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Glastonbury headliner betting advice

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glastonbury headliner betting advice

Speculating that the year-old singer will be returning as a headliner, one fan tweeted: "Won't be long until Sam Fender headlines for sure. 8 tips to help you hack the Glastonbury ticket sale · 1. Register, register, register · 2. Round up the troops · 3. To coach or not to coach? · 4. Let's face it, the odds of getting actual Glasto tickets these and help with creating your own Glasthomebury Festival (thanks to the. TARIQ HILALY MOTIF INVESTING

The other important thing is to make sure you're fully registered well in advance of the ticket sales. Glastonbury organisers advise checking your existing registration and updating your photo if needs be. You can check if you're registered or not here. If you were already registered for , chances are you'll not need to do anything, but it can't hurt to check. Children aged 12 and under do not need to register, and can enter the festival free of charge, without a ticket but obviously accompanied by an adult.

Registering is not the same as bagging yourself a ticket though. It just ensures you're in the running when the ticket sales come around. Make sure you have reminders on your phone, post-it notes, whatever it takes.

Make sure you're not busy at the time of the sale. Ideally recruit anyone you're hoping to go with to be available too. Back in October , the first wave of Glastonbury tickets the coach packages sold out in less than half an hour. The general ticket sale, on October 6 , wasn't much slower - with tickets selling out in just 34 minutes. If you are absolutely desperate for a ticket, taking part in the coach sale should be a no brainer - if you don't, your only shot is the second sale.

There are no official rules against everyone in your Glastonbury group trying to get tickets. So it makes absolute sense for you all to try. Whoever gets through can be the lead ticket buyer on behalf of the rest up to a maximum of six tickets. So make sure everyone who is going to try has enough money to pay the deposit for all the tickets they need to buy.

That's just one reason to have everyone in your group's details to hand - the bigger one is that if you mess up entering the details, you might lose time in the race for tickets. Most people have all the details - names, registration numbers and post codes - ready to copy and paste. Sound advice. The unofficial tickets tips Glastonbury veterans swear by So now you know the Glastonbury tickets basics.

Without those, you're likely to fail. But let's face it - Glastonbury is so popular that you need to know what could give you an edge in the race for tickets. Below are some unofficial tips from those who have succeeded before. They could be worth a try but are no guarantee to success either.

He said it has "never failed" them. Apparently, if you get one of your group to try to book tickets using their mobile phone with signal - not connected to WiFi - they are "always" the first one to get through to the ticketing page. For the last few years the organisers have made several thousand coach package tickets available for sale 3 days prior to the main sale of the remaining tickets.

So if you are thinking of traveling by coach anyway, or you want to try to bag your ticket prior to the main sale, this may be an option worth looking at. In order to be able to buy a ticket you first have to pre-register and supply a passport style photograph of yourself as well as your name, address and post code. The photograph is printed on your ticket so that the stewards at the gates can identify you as the genuine ticket holder. Make sure you register well in advance of the actual ticket sale date as registration is closed a few days beforehand and your photo has to be examined to make sure that it meets the required standard.

When you are paying the deposit for your ticket all you generally need are your registration number, which is notified to you by e-mail, and also the post code which you entered at the time of registration. You can buy up to 6 tickets in a single transaction but you must have the registration numbers and post codes for everybody you are buying tickets for. Prior to Credit cards were not acceptable for UK residents but this has changed and you are now able to use them.

Tickets are only ever sold through one official outlet. This has been See Tickets for a number of years now. There are however "agencies" or "touts" to you and me who sometimes claim to have tickets or hospitality packages for sale.

They will not receive any official allocation so if you give your money to these people then the chances are you will lose it. Whatever you do, do not buy tickets on eBay, facebook or from any other private source. Tickets are personally identifiable and if you are not the person whose name and photograph are on the ticket then you run a very high risk of not getting in and you will have wasted your money.

There are usually a limited number of re-sales of any tickets for which the balance has not been paid up during the first week in March or which have subsequently been cancelled. If you are trying to pick up a ticket in one of these sales it pays to keep an eye on the various website forums and festival news as they often happen with little or no advance warning. In two official resales took place on Thursday 24th March for coach package tickets and on Sunday 27th March for general entrance tickets.

