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Ttt maps csgo betting

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ttt maps csgo betting

mp_buy_anywhere 1 - allow players to buy weapons anywhere on the map. ammo_grenade_limit_total 6 - remove the restriction on the number of. Mar 04, betting tips New Threat vs Tribute to Tribute Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Tournament Frag Match Predictions: NT vs TtT. A Trouble In Terrorist Town trainyard map set in the HL2 universe. Features multiple garages with weapon and ammunition spawns. INVESTING MONEY TIPS 2022

Raise is without a doubt my worst map ever. It's bad, extremely bad. I'd say the best part about it is that the download is gone now, so nobody will ever see it again. I hope. I figured, if I suck at making layouts, might as well take someone elses. So I took a look at the Orphaned Maps Repository. There were various maps from all kinds of people, of all kinds of qualities.

Though like the idiot I am, I find the one Territorial Control map in the entire place, and try to pick it up. Bad idea, very, very bad idea. But on the plus side, I got Idolon to rerelease his Dosh texture. You try to fix big issues with an official map with less than a year of experience. After polling the TFMaps community for what they thought was wrong with the map Twice actually. I decided to try and do it by myself. But on the plus side, messing with Fastlane taught me the importance of looking at official maps for gameplay advice when you're a novice mapper.

So, I thank Fastlane for that, it's not the bad map I made it out to be in the two polls I made, even if it has problems. Now Moonrock is not good by any stretch of imagination, but its design shows a far higher level of competence than anything I put out before it.

Also my first Workshop map. After TF2 added bumper cars, it was an odd little fascination for the TFMaps community for a bit to make the best kart racer. It was a decent map, if a bit boring, but the ultimate thing that killed it was the inability to disable powerups.

This sounds boring at first until you realize how much of a pain the Parachute powerup is. Shame too, I would love to make KR maps occasionally. Route 22 was a concept that never really turned into anything. I was more enamored with the thought of the detailing that I forgot to make a good layout for it. It's a concept I want to revisit someday, even if now Overwatch has pretty much the same idea I had in Route I know now that my will for continue to do the things I like is far bigger than any nylon briefcase would dream of shutting it's locks over, but that's a story for another day.

Terranunis was a slightly better knock at CTF after I made Caves, and started the phase of me being creative with my names. As for the map, mostly mediocre Made by a guy with basically no entity smarts, it was bleh. The dynamic elements were nearly non-existent, and the rest of the map wasn't much further from that. More boring corridors than a middle-class hotel. Though Mid was kinda okay, and it featured my first foray into Alpine detailing.

Despite this early setback, Gulf was a map on it's way to becoming playable, Until a TF2 update made the map break completely. After remaking it into a far worse version, I dropped the map. Though for anyone who played this map, I bet you were waiting for me to talk about it. My second worse map ever, and a huge demotivator for me. Qase was the perfect example of me having gained no skills in layout design, as it was just about as the same quality as my early maps. The map even looks bad in screenshots, and it doesn't get any better in game.

Models from the game Lego Islan The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu From eery music being played from a jukebox in the attic, rain and thunder happening outside, to various radios and gramophones playing music in different rooms, and even a recordin A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell.

Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo There now is an elevator that takes you to the top of the lighthouse! For those extra lazy traitors. Now has weapons included

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The role of maps in CSGO Betting The in-game economy is a massively important contributor to the micro-decisions made in live betting games of CSGO, but there is plenty of variance once a game has started, which can be hard to mitigate even for the best bettors out there. This is where understanding the maps and map-based win rates comes into play. There are generally seven maps in the map pool at any given time more on the map pools later.

Each team has to practice and master the ins and outs of each map to incredible detail. You have to know how long it takes to get to certain chokeholds, how to master smokes places to throw smoke grenades to block off enemy sight lines , and be aware of every corner or vantage point a counter-terrorists player can be sitting, waiting to catch you off guard. Because of the high level of detail involved in playing each map, there are certain teams that are just straight up bad at certain maps.

In fact, there are certain maps that teams refuse to play and will simply ban first every single time. Maps in CSGO are decided for a match based on a picks and bans system. In a best of three BO3 contest, there will be four maps banned, two maps picked, and one map left over that is played as a default if it goes all three maps. The process of picks and bans goes as follows: Team B bans first Team B picks their map Team A picks their map Team B bans third Team A bans fourth Using this method, Team B gets to give themselves the best chance at being competitive by choosing to get rid of their worst map and ideally choosing their best map.

