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Bitcoin a primer for policymakers

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bitcoin a primer for policymakers

As the world's first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize online payment systems and commerce in ways that benefit. BITCOIN: A PRIMER FOR POLICYMAKERS. Crypto-currencies promise to lower the cost of payments but are threatened by excessive regulation, say Jerry Brito and. Crypto-currencies promise to lower the cost of payments but are threatened by excessive regulation, say Jerry Brito and Andrea Castillo. CRYPTOS R US INSIDER

In this new edition of their popular primer, Jerry Brito and Andrea Castillo provide fresh analysis of the latest policies and regulations that could either help or hinder the growth of the innovative cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. They describe how the Bitcoin protocol works and address many common misconceptions about it.

This expanded edition contains new descriptions of the cutting-edge blockchain applications that are poised to disrupt law, trade, and even content distribution in the same way that Bitcoin disrupted finance through distributed ledger technology. The authors analyze current laws and regulations that may already cover digital currencies and blockchain applications and warn against preemptive regulatory restrictions that could stifle these new technologies before they have a chance to evolve.

In addition, Brito and Castillo make several recommendations about how policymakers should treat Bitcoin and blockchain applications going forward. Would central banks be able to find alternative approaches to achieve their monetary policy objectives?

How much would it matter if their monetary policy tools become less useful? There are two first-order effects on fiscal policy. Second, cryptocurrency transactions can generate tax revenue, which may be higher or lower than equivalent conventional transactions would produce. Looking beyond the tax rules themselves, some fear that cryptocurrencies could aid in tax evasion, reducing government revenues.

Depending on whether cryptocurrencies are viewed as currencies, investment assets, fixed assets, or something else, there are a variety of different potential tax treatments. The distributed nature of cryptocurrencies, without a central home, also challenges traditional frameworks that treat money earned domestically differently from foreign earnings.

Law enforcement officials are concerned that cryptocurrencies, with their greater anonymity, could encourage money laundering and abet a wide range of illegal activities. Many advocates of cryptocurrencies believe that their use protects personal privacy more than existing systems and institutions do. This does not provide absolute protection, however, as linkages can be established between addresses and personal identities, with varying degrees of difficulty.

As with many other innovations, cryptocurrencies can be used in fraudulent transactions or suffer from market manipulation. Beyond outright fraud, there is a risk that consumers or investors may act without sufficient information or understanding. As governments weigh the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, they often reach different conclusions. Policymakers are in the early stages of determining how best to interact with cryptocurrencies, with current responses ranging from declaring them illegal all the way to actively fostering their development.

There are a wide range of tools at the disposal of the authorities, but also some unconventional constraints created by the distributed, somewhat anonymized and global nature of cryptocurrencies. Given the decentralized nature of most cryptocurrencies, there would be benefits from global coordination of legal and regulatory treatment, but there is clearly not a global consensus among policymakers.

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