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Anyone used ozforex news

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anyone used ozforex news

Foreign exchange trading platform OzForex has shown a post-Brexit blitz boosted its June quarter revenue 11 per cent. Updated Aug 3, ; Sally Rose. March. With 3, reviews, 80% of which are rated as excellent, users cited the following as the main reasons for using OFX in place of other international money. Therefore Fusion Media doesn't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this data. Fusion Media or anyone. HOW TO DRAW TREND LINES IN FOREX

The receiving bank in Indonesia then often just selects the most advantageous rate during this so-called "processing time of up to 5 days and subsequently pays that conversion rate, or in some cases they just make one up, even if it is entirely unsupported by the retail money market rates during that period.

This frequent mischief exposes people dispatching funds to Indonesia to considerable uncertainty as to the IDR amount likely to be received by the beneficiary in Indonesia. People using conventional bank TT bank-to-bank international funds transfer services are also exposed to the vagaries of experiencing an unannounced surprise intermediary bank charge if their sending bank uses an intermediary.

This often erodes the sum received by the beneficiary leading to confusion and often disputation between the sender and the beneficiary as they try to reconcile where funds have disappeared to. Consequently providers such as Kangaroo Services offer a considerable advantage and certainty to a sender.

That service offers a pre-converted funds transfer service. The goal was to bring the entire process of exchanging currencies online to allow significant cost savings. By setting up a direct debit or a regular transfer from your bank account, OFX shall automatically receive your funds, convert them at the agreed-upon rate, and transfer your money to the chosen beneficiary account.

You can even set up a fixed payment plan, which locks in the exchange rate so that it remains the same for each of your transfers throughout the plan. Forward Contracts A forward exchange contract allows you to lock in an exchange rate today for a future transaction up to 12 months later. This is particularly interesting if you believe the current exchange rate is favourable, or if you would rather not be exposed to the foreign exchange fluctuations to better manage your cash flow and risk.

When setting up the forward contract, you only pay a small deposit and pay the rest when you make your transfer. Limit and Stop Loss Orders A limit order allows you to choose an exchange rate that, when reached by the foreign exchange markets, will automatically trigger a transfer. OFX FX Options Currency options also known as FX options give the right but not the obligation to exchange money at a predetermined rate at a future date.

They allow you to guarantee a worst-case scenario, while potentially benefiting from fluctuations of the exchange rate in your favour. Business Customers OFX works with many companies around the world and across industries - from mining to e-commerce - to help them meet their foreign exchange needs.

Examples include paying suppliers in China, outsourcing costs to the Philippines, global payroll through bulk payment uploads or Xero integration, international investments, acquisitions of other companies, process receivables through local collection accounts, and their new online seller solution e.

This allows you to always keep up to speed on how the market is evolving, and decide when is the best moment to make your international money transfer with OFX. Customers were very happy with how quick the entire process was, with the money being delivered the same day in certain cases. Using OFX is easy and simple. Negative OFX Reviews A few customers had isolated incidents with OFX, such as the money taking an extra day to arrive due to banking holidays, extra compliance checks, or falsely entered beneficiary account details.

Anyone used ozforex news top cryptocurrency june 2022


I will be recommending you to all my contacts who are relocating overseas as well as those who have left The great south lands shores. From the minute I first registered everything went smoothly and even though I was out of touch by email, I was always able to follow my affairs by phone. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone as the whole procedure is very straightforward and allows flexibility in order to obtain the best rates with very competitive charges. I look forward to further dealings with OzForex as I shall have some more funds in the future to transfer.

Lancaster "Was a pleasure to talk to you the other day. Good telephone service is increasingly rare nowadays! Massicotte "My experience using OzForex was positive, with good economics and excellent support.

The transaction went well and was recommended to a friend who used OzForex and was also very satisfied. I would rate OzForex and their support a 10 out of 10 and I will be using the service again. Munnings "Thanks for the reply, the transfer went through very successfully. I have been so impressed by the way everyone in your organisation has responded during this transfer process.

I spoke to at least four different people, by phone and email and there manner has been brilliant. Everyone has been friendly, courteous, concise and engaging. I can honestly say that I have never dealt with an organisation that has such a high standard of customer care and service. Congratulations on a job well done. Sains "Thank you for your assistance in this transfer. Actually setting up and completing the transaction was very simple indeed, I will recommend you and your company if I hear of someone in a similar situation.

