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23 skidoo chao btc

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23 skidoo chao btc

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Furthermore, the intake ports and the Diameter of the intake valves were designed to create a swirling effect for the Ayr as it entered the combustion chamber. The pistons had internal cooling channels, while oil jets in the crankcase sprayed the underside of the pistons. There's obviously a lot of chance involved, which is good, 'cos one slide can give a song a totally different shade of meaning.

When Fetish wired Johnny and me to come back from Singapore 'coz the album had gone in at number one, we thought Rod was winding us up. I think it's because a lot of people thought we were like ABC or Stimulin, or a funky dance band like Pigbag, and then bought the record to find that wasn't really so.

I think lots of people do come to our gigs who only want to hear the 'funky' ones. To be quite honest, I don't think we've ever really been a dance band' While dismissing New Pop as 'just so much bullshit', and spurning overtures from labels such as Island and EMI, the Turnbull brothers did not discount making a pop record.

And I think there's a danger in making a real lot of money. There are so many bands who mind what people say about them because they're so anxious to get famous and make money. So many bands find a formula and then don't let go of it in case they lose their audience. We're fortunate in that we don't all have to live off the band, so we don't have to think of it as a commercial proposition.

I'm not making a claim for them as potential messiahs the mini-album was too patchy for that , but clearly Skidoo are attempting and gradually working their way towards an alternative music Skidoo provoke, invoke and soak their audiences with provocative ideas. Yes, Skidoo are worthy pioneers. Shortly before going onstage, Sam Mills and Tom Heslop were dismissed from the band, though to their great credit both still performed that night, and again at a final booking in Leicester.

For Fritz and the Turnbull brothers, it really was a case of Tearing up The plans - ironically enough, the title of the new EP featuring the 'reduced personnel' of Fritz, Sam and Tom. Fetish, among others, were wholly perplexed.

Challenging audiences and spurning major label deals was subversive enough, but sacking the guitarist and singer appeared downright perverse. Sam Mills recalls: 'Tensions had been building since at least the European dates. I didn't take to the increasing rejection of structure so easily, and was becoming a bit of a Brian Jones figure. Being told that we were no longer required was a shock, but it was a relief too. I already had a place at LSE to read anthropology, so I went on to do that, and continued playing music with other people.

I kind of sleepwalked through the final live dates, and I wasn't really shocked when I was dismissed - although I was surprised that Sam was too. For their set on 17 July, Skidoo elected to perform a ritual to 'banish' their previous incarnation as hip press darlings, and were even joined by David Tibet of Psychic TV on thigh bone trumpet. Alex Turnbull: 'Skidoo elected not to use traditional instruments, but instead to improvise a performance with instruments made of scrap metal and tape loops - at this time, literally looped sections of tape.

The ritual of banishing, invocation and healing mirrored the changes that had occurred within the group. Indeed this cycle of renewal is something very basic to the concept of 23 Skidoo. At 11 am on a sunny summer morning Skidoo - heads shaven, faces camouflaged - took to the stage.

The bleary-eyed festival crowd, epcting a trendy funk band, were greeted by a wall of noise. Some fled, but those that remained witnessed Skidoo at their most confrontational. Ironically, Sam Mills was in the audience, and judged the performance very good: 'quite apocalyptic and visceral in a shamanic kind of way'. Just twelve months on from the recording of Last Words, 23 Skidoo had delivered their most unambiguous public rejection of mainstream commercial concerns.

This irked Rod Pearce, and the Fetish label would be wound down soon after. In a sleevenote for farewell Fetish compilation The Last Testament, Jon Savage wrote: 'Fetish's greatest success was to occur at the point when mogul Rod Pearce was shutting up shop. Seven Songs became Number 1 in the indie charts. Luckily, insufficient interest combined with too much time spent promoting The Bongos meant that this incredible success was nipped in the bud.

Tragically, years later Rod Pearce would be murdered in Mexico in appalling circumstances. As the matt textures of post-punk gave way to the gloss varnish of new pop, groups such as Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA and even Psychic TV began to step cautiously towards the mainstream, streamlining their music and membership, and signing deals with major labels.

In stark contrast, 23 Skidoo abandoned the commercial zone entirely, the core trio of Alex, Johnny and Fritz now embracing tape effects, cut-ups, and a form of gamelan performed on conventional percussion and scrap metal. Gamelan is a ceremonial style in which light yet insistent percussion forms a rhythmic base, to which chiming melodies by gongs and bells are added.

Adding their own slant, Skidoo came up with the concept of 'urban' gamelan. Hence the cylinders. It's very attractive as an idea, simply because it's an available source of music. Skidoo performed as a trio at the Brixton Ritzy show on 29 September, describing themselves in the Final Academy catalogue as 'cultural assassins' who 'embrace this ceremony of the constant random factor'.

Several dates were professionally recorded, and Skidoo's 27 minute loop-based performance at Tielt on 8 October later issued as a bonus track on the CD version of The Culling Is Coming. Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon was among those fascinated: 'I was envious and impressed by three things. Unlike us with our many heavy boxes full of electronic gear, they only had to acquire some empty gas cylinders used in any bar for beer.