If there comes a point where Team B bans the best map of Team A, they will have given themselves a significantly better chance at being the underdog to upset on the day. As you can see, the picks and bans process and the overall map selection for the match has a huge effect on the perceived outcomes, and the amount of expected value on the bets that can be made. Within a counter-strike series, there are going to be anywhere from one to five maps played. This will dictate the kinds of bets you can place.

This is usually a bet for or against one team sweeping the other, and one of the most lucrative bets you can take when offered, if you have an idea of the maps that should be played. If the bookmakers put a line at 2. Understanding maps where particular teams are especially strong, and how many rounds they typically win and lose on those maps, can give you a major leg up on the books when you are deciding which side to take.

Say a team averages 11 rounds lost when they win on a map like Dust2, but their opponent only wins an average of 8 rounds when they lose. If the line is set at Furthermore, when you are able to live bet on the rounds played in a match after the pistol round, you can get an exceptionally good price on a line if the stronger team took it, as they can snowball into a win in fewer rounds. When you do thorough research on map-based win rates which can be found at hltv.

For instance, say a game is being played on Train a famously counter-terrorists favored map and the team playing on the CT side is down six rounds to nine at half, but then wins the ensuing pistol round. Knowing how the in-game economy works, and knowing that winning the pistol round on the CT side of Train pretty much gives you four rounds instead of just one, means you can bet on that team to win since they should have the lead before the other team gets to buy meaningful weapons.

The line offered before they win those four rounds consecutively will be much better than after, and you can take advantage of this to get some solid ROI by embracing the streaking concept in the game. This is just one example of betting on map-based moneylines and which team will win based on one event.

Map Pool What is the map pool? The map pool is the current grouping of maps available for competitive play, a combination of seven maps the devs feel give the best balance to both terrorists and counter-terrorists. These seven maps are dynamic. When a specific map is felt to be under-performing or giving too much of an advantage to one side, it will go onto the chopping block and receive some reworks so it can be reintroduced later on. Maps like Inferno, Mirage, and Dust2 are mainstays in the competitive rotation sue to their familiarity and consistency in terms of rounds won on CT and T sided halves.

Meanwhile, maps like Nuke and Vertigo go through quite a few reworks to correct broken exploitations and brutal differences in win rates on the CT side specifically. For instance, on Vertigo the upper middle area of the map used to be a mostly closed open-form hallway that led to the CT spawn on the left and the entry to the A-site on the right. Because this trapped area gave an unfair advantage to the CT side of the map, the devs added an extra vantage point in the middle that made the B-site more accessible and allowed for more options once map control of that area was taken by the terrorists.

These kinds of changes are made semi-frequently to maps as they become unfair in one way or another, and the current map pool is the set of seven maps that best provides a level playing field to all involved. An open map will have a lot of space to traverse and a lot of open areas for gunfights and maneuverability.

Closed maps are going to feature a lot of hallways and closed off areas with only one way in and one way out, favoring the counter-terrorists as they can more easily block off the entrances and exits to a significant portion of the map, which makes it difficult for the T side to execute and get away. Knowing these archetypes is helpful when betting because you can get a sense of which teams do well on each and which teams you can expect to show up or get embarrassed.

In general, teams that are more volatile and scrappy will favor the open maps while teams that are more technically sound but not as good in terms of gunskill will favor the closed maps. Current Map Pool and Betting Tips Dust2 — This one falls in the category of open maps, giving it a lot of back and forth and a large probability of comebacks and variant outcomes.

At the time of writing, counter-terrorists win on this map This is because retaking the site after the terrorists get a plant is more difficult on Dust2 than nearly every other map. You can use that knowledge to your advantage when making bets. Both of these allow you to search for teams and see their past performance.

The latter option actually shows you the win percentage for every recorded competitive match. There are other variables to consider such as past matchups, current team performance, and overall ranking. To make smart bets, you must take all of the information you can find and take it all into consideration. The map pool is just one of many variables. Another thing to consider is that teams are given the option to pick and ban maps.

In a best of three, for example, the first team gets to ban a match, followed by the second team banning a match. Next, team 1 chooses a map, then team 2 chooses a map. Then, the teams get to ban one more map each. The third map is whichever map has been left over.

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