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Ladbrokes betting shops ltd

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ladbrokes betting shops ltd

WHG (International) Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number for customers in Great Britain and. The Betting Shop is operated by Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming Limited (#) trading as Ladbrokes, based at Ladbrokes Ltd, Imperial House, Imperial Drive. Ladbrokes Uxbridge Road, London, W12 8LH. London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Betting Shop ; Ladbrokes Unti 1, The Broadway, West 12 Shopping Centre. CRYPTO PRESERVATION IVF

That year also saw the company pursue a new avenue for growth in the retailing area by purchasing the Home Charm Group PLC, a leading chain of over do-it-yourself stores operating throughout the United Kingdom under the Texas Homecare name. The company's growth was marked by expansion and acquisition in some areas balanced by consolidation and divestitures in others. As part of a strategy intended to eliminate involvement in markets in which Ladbroke did not hold a major position, the company sold a number of businesses grouped under its entertainment division in , including Lasky's, a chain of consumer-electronics stores, as well as amusement arcades bingo halls, and local newspaper-publishing operations, while retaining more profitable ventures in magazine publishing and cable television.

That accomplished, the company turned its attention to establishing a more contemporary and stable image. Ladbroke instituted several measures intended to upgrade the public's perception of off-track betting parlors, such as adding snack bars and live television.

Ladbroke also joined with three other major bookmakers in to form Satellite Information Services SIS , a television communications company set up to transmit horse and greyhound racing directly to Britain's off-track betting shops. The government was particularly concerned about the bookmakers' influence on the SIS system and their potential for creating a monopoly, but also about their power to shift attendance away from the racecourses to off-track shops and thus affect the odds determining payouts for winning bets.

A second investigation resulted from similar concerns over the bookmakers' power expressed by the National Greyhound Racing Club. Ladbroke's share in SIS, which was larger than those of the other investors, made it a primary target of the investigation. Ladbroke argued that Extel, which operated a competitive sports-information service, had sought to sabotage the first public offering of SIS stock by simultaneously releasing several damaging reports, including a rumor that Cyril Stein had resigned and implications of improper relationships between prominent racing individuals.

The rumors were never substantiated and the OFT investigations ultimately yielded no evidence of wrongdoing on Ladbroke's part. Acquired Hilton International in Although Ladbroke had become the second-largest operator of hotels within its own country by the late s, it had not yet achieved a worldwide reputation in the lodging industry.

Ladbroke's bid for Hilton, which beat out several other heavyweight bidders, represented its second attempt in two years to purchase the hotel chain. The first had fallen short when Hilton's previous owner, Transworld Corporation, turned Ladbroke down in favor of an Allegis bid of higher value. This time, however, Stein used a three-week time limit to pressure Allegis to accept the Ladbroke offer immediately instead of waiting for the other bidders to receive approval from their respective governments.

The Hilton International purchase made Ladbroke one of the largest hotel operators in the world, with a presence in 44 countries, including the United States where Hilton's six Vista International hotels joined the Ladbroke fold. It also gave the company a 50 percent share in Hilton's advanced reservation system, which Ladbroke viewed as an important link to travelers around the world. One year later, Ladbroke upgraded and renamed most of its original hotels in the United Kingdom, reintroducing them as part of the Hilton National chain.

Meanwhile, technological enhancements such as a full-color electronic showboard and new Gold Star shops, with services appealing to a wider range of customers, were introduced to maintain Ladbroke's position as a leader in racing and off-track betting.

Its presence as the only British betting company operating in the United States expanded, too: Ladbroke obtained licenses to conduct off-track betting in Wyoming and Pennsylvania, acquired The Meadows racetrack in Pittsburgh in , and purchased San Francisco's Golden Gate Fields in Ladbroke also acquired a major competitor in the United Kingdom, Thomson T-Line and its Vernons football pools operation which involved gambling on British professional soccer games , that same year, increasing its share of the betting business in the United Kingdom.

By the end of the s, Ladbroke's hotels accounted for the largest share of the company's business activity. Since the Hilton acquisition, Ladbroke had opened more than 13 new, four-star hotels around the globe and had many others under development. It also operated numerous holiday villages and health and leisure clubs within the United Kingdom, and the Comfort Hotel chain throughout Europe. In the late s, more than 50 new outlets have been added to the Texas Homecare operation, which was the second-largest do-it-yourself retailer in the United Kingdom with stores.

Meanwhile, Ladbroke's racing business continued strong with 1, retail betting shops throughout the United Kingdom. Refocused on Hotels and Betting and Gaming in the s The early s were difficult years for Ladbroke as Hilton International suffered from the recession in various parts of the world, notably Europe and Japan, Texas Homecare's profits fell because of fierce competition in the do-it-yourself sector, and the company's already troubled U.

The company's reaction to the last of these difficulties was to increasingly look overseas for opportunities to expand its gambling business. In Ladbroke announced a plan to develop an off-track betting business in Argentina over the next five years. In January Ladbroke moved into the bingo hall business in Argentina, when it took over the operation of a bingo hall in Buenos Aires.