It was all so simple and fast and when you compare to High street banks the rate is very competitive. Thank you once again. White "I've been using Ozforex for about six months now and I find them incredibly easy to work with and extremely efficient.

To be honest, I was finding transferring money from the UK to Australia through the regular banks both time-consuming and ridiculously tied up with red tape; the whole process was driving me mad. A friend mentioned Ozforex, I tried it the next day and have never looked back.

The staff are always friendly and helpful and the Ozforex website is very user-friendly. I fully recommend it to anyone who needs to transfer money. I have now moved back to Australia and will no longer be making any transfers but I would use your service again if the need ever arises. They either convert immediately or hold for your instructions. I think, naturally, the biggest hurdle on the part of the user is trust as you must send your money to OzForex first and you have the fear that they will run off with it.

Well, all I can say is they did a great job for me and I am sure they will do so for anyone else. If you think about it, these guys stand to make a lot more money from building a loyal client base than from ripping off a few people and destroying the OzForex business. Call them if you have concerns. Newsome Can I just say how great I think your service is. The business "nuts and bolts" is obviously great, but I mean the actual customer service - everyone I have spoken to so far has had a very pleasant demeanor and treated me with respect and patience.

So thanks! Paul McCorquodale "My transaction is now complete and I must commend you on the efficient service and promptness of all replies. At all times I was kept informed and most times this was without asking but due to your follow up. There is no doubt that your service is many times better than that of any bank.

This is on top of the most critical factor - the excellent exchange rate OzForex offered me. I will certainly refer any clients that need to transfer funds to your website and I will recommend OzForex based on my experience. Sanjana "I am really glad to have chanced on OZForex.

I had no idea that transferring money could be so easy and hassle free. Especially since it is all done on the net and I did not even have to keep track of the exchange rate. I was informed by e-mail and text when the rate reached the level I wanted. To top it all — the staff are extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. Hopefully, I will never have to deal with a bank again — when it comes to forex deals.

On each occasion they have been prompt, helpful and importantly have saved me money. I previously used large banks to perform foreign exchange transactions which usually took longer and always cost more.

On each occasion that I have sent money using OzForex, I compared their rates to other organisations and I have always saved money. If banks offered exchange rates and customer service like this, maybe their reputation wouldn't be so bad. I congratulate OzForex on a great service which I would and do highly recommend to anyone wishing to transfer funds.

I was looking for an inexpensive, hassle-free solution for transferring pounds from my UK account to my Australian account. I initially contacted OzForex through their website, sending an email full of questions. I was amazed when I received a call from OzForex a few minutes later. All my questions were answered on the spot and the service explained thoroughly. Now that I have registered with OzForex, it takes only a few minutes for me to initiate a transfer request via the internet.

I have found the service to be easy, fast, great value and most importantly secure. I am very impressed with the personal service I have received and highly recommend OzForex. Smith "Having been robbed by the banks for some time for foreign exchange, finding your site seemed just too good to be true! No charges, best rates guaranteed and best of all, international accounts so money can easily be transferred in a country of origin and appears as if by magic at the destination country and subsequently my account, no associated bank costs in or out, brilliant.

Ozforex is one of the truly incredible internet services of the current age and deserves to prosper. I would like to thank you for your great service. Terry and I are pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed with which you proceeded. It's a shame we did not know about you a couple of years ago but we will certainly deal with you again in the future.

I will have no hesitation to use your service again and will recommend you to anyone should the opportunity arise. For a long time I was apprehensive due to the amount I was transferring, concerned mainly with safety. I can't fault you guys and will recommend you to everyone I meet who have similar requirements.

I would like to say, the reasons for my transfer were ultimately down to the service, reassurance, notification and the personal touch you provided. Great company. My only advice, advertise more, it took me two years to find you!! Halsall "Would just like to write and say it is a pleasure to deal with such a friendly, professional and most important logical company if only you could teach some US banks a few things.

I have been having major problems with getting money out of my US account and into my Aussie account. Every time I call up Oz forex the service is friendly, understanding and sympathetic to the problems. Again I am late getting money transferred due to my US bank holding the funds and spoke to Jennifer on the helpline, again the service was first class and makes dealing with OZforex a joy compared to the next phone call I have to make, to my US bank, which is long tedious and never seems to improve in service.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work. I have received all money in NZ. So fast, I can't believe it. Well done! Bellinge "I wanted to write to give my thanks. I have had NOTHING but a positive experience with your Company, and wanted to let you know in writing that I think you have done a wonderful job, and I have recommended you to anyone that will listen. I recently converted a large amount of Pounds Sterling to Australian dollars, and the dollar value has been fluctuating enormously this last month.

