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Socially responsible investing bank of america

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socially responsible investing bank of america

The strategy prioritizes financial return with the caveat that the money is invested to fuel positive change in three key areas: environmental. Learn more about Bank of America's commitment to transitioning to a more sustainable economy and its efforts to realize social equality. These. Sustainable and social impact investing helps to combine financial goals with positive social and environmental endeavors. Learn more about sustainable. MSI AERO ITX 1060 6GB MINING ETHEREUM

Performance accountability review. For example, we place more weight on corporate governance factors for financial services companies, carbon emissions factors for energy companies, and water management factors for utilities. These assessments play an important role in our investment process, as they help mitigate greenwashing and produce a potential buy list of stocks we believe represent the best corporate performers across a broad range of ESG criteria.

The final scores are normalized by sector as we intentionally include leading performers in all sectors of the economy, even those that have poor reputations for ESG performance e. Following the S2I scoring process is a fundamental review to ensure that we are purchasing good stocks on behalf of our clients, not just good companies. We seek companies with strong and stable returns on capital, conservative balance sheets, and healthy free cash flow generation. This review leads to a targeted list of to stocks that are attractive from both a fundamental and an ESG perspective.

Finally, we conduct a portfolio construction exercise designed to minimize external risk factors and provide broad diversification. The goal of this step is to allow the S2I scoring process to drive the relative performance of the portfolio while neutralizing other potential market influences. The ideal result is a diversified portfolio of strong companies that we believe can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over a long-term investment horizon.

The S2I investment process includes elements from all three categories. Our approach is rooted in the concept that companies that are leading performers on ESG criteria benefit from developing more sustainable, and profitable, long-term business models.

In addition to being better managers of their intangible asset base, we believe such companies are better at developing talent, uncovering emerging opportunities, fostering innovation and managing risk. Our proprietary scoring process penalizes companies whose products, services or practices harm workers, society or the environment. Thus companies with significant controversies, legal liabilities, product recalls or environmental fines are unlikely to score well relative to sector peers.

Conversely, we give credit to companies that are trying to solve social or environmental challenges with innovative solutions such as water treatment, waste management, child care, telemedicine, electric engines, wind power generation , boosting their scores. We have developed a series of impact metrics to show the ESG performance of our portfolios compared to a broad-based market benchmark.

Such portfolio impact measurement helps assure that our investment process is working as intended to identify leading performers across a wide range of ESG metrics. Many companies will not score well across all metrics, but the portfolio as a whole consistently demonstrates stronger ESG characteristics than the overall market. Examples include investments in companies that treat employees as a strategic asset via comprehensive human resource policies and benefits or minimize stranded asset risk.

Examples include investments that aim to improve health outcomes or develop alternative energy solutions. The E2S portfolio seeks to invest in the top-performing companies in each economic sector, even those industries with a poor reputation for environmental performance.

For investors who choose to divest from fossil fuels, the CRF portfolio uses the same rigorous stock selection methodology while removing energy and fossil fuel-burning utility companies. In order to avoid adding unintended risk, the resulting portfolio is constructed to reflect the risk characteristics of the benchmark. This final step aligns the portfolio to the overall market, with the exception that its environmental performance may be considered superior, allowing the potential for more favorable risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

WGES allows investors to apply a gender lens to a public equity portfolio by considering a wide spectrum of criteria that focus on both gender equality and financial fundamentals. This approach gives women-focused endowments and foundations the opportunity to align core exposures in their portfolios with their stated missions. This strategy uses a two-part due diligence framework to identify industry leaders with respect to equality and empowerment.

First, it looks for thoughtful, proactive corporate policies relating to women and for a commitment to use business practices to change the global landscape of rights and equality for women and girls. This strategy seeks to identify leading companies that are actively building a culture of equality and have demonstrated success at promoting disadvantaged populations into leadership positions. Companies are held accountable for performance across their supply chain, as well as how they impact their local communities both positive and negative.

Our goal is to look beyond simple head count numbers, to determine which companies have built a sustainable culture of social equality that will likely translate into tangible economic results. We then screen this list based on the U.

Pension funds, insurance companies, banks and others are then able to invest at a risk level that suits their needs. Through this process, a relatively modest investment can attract many times its initial amount from private sector financing.

