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Investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 4-3-3

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investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 4-3-3

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The current incarnation of the club rose from the ashes of Farnborough Town after liquidation saw them wiped out back in Re-born into the eighth level of the pyramid it has been a heady ascent that has produced two quick fire promotions, but uneasiness lingers over how close to ruination the club have found themselves so soon after a hard-won revival.

So far the Conference have made no noises that the agreement is cause for concern but history casts a stubborn dye over this corner of the football world. It was earlier this summer that Aldershot were granted their golden share in the Conference Premier without providing for the authorities any guarantee of financial solvency for the coming season.

The Shots steered themselves to safety before the administrator was forced to draw blood and leave the league one club light but there is a suggestion that too much is being left to chance in the way the league holds its members to account — ad hoc speculation on fiscal futures rules de facto over tight regulation.

The spectre of Aldershot hangs over the re-building project at Cherrywood Road in more ways than one. It begins four years ago, in , with Marcelo Bielsa and his Chile side. Though has undoubtedly been used in the past and though I nor Bielsa himself are claiming that he invented it, for the sake of this article, this is where we begin.

This is because it was Bielsa that resuscitated this system and laid the foundations for the tactical evolution we are in the midst of currently. A tactical evolution that we are yet to see reach its final form by the way. Within this article they analyse the tactics and formation used by the manager, how the players have reacted to it and the success that has been achieved. The tactic is inherently attacking. It involves a high defensive line, intense pressing high up the pitch and the stretching of the game to utilise as much space as possible.

The first set of three consists of three centre backs, whose purpose it is to defend and block attacks from the opposition. The second set of three consists of two wing backs and a defensive midfielder. The defensive midfielder sits in front of the back three, giving protection, breaking up attacks and recycling possession.

The two wing backs are predominantly there to attack. Their defensive duties do not need to be particularly brilliant as their primary job is to support attacking moves, surging up and down the wings and attempting to create 2 v 1 opportunities against the opposition full back. The 1 in the can either be a centre midfielder who acts as a playmaker, spraying balls forward and making through balls for the attackers to run on to, or it could be an attacking midfielder positioned higher up the pitch that is given the freedom to roam and drift in between the midfield and defensive lines of the opposition.

The third, and final, set of three consists of one striker and two wingers. The two wingers drive at the opposition, dribbling and jinking their way around defenders, as well as running beyond the defensive line, looking to latch on to any throw ball played in behind. The striker performs the usual duties that come with such a position though he is required to hunt down opposing defenders in possession of the ball, and intensely pressing and harassing anyone with the ball in their own half.

Below I have included an image of how the ideal would look on the pitch. Thanks to footballuser. Securing their place at the World Cup in South Africa. Athletic Bilbao took a liking to Bielsa after seeing what he had achieved with Chile and in July , they hired him. Bielsa came to Spain and brought with him his wide repertoire of tactics, including the formation.

Athletic Bilbao played a variety of different styles and formations whilst Bielsa was in charge, among them was this formation. The run to the Europa League final was particularly impressive as they finished top of their group and defeated Manchester United home, and away, en route to the final. Unfortunately they did not win any silverware that season but this was undoubtedly a major achievement for the club and the new manager.

Though Bielsa lost his job a year later, he had made his mark upon Spanish and European football. It is here that we leave Marcelo Bielsa and turn our attention towards who I believe is genuinely the best manager in world football, and that is Pep Guardiola.

It is clear that Guardiola has huge respect and admiration for Bielsa and it would be naiive to think that he was not influenced by him. I believe that whilst Bielsa was honing the system with Chile, Guardiola was adopting aspects of it with Barcelona, and when Bielsa came to Spain to manage Athletic, Guardiola was perfecting the system which Bielsa had helped to create. As mentioned earlier, Guardiola and Barcelona conquered the planet with the system but as Matt Whitehouse correctly asks in his blog , did Barcelona ever really play with a back four?

The answer to that, is probably no. Though it is recognised as a when defending and a when attacking, the reality is that Dani Alves at right back was never really in the back four. Whenever Barcelona had possession or were attacking, and this was the large majority of the time, you would see Dani Alves raiding up and down the right hand touchline, supporting attacks and linking up with Messi near the opposition penalty area.

Thus, Dani Alves was more a wing back than he was a full back. As Whitehouse explains, at their peak Barcelona would basically have a back three. Abidal would tuck in at left back, and Puyol and Pique would shuffle across slightly to cover the attacks of Dani Alves.

It resulted in a fairly lopsided formation but its clear that it was heading the way of the What was key to both Bielsa and Guardiola was fluidity. The ability to rotate and switch, move and roam from your position without a hole, or gap appearing. This requires players being comfortable in a variety of positions and this comfort then allows players to cover one another when they see a player is attacking or roaming from position.

The back three would shuffle across when Dani Alves went forward, Busquets would drop between the two central defenders at times and Pedro and Villa were required to track back, following the runs of opposition full backs. At Atheltic Bilbao, Bielsa regularly had Javi Martinez drop into the back, becoming the third centre back, a ball playing centre back, and this was not lost on Guardiola.

Busquets drop into the back has coincided, or perhaps occurred because of the use of a more attacking left back. Initially Adriano, and currently Jordi Alba. Once Adriano and Alexis Sanchez are included in the team the formation evolves once more. I had always thought of a full back as the least important position on the pitch but as I gain more understanding, and as the game continues to evolve, its becoming clear that this thought is wrong.

Before we look at the growing importance and evolution of the full back we have to look further up the pitch and look at who plays in front of them. The wingers. In the last decade or so we have seen a dramatic change in how wingers have been utilised.

Investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 4-3-3 forex expo jordan


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Investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 4-3-3 best betting odds mma

Is The 4-3-3 Outdated? - The Tactical Revolution of The 4-3-3! investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 4-3-3

D[ edit ] D: semi-circular arc at the edge of the penalty area, used to indicate the portion of the yard distance around the penalty spot that lies outside the penalty area.

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