Therefore, with such a large amount, a slight movement means a big difference to me. I was therefore delighted to find that the rate given was almost as good as I have seen the dollar value over the last 2 weeks!! The customer service has been outstanding, both via email AND by phone, regardless of which country I have been living.

This is a very comforting and reassuring aspect of your Company, in a day and age where all phone systems are automated recordings, or phone centres in Pakistan. The girl I spoke to on the phone, who rang instantly when I set up my transfer, was competent, intelligent, articulate, and well-spoken. This was very reassuring! And considering the minimal cost for transferring funds, I think this is a very impressive service, and definitely value for money not something you see much these days!

So thank-you very much for taking care of my finance in this regard. You will continue to receive my recommendations to those I find in need of your services! All the best, and I look forward to doing business with you again. I recently tried to transfer some funds to a bank account that I've had in the UK for some years. After calling the bank to obtain the necessary transfer details, I arranged the transfer through OzForex. A few days later when I called the bank again to make sure the money had arrived, I was advised that my account had become dormant I wasn't given this vital piece of information before I arranged the transfer and that there was no record of the funds being received.

Being naturally concerned, I called Linda at OzForex who followed up on my behalf. The upshot was that after a few days, the funds were located and I was provided with an international bank draft in pounds STG which I can now take to the UK with me in July. The draft is for the full amount which was originally transferred, there being no charge whatsoever to me. That's what I call service! Please have no doubt that OzForex are trustworthy in my opinion and, evidently, in the opinion of many others who have left testimonials on the web site.

Thanks again to Linda for all her help. Great job. Vidler "I've just recently had my second dealing with OzForex. Once again, I found the service provided by OzForex and, more particularly, the friendly help provided by Linda, to be exemplary. They provide "international money transfer services" and are registered as a "Money Service Business" and "licensed as a money transmitter". I never actually used USForex to convert or transmit any money, but my account is sitting with them and still 'open' and they have all of my info, including my name, address, and SSN.

I already have foreign bank accounts and filed an FBAR for them for last year, but I didn't at the time think it was necessary to mention my USForex account. I'm worried it meets the definition of 3 Other financial account: 3 Other financial account. Thanks for any input. Alternatives to OzForex? Hi All, Has anyone tried alternatives to OzForex? They used to be very quick and good rates, but their service has been iffy lately.

I haven't been happy with my last few dealings with them. I know regulators are tightening down on them, but I feel that their business processes and communication has really lagged lately. I'm thinking of trying Transferwise or Currencyfair next and looking for opinions on them. Thanks for your feedback!

FNC AmA from an expert for those interested in foreign exchange! The AmA will be running for a couple of days to ensure no one missed out. I apologize in advance if this sort of information is not welcome in this sub; if so, just let me know or mod can delete this right away. Via bank or online service?

He is wondering about using canadianforex. If this is relevant, he's in Canada and has no plans to be in CH. Thanks for any advice or recommendations. The majority of flights and accommodation are paid for so I really only have my spending money that I need to worry about. As per my title, I don't know what to do with the money.

I'll explain my situation. I've read up about where to convert currencies, and people have suggested United Currency Exchange stores, Currencyfair. I haven't organised anything money wise for my holiday e. My issue is that the Citibank account seems to be in AUD and converts to USD when you make purchases during my holiday when the exchange rate is likely to be worse.

OFX - good time to buy? Looking to grab some more ASX listed stocks at value. I've always liked OzForex and they're approaching an all time low. Dividend yield not shocking and I see potential for good growth - the company has embraced technology very well. If relevant, he's in Canada and has no plans to be back in Switzerland AFAIK, the funds are held in an ordinary Swiss bank account opened while he was employed there.

AmA from an expert for those interested in foreign exchange! Title pretty much says it all, I'm posting on behalf of a friend who needs to exchange Swiss francs to Canadian dollars. Thanks for any advice on how best to proceed.

With the gradual decline of the AUD to around parity with the USD, and predictions of worse to come, I've been thinking it'd probably be a good move to convert some of my for-travel savings intended to use over the next few years. Are there any realistic alternatives that offer better rates? Does anyone have any favourite methods for this sort of thing?

I needed some bitcoins quickly the other day so i took this method which screwed me.

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