The number of tickets you can buy in one transaction in the resale is usually reduced from 6 to 4 and to only 2 in respect of coach package tickets. Tickets are non-transferable although you are able to change the delivery address if you move or if the details are incorrect.

You have until approximately 6 or 7 weeks before the festival to do this by midnight on the 6th of May in There is no refund available after this date as the tickets will have already been printed with your photograph and personal details. If you can't attend due to accident, illness or any other unforeseen circumstances then I'm afraid your only way of getting your money back after this date is by claiming on any insurance you may have which covers such eventualities.

There have been times in the past when tickets didn't start to be sent out until the first half of June and many people didn't receive theirs until a matter of a few days before they were due to leave for the festival. However it still takes two or three weeks for all of the tickets to be sent out so please don't concern yourself too greatly if you hear about other people receiving their tickets and yours doesn't turn up straight away.

To give you an example, in my tickets were amongst the first to be delivered on 19th May but on the flipside in they didn't arrive until 14th June. Anybody who orders their tickets online will receive a reference number and may use this to check on the progress of the distribution of their tickets via an order tracking facility on the See Tickets website. Tickets are delivered in the UK by Royal Mail registered post.

If you are not at home when the postie tries to deliver the tickets you'll be able to pick them up from your local postal sorting office. When your tickets are delivered it's a good idea to check them as quickly as you can. It's not unheard of for orders to be mixed up and tickets to be sent to the wrong address. Also make sure that you have received all of the car park or campervan passes you were expecting and if you have a problem then contact See Tickets as soon as you can so that they can sort out any errors.

Can I buy day tickets? Unless you live very close to the festival site then no I'm afraid you can't. There are usually a few thousand one day tickets for the Sunday alone but these are only made available to people living in Pilton and the surrounding villages.

Details on how to obtain them are generally released shortly after the main ticket sale in October. When is the line up released? It varies year on year. According to Glastonbury folklore the festival never used to release the line up in advance at all and you would have very little idea who was appearing until you opened your programme when you got there. I'm not altogether sure how true this is but nowadays the headliners are often announced several months before the festival takes place.

In recent years the names of a lot of the acts appearing on the larger stages have generally been announced in March. Glastonbury seems to receive a fair amount of flak on social media for not releasing its line up earlier, in line with the way that a lot of the other large UK festivals do, but to my mind this criticism is totally unjustified.

The fact of the matter is that Glastonbury doesn't have to release its line up in order to sell its tickets and personally I enjoy the anticipation in the build up to the main release, especially as nobody outside of the inner sanctum at Glastonbury HQ knows exactly when that first main line up poster is going to drop on the website and the festival's social media pages.

Having said that, in a complete move away from tradition, Glastonbury has been leaking a few headline names a little earlier than was previously the case and in Billie Eilish was announced as the Friday night headliner as early as 4th October of the previous year, with Diana Ross confirmed for the Sunday afternoon Legends slot just a few days later. We then had to wait until the first major line up poster, with an additional 87 names, which was published on 4th March, in order to discover a lot of the other major acts due to appear.

This included confirmation that Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar would perform the other Pyramid headliner slots, having both previously been scheduled to take the honours for the cancelled 50th Anniversary event in Over the period following the main poster drop a number of the smaller stages and areas release their own schedules individually but we generally have to wait until just a few weeks prior to the festival before the timetable for all stages and areas is completed.

If you want to get a better idea of when the various line up announcements have been made every year since the "The Glastonbury Thingy" might be of interest. Some people put together online timetables so you can work out whether any of your favourite bands are likely to be playing at the same time.

You can customise it to your own requirements, highlight the acts you want to see and print it off to take with you to the festival. If you find the Clashfinder useful then buy Halvin a pint. He does it completely voluntarily. If you have an android or iphone the festival's official app is also a good way to work out your schedule for the day as well as having numerous other features. How do I get there?

Research shows that the vast majority of carbon emissions connected with festivals are released into the atmosphere as a direct result of punters traveling to and from the event. Glastonbury encourages all attendees to use more carbon efficient modes of transport so please consider using bus, train or even your bicycle as a means of getting there rather than simply jumping in the car.

Back in the day my mate Chris was renowned for turning up in his Sinclair C5 but for the less eccentric among us there are basically 7 modes of transport for getting to the festival:- By Bus National Express run bus services to the festival from many major towns, cities and airports around the country. More details can be found on the official website as the Festival approaches or from the National Express website.

