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Horse betting odds win place show betting

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horse betting odds win place show betting

Betting a horse “Across the Board” means placing a Win, Place and Show wager on the same horse. If the horse finishes first, you win all three bets! If you bet on the No. 2 horse to win at 5-to-1 closing odds, that $2 wager should pay around $10 if your horse goes on to win. Superfecta. An in-depth description of the three traditional bets — win place and show — generally the most straightforward bets one can place on a horse race. WEB TRADER FOREXYARD

A Win bet is an attempt to predict the horse that will win the race. If the horse wins, you will collect on your bet. The odds listed for the horses on the toteboard are the Win odds for each horse. Place: Similar to the Win bet, a Place bet on a horse is a bet that the horse will finish in first or second. If you make a Place bet, note that it does not matter if the horse wins or comes in second, you will win the same amount.

This bet has less risk than a Win bet, but also a smaller reward. If you are confident the horse will win the race, you will receive a larger return betting the horse to Win. Show: Another variety of a straight bet, the Show bet is used when you want to bet that a horse will finish in the top 3 positions in the race. Again, if the horse comes in first or second, you will not win any more money than if the horse finishes third. This is the safest of the straight bets but also offers the smallest return.

If you are confident the horse will finish better than third, you would have a larger return placing a Win or Place bet. If you bet a horse "across the board" you are effectively betting him to Win, Place, and Show. If the horse wins, you collect on all 3 bets. If the horse comes in 2nd, you collect the Place and Show payoffs. If the horse comes in 3rd, you collect on the Show bet only.

This will pay more than betting either of the horses to win or place. Quinella: Similar to the Exacta, but this does not require the bettor to predict the order of the top two horses. Simply put, the bettor only has to pick the horses which will finish in the top two places, but does not have to predict which of those two will actually win the race.

Since this is easier to predict than an Exacta, it also pays less than the Exacta typically it pays about half of the Exacta payoff. It requires the bettor to pick the horses, in order, that finish in the top 3 positions in the race. It is significantly harder to predict than an Exacta, and accordingly will pay out much more for a winning bet.

Superfecta: The most difficult of the single-race exotics, the Superfecta, requires the bettor to predict the first four finishers, in order. Predicting a Superfecta is very difficult and will always require the bettor to take different combinations of horses so that there are more chances of winning. It requires the bettor to pick the winner in two consecutive races. There are also tracks that offer Double's in the middle of a card. If there is a Double available to be bet on, there will be a note of it on the first race or leg of the Double wager.

The larger the number, the harder it is to pick, as well as the greater the payoff. For these bets, it is recommended to take several combinations of horses in each race to increase your chances of winning although this also increases the cost. Some tracks also offer one Pick 6 per card. The payoff for one of these bets will be shown on the results for the last leg of the wager. For Pick 3s and Pick 4s, if nobody has the required number of races correct, they will typically pay out for people who missed one less race.

For example, if nobody predicted a Pick 4 correctly, people who had 3 of 4 correct will get paid. In addition, the payoff results would indicate a payoff for "Pick 4 3 of 4 correct ". For further explanation on this point, keep reading. The former payouts are shown on the left for comparison, and the new payouts are shown on the right.

Since 2 is now the winner, his payout line is switched to the top of the chart. That is because the same two horses finished in the top two positions, just in reverse order. Because more total money was bet on 6 the new 2nd place horse to place than on 8 the former 2nd place horse.

This is reasonable, considering that the Win odds on 6 are , while the Win odds on 8 are Generally the amount of money bet on a horse is proportionate between the Win, Place, and Show pools. The simple reason why the payout is less for Place and Show wagers compared to Win is that the payout pool is being divided by two horses for Place and three horses for Show.

Unless of course you bet on the favorite, which is another story! For example, Racing has several articles about the basics of Horse Racing.

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Horse betting odds win place show betting investing op amp circuit diagram

Betting 101 - Win Place Show horse betting odds win place show betting

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