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Crypto tickets ico

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crypto tickets ico

Simply fill in this submission form if you would like your project listed on registrationcode1xbet.website Price's Coin Launches. To request an update for your project. A secure, transparent, blockchain ecosystem for the event ticket sales industry. Token Sale ended. 2 December $1,, OF. Supercharge your tickets with NFTs and the Blockchain. Easily implement the latest technology and unlock the benefits of truly digital tickets with GET. FOREX FACTORY MT4 PROGRAMMING REFERENCE

It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. An open architecture, completely secure platform, built with blockchain technology, will help to solve the main issues of the industry such as increasing fraud impact with fake or doubled tickets, speculator bots and zero secondary market profit to artists and organizers and enable organizers to control the ticket sales process from end to end. The blockchain allows for a completely secure, auditable, and transparent environment for transactions to take place, and the smart contract code presents organizers with the ability to set up hard terms and conditions for ticket distribution such as the number of tickets to buyer ratio, money movement logic, billing, and payments.

Organizers will also be able to issue their own tokens and offer them as loyalty points, branded currencies, or shares in crowdfunding for their own projects. The offering will last for four weeks. One block at a time. Browse the latest job postings across the Tezos ecosystem. Tezos is the product of many organizations across the globe working together on an open-source project.

Resumes are shared with a number of organizations in the Tezos ecosystem. Note: Listings are provided by each team separately. If you are an organization in the Tezos ecosystem that is hiring and interested in listing your open roles here, please email the Work on Tezos mailbox. Latest News Catch the latest news from around the Tezos ecosystem, from exciting partnerships to insightful and educational articles about the technology that makes Tezos truly special.

Carbon Footprint App Kora Chooses Tezos for Payments and Data Security 18 October Kora, the app which pays users to reduce their carbon footprint, announced an investment from the Tezos Foundation as well as their use of the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain to power their app. Users can earn Kora for actions that help reduce their carbon footprint such as biking, switching to renewable energies, or taking public transportation.

Crypto tickets ico novembre distances between places crypto tickets ico


Tickets Chain — is a Blockchain solution, which regulates interaction between all players at the market. Each event established in the system is a smart-contract, which is responsible for processing the payments, issuing and returning of crypto-tickets, for their transfer and resale at the secondary market — at the decentralized ticket exchange which works directly on the Blockchain. Second product, Tickets Cloud, is a successfully functioning platform that enables global ticket open distribution.

Moving the current users of Tickets Cloud to Tickets Chain, a decentralized Blockchain system, will allow them to develop and scale their business efficiently. As of now, over , tickets have been sold within contracts with organizer. In , Tickets Cloud has become the first company whose ticketing platform is employed by the global internet retail giant AliExpress.

A working prototype can very soon be downloaded from GooglePlay and Appstore. Tickets Wallet will also be used as a new channel of communication with the audience. Both organisers and the artists will be able to provide additional content to the viewer from the moment the ticket is purchased. It can be all sorts of exclusive materials about the backstage, show preparation, photos and videos from the concert as well as the latest news. The main advantage of crypto. In turn, it will stimulate the demand for the tokens as every ticket sold for fiat money via Ticket Cloud and other Tickets Chain-connected systems will be structured as first a buy call for an equivalent number of TKTs on the exchange, then a sale of the ticket for tokens.

This will boost the real, not speculative liquidity of the tokens. At the moment, Tickets Cloud is in talks with a number of online exchanges. Over the past few years, the team has proven its worth in the dynamic ticketing market. Market Is there a clear problem solved by this project? Can you clearly picture the customer?

Is the market large and growing? Competitive Advantage Does the team have a moat that will keep competitors from overtaking them? Team Does the team have a track record of success? Deep knowledge of this industry? A large network of contacts? Token Mechanics Does the problem truly require a blockchain? Do you understand how the token works?

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