The company then began to build new bingo halls in Posadas and Salta. Bingo halls were also opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during this period. The turning point for the company's fortunes, however, came at the beginning of , when John Jackson was named chairman and Peter George group chief executive, together taking over the leadership of Ladbroke from the retiring Stein.

For 37 years, Stein had run the company in a fairly autocratic manner, and, despite Ladbroke's status as a public company, had instilled an aura of secrecy around it. Jackson and George not only promised a new era of collective management and openness--backed up in March when the two men participated in the company's first-ever press conference--but also moved quickly to refocus the company's operations.

They ordered a series of strategic reviews, which were conducted in and which concluded that Ladbroke should refocus on hotels and gaming and divest its commercial property and retailing divisions. The license status: Active by Sefton Council. You will find plenty of popular chain stores nearby, as well as local bars, hotels and the train station. Parking and Travel Information Getting to the Ladbrokes on London Street in Southport should be fairly easy whether you drive or use public transport.

Your nearest car parking facilities are both NCP multi-storeys. There is one based at the train station on London Street itself, with another found at 36 Promenade, a little further into the town. There are, of course, also plenty of local bus and coach links if you prefer. In terms of taxi firms, there are several local companies you may wish to take note of.

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This is achieved by subsection 2 , which is a deeming provision. If diabetes control is improved then the symptoms improve and as such this is not a long-term effect if appropriately managed. These do not usually occur, however, for at least years after developing diabetes. Earlier, Dr Hurel had referred to the possibility of complications developing.

That was, therefore, enough to reach the conclusion that there was a progressive condition as a result of which there was an impairment that had an effect on the ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and that the right way to look at it was that the effect was not at the time substantial but the evidence was that it might deteriorate in the future.

Had the matter stopped there, it would, submitted Mr Young, have been quite apparent that the Judge had misdirected himself when he came to his conclusion, at paragraph 15, that there was only a small possibility of the condition progressing. It is of course common ground that Employment Judge Gaskell in paragraphs 13 and 15 and in his analysis of progression was reaching a conclusion not open to him on the factual material when, for whatever reason, he reached the view that the progression of type 2 diabetes is that it becomes at some point type 1 diabetes.

Both parties accept that is not what Dr Hurel says, and neither is it medically correct. Nevertheless, Mr Young does not base his submissions on that error. Dr Hurel has not in fact expressed any very clear view, if he has expressed a view at all, on the extent to which the longer-term effects of diabetes would have an adverse effect on day-to-day activities. But in his letter Dr Hurel does appear to have expressed a view.

What impact would his condition of diabetes have on the Claimant if he was not undergoing the relevant treatment? The acute symptoms of hyperglycaemia listed above are likely to have been more severe had he not been on the medication. It is in that context that the questions in the letter of 11 March are raised. So too must be the second answer, because the second question is a corollary to or follow-on from the first question. Without population screening many patients with diabetes would remain undetected in the early stages up to five years as the symptoms are subtle and go unnoticed.

The problem with that submission is that in the letter Dr Hurel is not considering 5 years later — that is plain from his answer to question 2 — nor is he considering years later. He is considering the impact at the present time or, rather, in the period under consideration between November and November The second ground of appeal is a criticism of the conclusion arrived at by Employment Judge Gaskell at paragraph 15 that there was only a small possibility of the condition progressing.

It is in this context that the error is made by Employment Judge Gaskell that the progression would be to type 1 diabetes, but, on the terms of engagement proposed by Mr Young, he is prepared to treat that as a progression to the more significant symptoms of type 2 diabetes as described by Dr Hurel in his report in his answer to the second specific question see pages 87 and 88 of the appeal bundle, a passage to which I have already referred.

The possibility of progression is clearly to be derived from the answer given the degree of progression. The scale of progression cannot be derived either from the main context, which is that the longer-term effect is to develop the conditions, or from the fact that is all the more so when the diabetes is poorly controlled. In neither sense of the syntactical structure of that sentence can one derive the proposition that this is a small possibility.

It seems to me that this must clearly be what Employment Judge Gaskell has done. Indeed, even if it is a summary of what Dr Hurel says, in order for his views on the matter to be relevant to paragraph 8 2 there has to be some medium through which those views can be applied.

Looking at the language of the Schedule and the subparagraph, it is not immediately apparent to me that one should include the concept of reasonable conduct on the part of the allegedly disabled person within paragraph 8 2. At first sight, it looks as though it is simply a question of causation. The question is this: is the condition likely to result in his having an impairment?

Mr Hills submits that that still leaves open the question of whether even if this is a small possibility that is something likely to happen. That is an entirely understandable approach to concepts of predicting the future, but I do not regard it as consistent with the judgment of the House of Lords in Boyle. What is at issue is not whether something is likely to occur by reference to any definite percentage or proportion of the population in whom the condition may occur, recur or deteriorate.

