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cryptocurrency logos software

S LETTER | CRYPTO LOGO | SOFTWARE LOGO. by Md Faisal. Hey! This is a multipurpose branding logo identity. I have tried here to focus on the modern logo. Discover 1 Crypto Wire Logo design on Dribbble. Your resource to discover and connect letter-g-technology-logo | iot | software-logo | branding brand. Cryptocurrency or Crypto coins Logo Set in Market. · Vector color version logos of cryptocurrency coins ICOs and tokens Stock Vector · Cryptocurrency logo. BETA 91 PIANO PLACEMENT INTERIOR

However, this cryptocurrency logo takes it up a notch, by adding the two coins as inspiration and outlining the letter N between them. In the final design, the logo maker added some gradients for a more modern, abstract look. And the purple and powder pink color palette is also very unique and truly memorable. By Gio Bregvadze for Holy Motors 2. By Abu Hena Rasel 3. ConsenSys I suppose that when you think of a cool tech logo, something similar to this one is the first thing that comes to mind.

Their logo suggests motion and fluidity, which adequately captures the nature of cryptocurrency. Here are a few examples that make effective use of the business name. Find the best fonts that will make your logo stand out Download our guide on logo typography I'M IN I consent to receive emails and agree to the Privacy Policy.

Zeroes Wordmarks are a great option for financial and fintech logos since a professional and trustworthy brand image is particularly important in these cases. The clean sans serif lettering with curved edges pairs well with the stylized monogram, which can be used for a number of different purposes from business cards and stationery, to web design and social media photos. By smart design 5. Everyday Crypto News This great logo concept to me bears a resemblance to the Reuters logo since it consists of the wordmark portion and a round graphic element.

Which is perhaps intentional, seeing as it is intended for a crypto news website. The designer used a popular logo font called Montserrat Bold and added a nice monogram which is perfect for mobile app icons. The monogram was created as a rebrand for a company that provides digital freight solutions. The logo designer kept the signature blue-orange color scheme, but stripped the logo down, leaving an impressive and contemporary brand image.

But what makes the cryptocurrency Bitcoin logo so successful? And money or at least financial value , is something most people will respond to. Of course, the logo color in this case is another smart move, departing from traditional blues and greens used by major banks.

On the other hand, it has a special meaning to it. By Studio33 Geometric logos representing blockchain technology Together with fluid shapes, crisp geometric elements are another great direction to take your blockchain logo design. If you check different heatmaps , you will see this logo trend is quite prominent with cryptocurrency logos. These shapes are also very popular in technology logo design and data logos since they are a great way to create a consistent brand image, across web design, landing pages, and even print materials where applicable.

This open-source blockchain has Ether as its native cryptocurrency, the second largest after Bitcoin. The market leader has an amazing logo, in the shape of a diamond which is a good, simple nod to value and blockchain cryptocurrency. The additional 3D effect delivers a futuristic edge and lends itself well to color variations. An effective logo is more than the sum of its parts.

The colors, shapes, fonts, and words chosen all need to work together to form a harmonious whole. Therefore, every decision you make when you pick a logo can have an impact on the way your brand is perceived. Is the logo friendly, capable, trustworthy enough? Does it project the desired perception? Will it work across variety of media?

Designers like me, use these forms of visual language among others to make sure that the brand comes to life in the most appropriate manner and makes an impact from the first encounter. In finances, blue is a common choice for the banking industry because of the symbolic link between blue and trust, calmness, flow. Circles tend to convey warmth and community, and it's also the shape of coin. Sometimes a company might use one shape inside their logo square inside the chase bank , but use a different one as the shape of the logo as a whole.

In such cases, the fonts you pick are just as important as the words. You may choose to use a fancy or elaborate font in your logo, but your first consideration should always be readability. Everything should work together to create a harmonious whole.

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