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Semafor indicator forex factory

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semafor indicator forex factory

DOWNLOAD INDICATOR. 3 Level ZZ Semafor MetaTrader 4 Forex Indicator. It is a simple indicator that places semaphore points on the maximum and minimum of a. The 3 Semafor trend levels Forex indicator provides an easy way to look at the different important trends that occur within price movements. Free download. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. 3 level zz semafor indicators. Download. 3 level zz semafor metatrader indicators. BITCOIN 2011 PRICE CHART

The last value being computed by the robot prior to taking a trade is the lot size. In general, this value is dependent on the account free margin and maximum risk set by the user. Here the default risk indicated in Inputs is 0. Lot size calculation is done in the background, and the robot assigns the lot size so determined to the trade taken. It might come as a surprise that the robot does not look at the lot size manually defined by the trader in Inputs.

What the trader can see is a trade with a volume of Only one trade is taken at a time. It might take some time before another trade is executed as the robot places trades only when there is an opportunity. Since trades taken have no stop loss and take profit orders, trade closure is actively managed by the robot. After determining the type of trade open, the robot will check the semafor indicator if it is time to close the trade. If the trade is a buy and the semafor gives a bearish signal, the trade will be closed.

If the trade is a sell and the semafor indicates a bullish signal, the sell trade will be closed. The equity curve was going up as trades were closed in profit. After some time, the equity curve line pointed downward as a series of losses occurred. The testing ended on a negative note for the robot. The main reason for this bad performance is probably the big lot size on every trade.

While the default lot size is 0. Even if the user manually adjusts the lot size in Inputs, the result would be the same. The robot would execute trades at lot sizes of Obviously, this is a program bug. Checking the code reveals that the lot size set by the user is overwritten. In the code, some variables are defined but not really used in the program. This goes to show that the robot is an old program that needs reworking.

Another area to look into is the manner in which the values of the semafor indicator are interpreted by the robot as buy or sell signals. The 3 Levels ZZ Semafor indicator can be used as a trend direction indicator using the concept of price action. Traders can identify uptrend markets based on swing high and swing levels that are consistently rising. Downtrend markets can also be identified based on swing high and swing low levels that are consistently dropping.

The dots can also be used as a basis for identifying horizontal support and resistance areas or supply and demand zones. Buy Trade Setup When to Enter? Identify a demand zone based on a major swing low identified by the 3 Levels ZZ Semafor indicator. Open a buy order as soon as another swing low is identified by the 3 Levels ZZ Semafor indicator as price touches the demand zone.

Set the stop loss below the support level. When to Exit? Set the take profit target on the next major swing high level. Sell Trade Setup When to Enter? Identify a supply zone based on a major swing high identified by the 3 Levels ZZ Semafor indicator.

Semafor indicator forex factory enangudi forex market

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