For the first time in you could buy a combined coach and festival package ticket. This was introduced to encourage the increased number of ticket holders licensed to attend that year to use greener transportation methods. Anybody choosing the package option only gets their festival ticket given to them en route to the festival site in order to discourage people from subsequently changing their minds and arriving by car.

Most of the buses arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday and leave in the early hours of the Monday morning in order to avoid adding to the traffic congestion during peak departure times. Although there were a few teething problems with the combined coach arrangements in , lessons definitely appear to have been learned and I have heard of nothing but positive experiences in subsequent years.

And don't forget that if you choose one of the coach package deals you have the opportunity to secure your ticket prior to the main sale in early October. Also for the festival, coach package ticket holders got first dibs for the pre-erected camping at Worthy View and Sticklinch in a pre-sale an hour before general ticket holders were able to apply.

If you are arranging your own coach then the driver will be able to drop you off at the taxi rank, provided there are at least 15 festival goers on board. The railway line which used to lead to Glastonbury, prior to Dr Beeching wielding his axe in the s, actually used to pass through Worthy Farm and the disused embankment now forms one of the main vehicle and pedestrian routes across the site. The official train station for Glastonbury Festival is at Castle Cary, which is 6 miles from the festival site.

Full details of special train services are released as the festival approaches. A fleet of double decker buses provides a free shuttle service to all ticket holders from Castle Cary Station to the Festival. This service generally runs into the night for as long as trains continue to arrive so nobody needs to worry about being stranded overnight with all their gear on a station platform. It's best to order this at the same time as you pay off the balance of your festival tickets in early March but it is possible to buy one later if you forget to do so at the time or if your travel arrangements change.

You used to be able to simply ring See Tickets and add one to your existing ticket order but I understand that nowadays they will charge you an additional booking fee which seems a bit cheeky. As a last resort it is possible to buy a car park sticker when you arrive at the festival site but be prepared to pay a little more than face value as the price often increases by a few quid if you choose this option.

While we're talking about car park stickers, a small word of caution if I may. It's sensible not to attach your sticker to your windscreen until shortly before you arrive at the festival site. This is especially applicable if you are stopping at motorway services en-route, where you will often find police pouncing on cars which are on their way to the festival in search of an easy drugs bust.

Whether you have illicit substances on you or not, having the entire contents of your car rifled through is seriously inconvenient and a situation best avoided if at all possible. Another handy tip regarding car park stickers is that the glue they use to attach them to your windscreen is probably stronger than the stuff they used to stick the heat resistant tiles onto the space shuttle. Attaching the car park sticker to a piece of acetate and then sticking that onto your car windscreen will mean you can keep the sticker for posterity and reduce the risk of an MOT failure for obscured visibility.

Remember that everybody in your vehicle will need to show the stewards that they have a festival ticket before you will be allowed to enter the car parks. There are 2 main car parking areas and these are situated to either side of the site. The routes which you need to follow to get to them are colour coded, blue in the east and red in the west. Access to the car parks to the west is comparatively flatter but with the rapid expansion of the site in this area over recent years you may find yourself parked in one of the newer "Pink" car parks on the northern side of the A Each of the car parking fields is colour coded and numbered so make sure you keep a note of which field you are parked in so you can find your way back to your car when you leave.

But with an unexpectedly large number of people turning up early in , the roads around the site got very congested with traffic at a standstill waiting for the car parks to open. As a result, an amendment to the license in allowed the car parks to be opened from 9pm on the Tuesday evening. Since then many thousands of people have taken advantage of this every year and have already been in the car parks and queuing to get into the site long before the pedestrian gates open at 8am.

In fact for the last couple of years some of the gates have been opened a little earlier than 8 in order to get the lengthy queues moving. The Festival has its own radio station, Worthy FM wavelength Later arrivals will find themselves parked anything up to a mile away from the nearest pedestrian gate, so be prepared for a long hike.

However you will probably have the advantage of a comparatively quicker getaway at the end of the weekend. Warning - Although the actual festival site is cleared of the resident cows some weeks before the festival, this isn't necessarily the case in the car parks so mind where you are putting your feet as you skip barefoot in excitement from your car! If you are being given a lift to the festival by a friend or relative who isn't staying then please note that vehicles will not usually be allowed to stop on the road close to the festival site.

