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Starsign crypto usb token

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starsign crypto usb token

Installing the usb token for digital certificates 0: Giesecke & Devrient GmbH StarSign Crypto USB Token () 00 StarSign Crypto USB Token S. UZI-pas 2. UZI-pas 3 (QSCD). Note that although some USB tokens may be supported by the libccid drivers on Linux, the. USB e-Token is looks like a USB drive but these are secured by Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). Digital Signature Certificates stored in. CROSS F1X TIDAK ADA SINYAL FOREX

Now it can already be used to access sites that require authentication with a digital certificate. LibreOffice LibreOffice offers the possibility to digitally sign documents. Then, if you have made the configuration in the previous step, it is a simple matter to use the digital certificate in LibreOffice too. LibreOffice will ask to be restarted. Accept it. In that case, restart it manually by closing all LibreOffice windows that may be open Writer, Calc, Impress, etc.

From now on, under normal conditions, documents could already be signed. Before you sign, a document needs to be saved. To test it, create a new document for testing and save it, or open an existing document. Exporting the certificate from the token In case the certificate does not appear in the list, it will be necessary to import the certificate manually, so that it gets listed among the certificates recognized by the operating system for your user.

First, export the certificate from the token. This application should be present if the token driver has been correctly installed. Select the token with a double click. Choose a location and name for the certificate file with an extension. Importing the certificate in seahorse The exporting of the certificate from the token is done. In Ubuntu, the default installed application for that is Seahorse. The main data of the certificate will be shown name, certificating authority, expiration date.

Click the import button. From now on, the certificate should appear among the ones available for LibreOffice. Bug in Ubuntu At least, there are reports that in other GNU Linux distributions, or even in version But the bug is present in both version It appears the bug in Seahorse comes from a dependency named libgcr and it also affects other applications that use it, such as Gnome Keyring.

For now, I could not find a workaround. There is still no way to sign documents with a digital certificate in LibreOffice, in Ubuntu The case files are a set of official documents, which often must be signed by the stakeholder or for the author of an official act, as a way to guarantee its authorship and authenticity as a representation of a manifestation of intent of the signing party. In the transition to the digital medium, it becomes necessary to find a way to establish a guarantee similar to signing on paper.

It established a legal binding for digital signatures made with a certificate from ICP Brasil article 1. If you are asking yourself why would a Temporary Order note: it is a legal instrument available to the president of Brazil that is supposed to be temporary until voted by congress in days from the year is in effect today, it is an order enacted before the change to the constitutional rules for enacting Temporary Orders brought by the Constitution Amendment no.

It established, on article 2, a special rule for Temporary Orders which were in effect at the time: Article 2. Temporary Orders enacted in a date preceding the publication of this amendment continue in effect until either a further Temporary Order explicitly revoke them or until definitive deliberation by National Congress. Since then, National Congress has never moved itself to convert it into law, which brings us to this bizarre situation where, in this moment of digital transformation, both in the public and private sectors, a significant part of the legal infrastructure for it stands on a Temporary Order that will come of age this year, when it gets 18, without becoming definitive law.

Back to SEI, it allows users t sign documents electronically using either just their login password or a digital certificate. The signature using just a password is backed by just a Decree and, from a security viewpoint, is something very fragile, as someone that gets undue access to the database could change or forge any signature.

In addition to that, this type of digital signature is backed by MP 2. So it is not hard to judge which of these types of signatures supported by SEI is preferable. There are various issues on usability, security, legal support and software project management, both in regard to SEI and ICP Brasil that warranted further discussion in a separate post. But here we shall concentrate on the practical questions on how to operate the digital certificate in this context.

And so it remains indefinitely. Do it at your own risk! I'm not responsible for anything if you do this procedure! So, warnings aside, let's start the tricky procedure and disable the SIP: 1. Restart your Mac; 2. The system will now enter Recovery Mode; 3. Select Utilities; 5. Once in terminal, type this little command line: csrutil disable; 5.

This command line will disable the SIP; 6.

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