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Can i send bcc to btc

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can i send bcc to btc

The investor could then remit the Bitcoin to BitConnect to purportedly purchase BCC tokens on the BitConnect Exchange, and then “lend” the BCC. What does CC mean when sending an email? The CC abbreviation stands for “carbon copy.” CC recipients receive an exact copy of the email and any. Use the command dump (This will create and broadcast a valid on BCC only, and lock the UTXOs you used in Bitcoin Core. WHAT DOES VOLUME MEAN IN CRYPTOCURRENCY

By default, the configuration file is using cookie authentication in default bitcoin core path, and connect to a random Bitcoin Cash node. So if you run bitcoin core with default settings, things will just work.

The default config file is shows you all options, if you need to change, remove the sharp sign and customize your settings: Common Commands Connection to the bitcoin core wallet. BCCspliter will try to autoconfig based on default settings of Bitcoin Core. If that is the case, the problem is that your Bitcoin Core has no idea which coin can be splitted, and it is possible you splitted an UTXO which does not exist on the BCC chain.

If that is the case, then your transaction will be rejected, and your machine banned by BCC nodes. To confirm the correct bitcoin quantity of every user, Bixin is going to take a snapshot of all accounts in advance. Sending the giveaways Bixin will exchange the received BCC into bitcoin as per the market price.

Bixen has pointed out that due to the large amount of BCC, the company will carry the transfer out in batches according to the depth of the market, and it could take a long time, so they alerted users to be patient and trustful. Risk warning bulletin of replay attack At the same time, Bixin has also informed users that the altcoin BCC is a hard fork from bitcoin, and the BCC team has not finished the two-way replay protection yet, which will bring chaos to the whole Bitcoin community.

For the safety and integrity of company assets, everyone from the platform or individual needs to be prepared in advance. Here is the company policy: All internal functions of Bixin will be operated as usual — during the split, users can use internal transactions, escrow payment, red packet, finance account, hashrate exchange, group ICO and so on as normal.

Can i send bcc to btc td direct investing bank account


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EXCHANGE BCC TO BTC can i send bcc to btc

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