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Handicap betting hockey lines

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handicap betting hockey lines

The three-way handicap's purpose is that it is designed to create an option where you are presented with an equal chance of winning even if you. Puck line betting is more commonly known as spread betting, or handicap betting. It is only known as puck line when betting on hockey. Puck line is used by. The puck line is hockey's version of the point spread. When betting on the puck line, the favorite is goals on the spread, with the underdog at + BITCOIN BRASIL EXCHANGE

NHL Parlays Now this is where it gets really interesting! A parlay bet is a single wager with two or more selections, all of which must come in for your wager to win. Each additional selection added to the parlay multiplies the odds. Popular bets to include in NHL parlays include moneyline, spreads, and total goals - many online sportsbooks will allow you to add a wide range of different bets to a single parlay.

Fancy Draisaitl to net more than once? NHL Futures Futures are much more long-term bets that often take up to an entire season to resolve. These are not bets on particular games, rather wagers on general season outcomes. Lots of sportsbooks also offer player and coach futures, with markets open on season awards like the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Vezina Trophy. Do Your Research! We login to our sportsbook account, navigate our way on the sportsbook website or app to the sport and the game of our choice.

We will see next to the moneyline options, the spread aka puck line and the favorite in the game will be The Be sure to check out our bet calculator at to help you out when placing your NHL spread wagers. Choose the NHL game you want to place a bet on Find and select your puck line for that game Click on the bet slip at the bottom and place your bet What do minus and plus NHL odds mean? Minus odds in an NHL bet means the team is favored to win, while plus odds represents the underdogs.

As with all other types of wagers, minus odds indicate that we are risking more to win less. Plus odds indicate we are risking less to win more.

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How I handicap the NHL and create my lines #sportsbetting #nhl

There are now plenty of online betting options in both the USA and Canada, with more sites going live all the time.

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Handicap betting hockey lines Finding interesting and relevant NHL betting information is not hard. A point spread is the margin of victory that a sportsbook thinks a team will win by. Three-Way Puck Line Handicap Example In an effort to explain a three-way puck line handicap better, we will look at an example bet of what this might look like. Ready to bet on hockey? Future bets have become one of the most popular ways to wager on the NHL and offer high returns.
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What this means, in a nutshell, is that the Lightning are such favorites that the oddsmakers actually predict they'll win by two complete goals; e. This makes the Capitals the underdogs, of course, and if you were to bet on the Caps to win, the good news is that they don't actually have to win.

If they come within 2 goals, your bet pays out a winner. For instance, in a score of Lightning over Capitals , you'd still win betting on Washington because Tampa Bay didn't win by two full goals. This is what makes betting on the underdog a very attractive proposition, and it's also why it pays more, dollar for dollar, to go with the longer shot. It's riskier, but the rewards are more attractive, which we'll discuss in greater depth below with the hockey moneyline bet.

As you can see, hockey puck lines come with moneylines in parentheses, which are attached to all hockey bets, regardless of type. Moneylines can also represent specific moneyline bets, but in either case, they mean the same thing. This is explained in the next section. The Hockey Moneyline The next most common betting line you'll see when checking out hockey odds is the moneyline, aka the straight moneyline.

Straight bets are typically expressed via three-digit numbers called the "moneyline" , and to put it simply, these numbers let you know how much you have to bet to win a given payout. Tampa Bay Lightning Once you get the moneyline figured out, it'll be easy to spot favorable lines. Instead, these lines are ratios that show your risk-vs-reward. Instead, you're strictly interested in how many goals both teams will combine to score by the final buzzer.

Hockey totals look like this: Washington Capitals vs. This is predicting a rather high-scoring game. When placing your wager, you're betting on whether these teams will score more than seven goals "over" or fewer than seven goals "under".

Sports betting sites often use half-point increments on totals bets to prevent the wager from hitting on the exact number and resulting in a "push," which causes all bets to be refunded. That's how puck line bets work, too see above , and it means that sportsbooks are guaranteeing a house take, or vigorish, no matter the outcome. Other Hockey Bet Types In addition to the above, you'll always find more hockey odds on offer at the best online betting sites.

Hockey Betting Guides How to bet hockey pucklines Follow the total numbers There are many different ways to bake a cake. There are also many different styles of handicapping. Breaking down individual player matchups is one way. Looking at trends is another. Pay close attention to what a team is doing on a day-to-day basis and when a club starts to go on a three or four-game Over or Under streak.

When this team then plays against another club with a similar streak of three or four straight Overs or Unders in a row, you can often find value betting the opposite way in that situation. Of course, the longer the streak, the stronger the play can become.

If the two teams in question played against each other earlier in the year and also played to an Over or Under result depending on whichever current lop-sided streak the teams were on in that contest, then this is hold even better value. Revenge is sweet The revenge angle is obviously nothing new.

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How I handicap the NHL and create my lines #sportsbetting #nhl

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