If you are arriving by taxi then there is a taxi rank at the festival site and local taxi companies are given clear instructions on how to get there in order to avoid blocking the traffic when they are dropping off festival goers. If you are hitch hiking then please be very careful. The roads are narrow with high banks and few footpaths and the traffic can be very heavy.

By Campervan or with a Caravan Historically the majority of campervan drivers and people bringing a caravan or trailer tent all used to approach the festival via the "Blue Route" in order to access the fields specifically reserved for them to the east of the site. Then between and an additional 2 fields were reserved to the West of the site, but in these fields are being given over to the new Sticklinch pre-erected camping area, much to my personal dismay as this has been my home for the last 6 festivals.

Due to the muddy ground conditions in a number of campervans had to be relocated to the Bath and West showground and this was deemed to be such a success that you are now able to choose this as an alternative option. Running every 15 minutes, a 24 hour shuttle bus service is available to ferry people to and from the site from here.

Showers and proper flushing toilets are available at the showground for the use of campervan dwellers. Please note that security will not allow you to sleep in your vehicle if you park it in the ordinary car parks. You will need to buy a permit in advance in order to access the Campervan fields. Another change in saw the name of the lead booker printed on the campervan permit in order to prevent people selling them on at a profit, as had previously been the case. Officially the named person has to be in the van when you arrive.

The rules as to what does and doesn't constitute a campervan seem to change from time to time so check out the Campervan Information on the Official Website and keep an eye out for last minute changes in arrangements, which invariably seem to happen. Family and friends can usually camp with you.

Officially they are only able to pitch their tents behind your vehicle and within the allotted 8m x 7m space but this never seems to be enforced particularly rigidly as you can see from this picture of my family's encampment. Awnings are allowed provided they are reasonably sized although a friend of mine reckons that he gets away with erecting one which is so large that the stewards are often a little concerned that he might be planning to start up his own dance tent!

The Campervan Fields are one of the few parts of the festival which are positioned outside of the main fence. Some people actually go as far as pitching a small tent inside the festival so that they have somewhere more convenient to store warm clothes and other gear or to have a quick power nap during the day.

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This role will have a particular focus on Betting content and Fantasy Sports productions.

Glastonbury headliner betting advice They could be worth a try but headliner no guarantee to success either. A good few years ago I glastonbury invested in this "Sack Truck":- Note the large inflatable tyres complete with genuine Glastonbury mud and sturdy tubular steel construction, which are essential in order to deal with the rough ground. You can then either use a hole punch and make them into bunting like I did or you can mount them on sticks like the proper Glastonbury sign. Charge up your phone, your tablet, betting advice laptop, your tamagotchi — basically every reliable electronic internet betting advice you can get your hands on — and head to the corner of your home with the best internet connection. If you are being given a lift to the festival by a friend or relative who isn't staying then please note that vehicles will not usually be allowed to stop on the road close to the festival site.
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It will take place in June , and organizer Michael Eavis has revealed that he has headliners already lined up. In anticipation of the event, VegasSlotsOnline News has taken a look at betting odds to determine who this could be. She was due to perform in before organizers canceled the event for safety concerns. There is still one venue missing from his list, however. The UK-born singer has never performed at Glastonbury, although sportsbooks think he might get his chance next year.

She became the first woman in 20 years to headline the Pyramid Stage in Sportsbooks believe could be her year to double down on her Glasto experiences. Despite this, her set seemed to catapult the festival into a new inclusive era in which a mix of pop, rock, and hip-hop artists have earned headline status.

It will take place in June , and organizer Michael Eavis has revealed that he has headliners already lined up. In anticipation of the event, VegasSlotsOnline News has taken a look at betting odds to determine who this could be. She was due to perform in before organizers canceled the event for safety concerns.

There is still one venue missing from his list, however. The UK-born singer has never performed at Glastonbury, although sportsbooks think he might get his chance next year. She became the first woman in 20 years to headline the Pyramid Stage in Sportsbooks believe could be her year to double down on her Glasto experiences. Despite this, her set seemed to catapult the festival into a new inclusive era in which a mix of pop, rock, and hip-hop artists have earned headline status.

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