.

A 3-person household led by a male shows a stronger positive impact prior to arriving at age 57 than one led by a female, however, past age 57 the magnitudes of their impact are very similar. It is also important to note that around age 47, the 3-person households both begin to have a more positive impact than the 4-person household. This is likely due to the parents hitting retirement age sooner and with 2 parents rather than 1 in the household, the negative impact is amplified.

Interestingly, all curves follow a slight parabolic shape whereby a parent arriving around age 72 will have the worse impact on the government budget than if they came at an earlier or later age. This may be explained by the amount of time that both the parent and One of the main limitations of my paper is that it ignores the impact of immigrants on native wages and employment displacement effects, and instead relies purely on estimating their fiscal impact.

The argument is usually made that immigrants are displacing native workers when they gain employment, which would mean that the taxes paid for the job displaced does not change whether an immigrant or native holds the position. Under my model it would seem as if the immigrant is benefitting the government by the total amount of taxes paid. Additionally, while the immigrant may not receive welfare, the now displaced worker may begin receiving welfare from the government, creating a net loss.

Another potential limitation in my paper is the lack of a death discount factor, which would better predict lifetime impacts by discounting it based on life expectancy. These ranges are very similar to where my data cuts off, which mitigates the effects of a large impact on my results.

Lastly, this paper does not account for the public cost of education. My results show that the younger an immigrant arrives, the higher the lifetime contribution. However, while an immigrant arriving prior to schooling age is shown to have a greater positive fiscal impact than one that may arrive at age 25, for example, the cost of education could impact the net impact.

It makes it extremely difficult to compare such a scenario since other factors such as cultural integration can have a large impact on future success, regardless of whether two immigrants have the same level of education. The first was in the first years of operation, from to The broadcaster participated in a transmission pool organized by the Federal Government , in which the Globo , Tupi and REI networks also participated.

Bandeirantes participated in the group of broadcasters that exhibited the event, from images generated by TV Difusora, from Porto Alegre , which was purchased on June 30, by Grupo Bandeirantes, transforming it into the current one TV Bandeirantes Rio Grande do Sul. As the station was still operating amid the losses caused by the fire, the transmission was made thanks to equipment brought in from Germany.

Still in , Band became the first broadcaster in Brazil to produce all of its color programming. The program was on the air until May 7, Regional headquarters of the broadcaster in Rio de Janeiro. In the same year, the broadcasters that make up the Amazon Network also became part of the newly created network. The most striking moments of the program were the interview with Chico Xavier and when Hebe threw his microphone on the floor in the middle of the live broadcast of the program and complained about the station.

She demanded better treatment on the part of the channel and more resources, such as new scenarios, more people in the production and musicians in the orchestra, who promised to serve her. In , the presenter leaves the station and signs with SBT. According to Cyro Del Nero , the current logo of the broadcaster is an evolution of its creation. Ronaldo Rosas presented the news of Rio de Janeiro. At this time, Rede Bandeirantes also launched Canal Livre, whose history was confused with the political openness that took place at that time.

Until then, TV Bandeirantes already had more than 24 broadcasters throughout Brazil. In the late evening, it was highlighted the program Etc , of Ziraldo where it has been a historical interview with Dom Helder Camara. Between and , actor Ewerton de Castro ran an auditorium program, where people signed up to participate in a memory game and distributed various prizes. There was a special program that brought together the biggest winners of that program to meet the biggest memory champion.

The Program remained on the air until on other broadcasters. With the total failure in the audience, the broadcaster decides to take the telenovela off the air after just 12 days of broadcasting, taking advantage of the entry of political hours , which at the time lasted more than an hour.

On September 29, , celebrating the fact of becoming the first television network in South America to broadcast via satellite, TV Bandeirantes changed the logo and visual programming, prepared by Cyro Del Nero , who came from the recently extinct Tupi Network. The novel had a difference: a contest for those who unveiled an enigma proposed in the first chapters. However, the author of the novel fell out with director Roberto Talma and resigned, never revealing the answer to the riddle.

Silvestre , with the Show without Limit and those wonderful women. In , the Show do Esporte , which was considered the longest television program in the world, went on the air for being on the air for 10 hours straight on Sundays, from 10 am to 8 pm. The program ran until April 11, The late nights were filled by the Ferreira Neto Program , a chat with politicians.

He always started the program by talking, on a red phone, with a fictitious friend named Leo, using this device to comment on the facts of the day. In the same year, the broadcaster covered the Summer Olympics for the first time , starting with the edition in Los Angeles. A cover that made history, as well as the others that followed. The sports news Esporte Total premiered this same year on the broadcaster.

Later, Gabi stayed with the Sunday program Cara a Cara until The program lasted two years and in its last year, it won the name of Vanguarda. In the same year, the broadcaster covered the Olympic Games held in Seoul for the second time. Along the same lines as Brincando na Paulista on TV Gazeta , the program featured humorous pictures, sweepstakes, games, Hanna-Barbera cartoons, games, musicals, sweepstakes and other attractions.