These they would percuss in interesting ways, while also availing themselves of field recordings and concrete acoustic tape assemblies, which they all carried on portable recorders. Also they were from Singapore. Add to that the name suggestive of Burroughs and the Illuminati, and I was intrigued. Alex Turnbull recalls of the session: 'It shows the other, meditative side of Skidoo.

We travelled down to Devon for the weekend with a mobile eight-track studio, and spent the next three days and nights improvising and recording rhythms, which were later taken to Jacobs Studio to edit and mix with Ken Thomas. Both sides lasted 23 minutes, and side one included a stylus-hostile locked groove midway. NME reviewer Richard Cook blasted an album that 'traipses disconsolately across an arid terrain swept clear of form or relationship.

They have missed the point of improvised music, of minds and instruments fusing and sparring to create a new world. Why bother with Skidoo? It's just that The Culling Is Coming is an awfully long, some would say impossible, road to cross. There's always been a thrill to Skidoo. They were like an elastic band you could stretch ridiculously far. With Culling, that elastic gets close to snapping.

Further listening should decide if the record cuts, or is simply a con. The superlative Seven Songs was rhythmically direct enough to be loosely dubbed funk, and un-asked-for responsibilities were helped on this flexible lot to prove they were worthy pioneers. Skidoo didn't play the game, wouldn't join the race, but instead shed two of the members once accepted as their public image and simply did something else. And whatever you think of The Culling Is Coming, is certainly is something else.

But we wanted to flush all that down the toilet, and make something very clear about our attitude. Alex later reflected: 'We haven't exactly been laying low, but due to the response to The Culling Is Coming people seem to have deemed us less worthy of notice.

Culling was music as function. But when we really involved ourselves in the idea of music as function, for myself anyway, it got a bit obscured from the fact that one of music's most basic messages is to actually dance. LFD avoided making records, and instead performed infrequent concerts featuring megaphones, tape loops and hard sonic barrages. Skidoo also performed at the Tone und Gegentone festival in Vienna in May.

On this tour Catlin also performed with Laibach, and played drums on recordings which formed their first single. The group insisted on recording and repeating the dialogue as it went along, with the result that the interview was not broadcast. All was not lost, however, for at the studio the band met virtuoso bass player Peter 'Sketch' Martin, previously a member of Britfunk chart duo Linx. In Sounds Johnny explained: 'Sketch told us he'd been involved in commercial music and wanted to move out of that area, and we told him we hadn't been involved in commercial music but wanted to move towards it.

Months later, we got him over for a rehearsal, and the first thing he did was ask if he could hire us as a rhythm section to record a single he had planned. So we went to work for him on his project and it ended up as Language. If 23 Skidoo were like Linx I wouldn't be working with them. We're working together, but we give each other infinite leeway to try things out. But if you ask me what 23 Skidoo are about, I wouldn't have an answer.

Fritz explained: 'We stayed with Remko Scha in Eindhoven once, who had a huge metal structure in his room. We spent hours hitting it, and after a while a whole range of tonal relationships became apparent between the different shapes and types of metal. It's this we've been developing in our own music, using ideas borne of gamelan traditions. This outstanding funk single featured a classic bassline from Sketch, and horns courtesy of Aswad.

It was always part of the plan to confound the audience's expectations, and part of that requires that you question your own popularity. That's exactly what we did after Seven Songs. If we'd released Coup after Seven Songs then the story of 23 Skidoo would be very different. We have always put ourselves in a position where we don't make a lot of money.

It's quite funky - which I use in a very loose sense of the word, in terms of rhythm - but it hasn't been made as our 'commercial' single. Despite this, O'Hagan voiced the concern that its wider appeal might raise precisely the same problems of expectation as had Last Words. You see, it gave us a lot of confidence. The fact that we could consciously reject that, and then come back, has meant that we no longer worry about appearing commercial.

It's all in the attitude, really. Coup may be commercial on one level, but it isn't your average chart single. The commercial arena is so small, and outside it lies a vast area, still relatively unepored, of other music, other sounds. We like to work on the periphery, sometimes jumping into the small commercial area, then dodging back out again and hopefully pulling a few people out with us. The a-side version had been recorded the previous year, but never quite completed, and it's the longer dub version on the flipside that works best.

During this period 23 Skidoo did not play live, and instead the core trio practised chops of a different kind through extensive martial arts training. You should mention the importance of Jeet Kune Do - that's his fighting system and philosophy. It's the idea that you just use what works for you at any given time, which is what we are doing. Perversely, both recent singles were omitted, with Coup appearing in radically different form as GI Fuck You, and Language in sparse percussive form.

Although eagerly anticipated by many, the album was less accessible that either of the 45s. That is, until Coup thundered over the horizon earlier this year. A mighty 45, Coup is a vinyl TV cop show car chase driven by Sketch Martin's bass, with Aswad's horn section blazing away in hot pursuit. A pity there's nothing half so much fun on Urban Gamelan. No single piece is allowed to unfold and grow, thus remaining little more than a series of tintinnabulating percussion workouts occasionally rounded out with other instrumentation, distant chants and Jah Wobble-ish humourous asides.

OK, so we've always used a lot of tapes, but in different ways, so this is just a different application that allows us to move on and not be restricted by playing bass, drums and guitar. The next Skidoo single would not emerge until , when Illuminated released the hip-hop informed Assassin, backed with Ooze and neo-soul track T.

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