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11 betting igra prestolov

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Ia mempertanyakan apakah itu Islam, yang bukannya membawa solusi namun justru menciptakan anak-anak yatim baru. Baik itu anak para korban yang ditinggal mati orang tua mereka, sampai anak-anak para teroris yang harus terpisah dengan ayah karena sang ayah harus menjalani hukuman. Butuh waktu tujuh tahun bagi si pembuat untuk merampungkan karya ini. Kabarnya, proses yang lama tersebut habis untuk bernegosiasi dengan para subjek: keluarga teroris, keluarga korban, dan tentu saja seorang analis yang mengerti bidang ini.

Prison and Paradise tampil mengesankan karena berani menghela benang radikal terorisme jauh ke dalam lembut lingkung keluarga. Bahwa para pelaku bom Bali, dengan dasar teoretis sekuat apapun untuk menggelar aksinya, tetaplah meninggalkan keluarga di belakang, yang tak pelak juga adalah hasil dari kelakuannya sendiri.

Memilih syahid berarti membiarkan anak-anak mereka tumbuh tanpa ayah. Selama ini, diskursus terorisme yang dihembuskan media selalu menghitam-putihkan Islam dan non-Islam, teroris, dan para korban. Untuk menghidari cap hitam-putih itu, Rudi sutradara mempersempit persepktif menjadi Islam saja. Ia memamerkan banyak sekali dialektika internal agar wacana film tidak melebar ke sana sini.

Dengan cergas, ia memilih untuk mempertentangkan teroris yang menganut islam dengan non-pelaku yang juga memeluk islam. Karena dengan kesamaan dasar berfikir, diskusi bisa dilangsungkan. Bayangkan bila yang berdebat adalah pihak Islam versus pihak non islam, sampai lima kali kiamat pun tak akan selesai.

Para teroris diwawancarai dan dengan gesit mengemukakan ayat ini dan itu untuk membenarkan aksinya. Sementara di lain waktu dan tempat, Rudi selalu kembali meminta pendapat Noor Huda Ismail, seorang pakar terorisme yang juga pernah berkawan sekolah dengan para teroris. Saya tidak bisa menyebut bahwa dialektika teroris-Noor Huda ini adil, sebab jelas ia tidak adil. Sepanjang film, hanya Noor Huda yang bebas mengomentari pernyataan-pernyataan para teroris sementara para teroris tidak diberi kesempatan untuk menganalisa balik pernyataan Huda.

Sadar atau tidak sadar, Rudi telah menempatkan Noor Huda Ismail sebagai sosok adiduniawi dalam filmnya; yang mengerti segalanya dan kebal terhadap kritikan. Secara naratif, Prison and Paradise mengajak kita untuk arbitrer dengan diantar berjalan-jalan ke tempat mukim keluarga teroris dan keluarga korban, lalu ke bui tahanan dan rumah Noor Huda. Accommodations are usually included in the dive packages you selected. Thanks to the near vicinity to town, purchasing normal necessities is easy to do.

The Journey Getting to Alor from Jakarta is pretty convenient with only one layover. The luggage allowance with Batik Air is 20 kg and if you exceeded the maximum allowance, additional fee of Rp The good thing about taking a midnight flight is that we arrived in Alor in the morning. We had the whole day to rest and even managed to do our check dive later that day.

The Dives There are at least 50 dive sites in Alor. We only managed to visit about 11 of them during our week-long trip. One of the most astonishing things about diving Alor is the visibility. It was so clear, even in depths of over 30 m, we still had plenty of sunlight that gave us lots of opportunities to take great pictures.

At one dive we were able to see the twinkle of light on the coral from when the light hit the surface of the water. An Alorian spearfisher Picking a favorite dive spot in Alor is difficult since each of them are just extraordinarily beautiful and offer different kinds of thrilling experiences. It truly feels like an underwater amusement park. But to keep this post short, we will highlight three dive spots that we think are representative of our overall diving experience in Alor.

Munaseli Yellow Corner The speedboat ride to this dive spot can get a bit bumpy because of the waves. As soon as we descended into the water we were welcomed by magnificent coral walls. Not long after, we were greeted by schooling batfish, red toothed triggerfish, and Moorish idols. The fish traffic was intense and was overwhelming at first, but it took less than a minute to let everything sink in and let ourselves be immersed by the sight.

We encountered at least six blacktip sharks that noticed the presence of divers, became curious and swam closer. To add to the fray, eagle rays then swam majestically above us headed into the blue. That moment of being surrounded by an abundant amount of fish was definitely the highlight of the dive.

What an amazing experience! The entrance to the first cavern is massive and is about 4 meters high with a large boulder in the middle of it. Entrance to the first cavern Once inside, the cavern feels like a playground with pebble stone bottoms and jagged rocks on the side and the top.

It was spacious enough to dive around comfortably without having to worry you would kick or hit your head on anything. It was almost like entering a living space that for a moment made you forget that you were diving underwater inside a cave until you realize the sound of your own regulator making lots of bubbles when you exhale. Being the picturesque place that it is, we took lots of pictures with divers taking turns being the object in an impromptu photoshoot.

We also found shark eggs inside, but unfortunately there were no sharks around. From inside looking out at first cavern Next, we moved to the next cavern located very near the first one. The entrance to this one is much smaller than the first one where divers needed to take turns to enter. Unlike the first one where the inside was a dead end, in the second cavern we could swim through and exit the end.

You will find lobsters big ones in between the crevices of the rock inside the cave. While the entrance was small, the inside of the cavern was a comfortable size for the five of us. The exit way was an astonishing spectacle of itself, as if not wanting to be less impressive than the first cavern.

Schooling fish were hanging out inside just near it, the brightness of our torch made it disperse as soon as the light was directed towards them. This made the cavern very lively with schooling fishes swimming in all sorts of directions. Moreover, we were lucky enough to get sunlight from the outside of the opening which gave the opportunity to take snapshots of this picturesque spot. What a fun and dramatic dive! From inside looking out second cavern Bama The last dive spot, but definitely not least, is Bama.

This magnificent spot probably has the most color compared to the other spots. There are multiple overhangs and mini caves where lots of lobsters and small anthiases reside. Just at a little corner towards the end of the dive there is a spot where butterfly fish feast the eggs of another fish.

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