Gallery Item 2 of 8 Show text version The hed text reads: The world has urgent needs1. There is an image of a globe with rings radiating out. There are circles on these rings, and there are also icons inside of circles that are on the rings representing different world issues. From left to right, the first is an icon of different buildings. The text reads: Sustainable Communities, Million People in need of decent housing.

The second icon is of an eye with a globe as the pupil. The text reads: Climate Action, 8 Inches Estimated rise in sea levels since The third icon is of a pulse wave with a heart. The text reads: Good Health, Million People lacking basic health care. The fourth icon is of a water cooler.

The fifth icon is a combined female and male gender symbol icon with an equal sign. The text reads: Gender Equality, 77 cents. Amount women earn for every dollar earned by men The sixth icon is of the sun with a power symbol in the middle. The text reads: Affordable And Clean Energy, 1 in 7 people globally lacking electricity. The footnote reads: 1. The dek text reads: Global solutions will require a new level of.

There is a venn diagram with three circles below the text. The words organization, collaboration and innovative thinking are each in a different circle. There is a line that branches off into three. From left to right, the first branch has a number 1.

The text below it reads: Deploying Our Own Capital. The second branch has a number 2. The text below it reads: Mobilizing Other Private Capital. The third branch has a number 3. The text below it reads: Sustainably managing Our Own Operations. There is a big circle inside of a semi-circle that has three, line branches coming out that connect to three icons. The icons vary in size, as they correspond to the numbers in the facts beside them.

Inside the big circle, there is the eye icon with a globe as the pupil. Our environmental business commitment has supported low-carbon, sustainable business activities since From top to bottom outside of the semi-circle, there is a water cooler. Next, there is a sun icon with a power symbol in the middle.

Lastly, there is another sun icon with a power symbol.

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#WEF2020: Promoting sustainable investing

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Live out your beliefs. Invest to reflect issues that matter to you while pursuing your investment goals. We can help you adjust your existing portfolio, add a single solution, or choose a new model portfolio. Choose the impact approaches you prefer through our A-B-C framework.

Avoid Seeks to reduce negative social or environmental effects and manage risk by limiting certain exposures Benefit Seeks to support positive social or environmental practices and enhance potential for long-term competitive financial returns Seeks to advance positive, measurable social or environmental outcomes and target opportunities financial performance 1 Your Merrill advisor helps to ensure your sustainable and impact investing strategy reflects your risk tolerances, time horizons, and preferences through actionable planning and objective advice.

What you care about matters Every investor has unique motivations for choosing to invest for sustainability and impact. In addition to seeking financial performance, you may want to: Invest in companies with responsible environmental and social practices Align your portfolio with your values or goals Support specific issues or causes you care about Target innovations that help solve social or environmental challenges Your Merrill advisor can help customize your sustainable investing strategy based on your preferences and motivations.

We can also review your current portfolio to help you become aware of what you currently own and find potential opportunities to align your investments with your sustainability-driven goals. Regardless of how much you direct toward sustainable strategies, your investments can make a difference because you're part of a larger group of sustainable investors helping to drive meaningful change.

Your portfolio can contribute towards responsible business practices and lead companies to be more environmentally and socially responsible. However, sustainable and impact investing may often offer competitive performance and appropriate levels of risk compared to traditional investments. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Suggested Keywords Responsible growth Delivering responsible growth At Bank of America, we are guided by a common purpose to help make financial lives better through the power of every connection. We must grow and win the market — no excuses The first tenet of responsible growth is that we have to grow, no excuses.

Our eight lines of business are focused on delivering one company, deepening client relationships and developing new relationships. We must grow with our customer-focused strategy We serve three groups of customers — people, companies and institutional investors. In the U. As we look across our businesses and the clients they serve, we have a leading set of capabilities in every area where we operate. That is the power of this company; that is the strength of the model and the balance we are striking to ensure we are doing all we can for our customers and clients, while optimizing our balance sheet to perform efficiently with the post-crisis regulations.

We must grow within our risk framework Managing risk well is foundational to responsible growth. It contributes to the strength and sustainability of our company for the future, and it supports the work we do today to serve our customers, clients, communities and shareholders.

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Socially Responsible Investing (3 WAYS TO DO IT!)

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