It is, as explained by the House of Lords, an issue of whether a doctor would consider there is a chance of something happening. Consistent with the approach of Lord Rodger, it does not seem to me that the way in which a doctor would approach a condition that might deteriorate would be on the basis as to there being just a very small chance of it deteriorating or there being a small chance of it deteriorating but on the basis as to whether in terms of medical science in any given population it was a risk to which that population was exposed and that some proportion of that population would suffer a deterioration.

In the terms used by Employment Judge Gaskell, it seems to me that even if there is a small possibility of deterioration in a population that is enough to make it likely that it might result in the particular individual having such an impairment. Moreover, it seems to me that one must be very careful with the concept of the effect of medical treatment. Mr Hills submits that if somebody could take steps that would result in the risk of future deterioration either being eliminated or very much reduced then if they failed to take steps, what the guidance of B7 envisages is that one will take account of their behaviour and if they have failed to use what is called in the guidance a coping or avoidance strategy then that person must be presumed not to be disabled.

He says that the way in which Employment Judge Gaskell has interpreted Dr Hurel is that the chances are that if the Appellant modifies his lifestyle, exercises and is careful in terms of diet then his condition is not likely to result in the impairment having a substantial adverse effect in the future and if he does not modify his lifestyle then that is unreasonable conduct on his part.

That is how paragraph 8 2 is intended to work. Plainly, looking at paragraphs 14 and 15, that is how Employment Judge Gaskell approached this matter. Mr Young pointed out the wording of paragraph B10, which I referred to earlier, and said that meant the possibility of somebody being unable to keep to a particular regime notwithstanding its health-giving benefits is something that ought to also be taken into account and this was clearly so in the case of the Appellant.

This is how the words of Dr Hurel should be interpreted. In ground 3, it is said that the Judge erred by taking into account wrong lifestyle choices on the part of the Appellant and these were not measures under paragraph 5, as was demonstrated by the Metroline Ground 4 simply makes the general proposition that there was inadequate evidence for the finding at paragraph 14 that there would be no adverse impact on the ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

It seems to me that this case has been tackled by Employment Judge Gaskell on the basis of the material that he had before him. It does not seem to me, however, that he has clearly enough had in mind what it was that he actually had to decide. In my view, it is not the case that absent medication the possibility of a deterioration is a small possibility. On the contrary, it is not clear to me exactly what Dr Hurel is saying about the future.

On my analysis, he has answered the questions that he has been asked, but he has mixed together the present and the future. What, in my judgment, Employment Judge Gaskell needs to assist him is a clear view as to what is the progression of type 2 diabetes. It is plainly an error, even though Mr Young is prepared to proceed on the basis that it is not, that Employment Judge Gaskell thought that the progression was from type 2 diabetes to type 1 diabetes.

It is possible to construct the progression, as Mr Young has done, from the medical material provided by Dr Hurel, but whether one is constructing it accurately or not is something that I am concerned about. It seems to me that this is a process, understandably entered into with the best of motives by both the parties and Employment Judge Gaskell but it deprived Employment Judge Gaskell of the clarity that was necessary for him to make a proper and reasoned decision within the parameters set out in section 6 and Schedule 1.

I do not propose to decide the extent to which any issue under paragraph 8 2 can be decided by taking account of the guidance in paragraph B7, but what, in my judgment, has gone wrong in this case is that Dr Hurel, who is no doubt a busy man, has either not been asked the right questions or the whole process would have benefited from Dr Hurel being present so that he could have answered clearly the questions that might have arisen.

Neither of those occurred and I have reached the conclusion that this was an unsound analysis by Employment Judge Gaskell, for which he is blameless but which should be undertaken again by either a much clearer set of questions being addressed in terms of the Schedule to Dr Hurel or by Dr Hurel coming to the Tribunal, giving evidence and being cross-examined.

I would allow this appeal on ground 1. It seems to me that the learned Judge has not addressed himself properly to the question of progressive condition. It does not seem to me that the answers in the letter are answers that relate to a progressive condition, and it seems to me that the matter has been left in essence with the progressive condition being analysed in terms of a particular past period of time, as I have endeavoured to explain earlier in this Judgment.

That seems to me to be erroneous in approach. I would also allow the appeal on the basis of ground 2 that a small possibility is not what is actually being stated in the evidence by Dr Hurel. I do not know whether the matters raised by grounds 3 and 4 have actually amounted to errors, because it seems to me that the only error is that the evidential material was not sufficiently clear. I do not wish to make a decision in principle that one cannot take account of the reasonableness of the conduct of the particular person whose disability is under scrutiny, and I do not think that it is right to reach a conclusion that there is inadequate evidence in relation to ground 4, except insofar as I regard the evidence as being sufficiently unclear at the present time in any event.

The Ladbrokes portion of the group was established in , and Coral in In November , the companies merged to create Ladbrokes Coral Group. Schwind and Pennington in , as commission agents for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire. The name Ladbrokes was adopted in , when Arthur Bendir joined the partnership, and operations were moved to London. Having joined the firm in , she was made a partner in and remained with the firm until shortly before her death in , at the age of As managing director, Stein used profits from the business's traditional areas to establish a chain of betting shops.

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ladbrokes betting shops ltd


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