The Circus of Joy was in the air until March 9, , when he hears an internal problem between the pair. That year, the broadcaster held the first debate among candidates for the presidency of the republic, during the elections. On Sundays, I dedicated them entirely to sports broadcasts, with the Show do Esporte. After 12 years, Bandeirantes returned to broadcast the World Cup directly from Italy. Unlike the journalists of the time, the news program ended each day under the sound of current pop music.

With the intention of commemoration, between 16 of 17 of May, the station made a show with several attractions and with the cast of the station assembled. Between August, September, October and November, Band broadcast live the debate with the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for the elections throughout the country. In , Band became a pioneer in showing in the corner of the screen during its programming what would be the first watermark of Brazilian TV, which influenced competing broadcasters to also fix their logos in the corner of the video during their attractions.

In , directly from Atlanta , in the United States , the broadcaster broadcasts the Olympics for the fourth time. This year, it was severely criticized on account of changes in schedule and non-compliance with the exhibition of its programs at scheduled times. Still in , presenter Luciano Huck premiered Programa H , aimed at young audiences. Due to the great repercussion and prominence, the program was soon moved to the nights of the broadcaster.

The broadcaster was taken down at pm. The initial punishment was for 24 hours. Bandeirantes was back on the air at pm. At the end of October, looking for a more feminine, young and popular line, the broadcaster presented some changes in its programming, Bandeirantes started showing a film session dedicated to the female and child audience.

At pm, the Bronco program returned. The Cine Trash , which featured horror movies low — budget, let the afternoon. At night, Bandeirantes bets on the female lode. In the range of 18h, the program of debates presented by Silvia Poppovic was transmitted.

At pm, the soap opera Perdidos de Amor enters the air. On December 31, Torre da Band is inaugurated , popular for being the largest television tower in Latin America. On the same date, Brasil Urgente premiered , an auditorium program with Wilton Franco. From March to June of the same year, the Memory Band was aired , a reruns program to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the broadcaster, and which was presented by the then newcomer Fabiana Scaranzi.

In the same year, two great idols of the broadcaster died. The latter had his schedule filled by the then newcomer Day Day. At the end of the year, the broadcaster shows the special series Contos de Natal , receiving many critical acclaim. In , Band broadcast the parades of the Special and Access Group of the Rio carnival , replacing Rede Manchete , which was plunged into a serious financial crisis that would culminate in its bankruptcy in the same year.

The partnership brought Sabrina Parlatore in charge of the General talk show , during the Sport Show produced by Traffic. From to , the chain begins to lose the first affiliates of the s to Rede Record and SBT , but earns almost the same amount as the recent affiliates, to absolve those that were lost. On March 20 , Sport Now premiered , a sports news program aired at night. In August, Band Kids debuts , showing Japanese anime.

In September , it broadcasts the Olympic Games in Sydney. On the same day, Dia Dia will be presented by Olga Bongiovanni. Band also tried to hire journalist Lilian Witte Fibe. On September 28, , after staying for 15 years presenting the Flash program , Amaury Jr. In the following month, he was hired by Rede Record , where he reintroduced Flash on November Band also went to court against Record and Amaury for using the name Flash.

The reasons would be debts with the company and less purchase of sporting events. The station stayed with part of the team, to launch a new sports channel in , BandSports , while another part went to RecordTV. In January , the Descontrole program went on the air , replacing the Super Positivo program , under the presentation of Marcos Mion and a group of characters.

For legal reasons, the program changes its format and even its name to Sobcontrole , remaining on the air until May The two also share the command of the Total Sport. In April , Gilberto Barros is hired by Band. With that, Sobcontrole , by Marcos Mion , would lose 15 minutes, going on air at pm. On April 9, Band aired the documentary Living with Michael Jackson with a good audience, being replayed in the same month.

On April 26, Band broadcast the 49th edition of Miss Brasil , the first with coverage by the broadcaster, which registered a good audience, reaching 1st place in a television audience according to Ibope. This campaign was an offensive against a version of the Disarmament Statute approved in July by the Senate.

The project was underway in the Chamber of Deputies. Is it necessary to repeat it for you to understand? Carrying a gun is a legitimate right of the citizen. The now dailyJogo da Vida took the place of the Fan Club , which went down. Between and , the broadcaster promoted the Band Vida campaign , a television marathon similar to Teleton.

The Pra Valer program premiered on September 26, under the command of Claudete Troiano , which would last until May 24, The presenter stayed at the station until when he went to SBT. New vignettes will be aired, with the slogan Prazer em Ver. As of January 9, , the broadcaster began a replay of Mandacaru , in which it was originally shown by the extinct Rede Manchete , and made the broadcaster reach a good audience.

Until then, the Rio de Janeiro station shared the exhibition with Rede Record. Band celebrated its 40th anniversary on May 13, At the same time, Claudete Troiano had his contract terminated with Band and his Pra Valer was taken off the air. In July , the broadcaster covered the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, which was also broadcast by Globo and Record networks , but Band was the broadcaster that reserved the largest space for the event: a total of hours.

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