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Creative real estate investing youtube

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creative real estate investing youtube

Get housing market updates, master creative financing, and learn how to retire early through real estate investing so you can enjoy the good life! "I will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing while improving your financial education so you will have the. Stream New Money Ideas For Real Estate Investing - Creative Real Estate Investing - registrationcode1xbet.website4 by epicrealestateseo on desktop and mobile. COST OF ONE BITCOIN IN 2010

I've compiled the best real estate listing and agent videos to inspire you to create your own. Let's dive in and see what makes them so excellent. Real Estate Listing Videos Listing videos provide an overview of the homes and properties you're selling. An exciting and engaging video will pique buyers' interest and make them more likely to reach out to you or your real estate agency.

Videos have become even more important since the pandemic. Buyers are no longer as eager to book a private viewing and are more interested in viewing a home online without stepping out of their current home. In short, real estate videos are a social-distancing-friendly method of showing a home to a buyer — no keys required. Best Real Estate Videos 1. Lifestyle Production Group The absolute best real estate videos are made by Lifestyle Production Group, a video production company that creates videos for realtors and real estate agencies.

On its YouTube channel , it creates video compilations of some of the most expensive and luxurious homes in the United States. In the video descriptions, it includes time stamps for each of the homes shown in the video. The videos show how rooms flow together and the company zooms in on the details that might not be captured with real estate photography. The cinematographer makes an excellent use of light to create contrast, highlight details, and make the rooms look more appealing. You can make a similar video by adhering to the following tips: Use close-up shots and distant shots to create a sense of dynamism within your video.

Hire a drone videographer if possible. Luxury Real Estate Videos 2. Bespoke Real Estate Bespoke Real Estate is a high-end, real estate brokerage firm, and its team creates excellent listing videos. They feature sweeping drone shots and crisp clips of the interior, and a detailed overview of the property is included in the video description. The listing videos are posted on YouTube, the second most popular search engine behind Google.

Optimizing your videos for keywords your prospects search for will help your videos rank in search engine results. Check out this ultimate guide to SEO to learn more. What We Love The sweeping drone shots of the property show off the desirable location. The video shows shots of people enjoying the property and its views.

The video ends with a sunset, which provides excellent lighting. You can make a similar video by adhering to the following tips: Hire a drone videographer if possible. Save money by taking interior real estate photos on your own using a rented camera. Think of the time of day when shooting. Begin the video with bright morning shots, then close with a sunset shot. The videos have energizing background music to enhance the stunning visuals of the homes.

The videos include footage of the area surrounding the home. What We Love The nearly static opening shot gives a sense of anticipation. The camera speeds up at the end of each shot at the beginning, building on the sense of anticipation. Home specs appear throughout the video, overlaid and embedded in the background shot.

You can make a similar video by doing the following: Make use of nearly static or slow motion shots to create a feeling of anticipation and to linger on the best details. Overlay the specs of the home — like the square footage and number of rooms — throughout the video.

The Boutique Real Estate Group did it so that the specs go in line with the background. This video focuses on the pool, one of the best features of the property. Doksimon Homes Doksimon Homes is a Ghanaian real estate company that specializes in luxury real estate in Accra. Each listing video provides a cinematic overview of the home, and the owner of the company, Michael Doksimon, invites viewers to subscribe, right away including an unmissable call-to-action.

In the video above, the realtor introduces the property by talking straight to the camera. He uses a variety of camera angles to keep the video exciting and engaging. What We Love As Doksimon speaks in the beginning, the camera angle changes, keeping the scene dynamic.

The video shows not only the home but the community around it. The realtor shows off all sides of the home from the outside so that you can see the backyard, windows, and outer walls. Doksimon shows off the highlights of each room as he walks us through. You can make a similar video by doing the following: Make use of camera angles to make speaking shots more dynamic.

Doksimon makes his video more engaging by keeping the camera moving. Show off the rest of the gated community or neighborhood. Drone Real Estate Videos 5. Emily Kellenberger Emily Kellenberger is a top-ranked real estate agent based in California.

Her listing videos display cinematic shots of the interior and exterior of the homes, and they feature aerial drone footage. The videos also include Emily's contact information so potential clients can reach out if they're interested. The footage is crisp and smooth, and it emphasizes the importance of stabilizing video clips so the footage isn't shaky.

Almost all of the footage is captured on a drone camera. What We Love The slow-motion outdoor drone shots show off the land around the property. The motion of the camera gives a sense of discovery or of walking through the home. Here are three designs from expert investors from their YouTube channels. The company details section is the space to provide visitors with links that allow them to easily locate you. Check out Express Homebuyers about page to see a perfect example of how to give out your information and show them where you can be found online.

Then follow through by being consistent with your message, graphics, value proposition. As a recommendation, first, figure out what real estate subjects and angles will educate your audience. Then zero in and pull out subtopics from each subject type and start building your video plan: How-to videos: Explain the tasks every real estate investing home buyer and seller needs to know.

Market updates: Buyers and sellers love to see how their markets are performing. Give them your point of view on home values and growth in your area. Interviews: Pick local business owners from the real estate industry and ask them about interesting stories, their backgrounds, or their knowledge of their certain trade. Testimonials: These recordings can push motivated sellers into selling to you. Good testimonials can make or break that very important opportunity when someone is in the selling cycle.

It a MUST. Write enticing, keyword friendly SEO friendly real estate investor titles. These relevant titles will drive users to want to view your videos. Use keyword tools such as Ubersuggest and SEOBook or simply using a Google suggest to identify which terms are the most relevant to your videos and overall real estate marketing strategy.

Organize your intent keywords so you can use them across your video content. This will allow you to reach a broader target audience. It will also give you valuable information to which keyword terms generate clicks. You can then use those terms in other ways, such as blog posts. Write a few options for each clip and pick the best while you read it back. If you get stuck, a trick is to perform a similar keyword search either on YouTube or Google. Craft it in a way that it also reads well.

Remember the structure for promotional pop-ups; copy that explains why you want viewers to click, and a link that brings viewers to the page they were promised. This goes back to having a solid real estate investor content marketing strategy to support your YouTube channel. Create website pages and blog posts that offer your audience real value. People want quality and consistent content.

Failure to provide those two can result in failure of your YouTube marketing. FlipNerd uses a very nice and uniform thumbnail process: 7. Craft Search Engine Optimized Descriptions One of the best ways to help Google understand what your video is about is by writing content in the video description. Think of this space as space to put an article even if you want to. The more relevant and robust you can make your description the more Google tends to like it.

This will give your viewers the understanding of what the video will show them before they watch it. Quick Tip: Use closely related, but different, keywords for your YouTube video and your blog posts.

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