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Pointsbet review

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pointsbet review

PointsBetting is a bit more complex than traditional sports betting with fixed odds. We highly suggest watching the instructional video at. Pointsbet is the first online bookmaker to bring spread betting to Australia. They offer a great range of sports and markets and are the only agency in. Pointsbet has a great live betting platform that makes it fun and easy to put down a live bet on your favorite sport. We found no shortage of. ETHEREUM EXCHANGE INDIA REVIEWS

These special boosts are set on specific matchups, giving gamblers opportunities to look for each time they sign on and start playing at the sportsbook. Interested players should visit the Promos section of the website to see the current boost options available. There are also bonus bet matches provided for specific wager types at the PointsBet sportsbook. For even more information about the different bonus opportunities at the PointsBet sportsbook, see our bonus review here such as the Pokerstars free casino bonus review.

Usability: PointsBet Sportsbook Review When considering any potential sportsbook usability should be the number one consideration made. Sites that are easy to navigate are the best options, while difficult-to-navigate sites should be approached with caution. At the PointsBet New Jersey sportsbook and other platforms for American Players the site is simple to navigate and the different bet opportunities take just moments to make use of.

Joining the sportsbook takes minutes and signing in is just as quick. Once you are on the platform it takes just two or three clicks to find a match and place a wager. All the different sporting events are listed on the side of the screen in a clean navigation menu. Selecting specific matchups is accomplished by clicking on the sport and then one of the current wagering opportunities. After doing that the odds are displayed and wagering is as simple as click on the desired wager and entering in a wager amount before accepting.

The site is quick and easy to navigate and is a pleasure to use for anyone looking to place wagers fast. The only complicated aspect of PointsBet is the variable payout system. The system does this work for you though, keeping things easy for gamblers that just want to wager and watch the match.

There is a PointsBet app specifically for that purpose. Players at the sportsbook can download an iOS or Android app to make wagers while on the go. Both of the PointsBet apps are simple to use and offer a wide range of features to interested players. Within moments of downloading the apps players with accounts can be placing wagers as long as they are in one of the supported states. Interested iOS users must have at least iOS 9.

Android users must download the software directly through the sportsbook site, and the software should work on most modern Android devices released in the last few years. Players on Blackberry and Windows Phone devices can also wager on the go, as long as they have a web browser that will support the standard Points Bet Sportsbook platform. Mobile support at the PointsBet Sportsbook is excellent, but to learn more specifics about what is offered by the platform take a moment to read through our full PointsBet Sportsbook App review here.

Bettors will be underwhelmed by the different banking tools they have available to them, which means that they must get familiar with the options before joining to make sure one of them will work for deposits and withdrawals. Below is an overview of the different available options. Here is an overview of all available payment methods: PointsBet Sportsbook Review: Withdrawal Options Online Banking Completing deposits is simple to do as long as wagerers are comfortable using a credit or debit card, or they have access to a compatible online banking platform.

Deposits can be completed in just minutes using a card, while banking solutions will take longer. Withdrawing winnings is more difficult without an online banking tool available. Some players may be able to get money out using a Check or wire transfer, but most players prefer to use the more rapid online banking tools that are compatible with the website.

The KK is always watching. Other promotions to keep an eye on: Parlay Booster: The same rules as the single-game parlay booster apply here. Two more aspects exclusive to PointsBet are the ability to boost both traditional and single-game parlays. I also love the Name a Bet feature which allows the user to suggest a bet to the powers-at-be. Then, if the criteria are met, PointsBet will put the bet on the market for all to wager. The download was simple, but for Android users, make sure you have the ability to download from third-party sources enabled.

This made it easy to look through different betting lines in the dark as I looked into different games I wanted to potentially bet on the next day such as Celtics vs. Nets who are squaring off in the playoffs. Looking through the different markets is really simple and user-friendly. There are three tabs at the top that make it easy to find the most popular games, live bets, and the games closest to start times. At the bottom of the app, you have similar options, but with the ability to expand to all sports and make quick parlay picks.

You can also access your bet slip and other miscellaneous features and options. Placing bets is also quick and easy, as you can imagine. Honestly, everything is clear and limits any sort of confusion for the bettor. You can also quickly find what promos they may have in the Menu list at the bottom of the app. Again, just clean and simple. Betting should be easy and PointsBet succeeds very well at achieving this through the app. Sportsbooks have come a long way since the days of off-shore betting accounts.

While most have promotions and features for new users, PointsBet goes above and beyond to not only get a new customer but to keep them as well. The overall usability of both desktop and mobile devices is outstanding and easy on the eye. While PointsBet offers your traditional Fixed Odds betting, their PointsBetting system could be a game-changer, especially if you consider yourself a sharp.

Their In-Play system needs some work, but we have to keep in mind that PointsBet is a fairly new platform compared to their mainstream competition. Though a work-in-progress, there is not much that PointsBet can do to get better for the user unless they want to give money away for free.

The biggest downfall of PointsBet is the fact that they are currently available in only six states. Just give it time. If you are a user who utilizes multiple sportsbooks and PointsBet is not one of them, you should definitely consider joining. And if you are new to sports betting and can only choose one platform, I implore you to choose PointsBet. In their help section, they will even thoroughly explain the ins and outs of how Fixed Odds betting and PointsBetting works so a new user is not left behind.

When prompted, use promo code at signup, you must do this to trigger the welcome bonus available. Fill out the required information, including the last four digits of your social security number. Payment Methods Available PointsBet offers a slew of options for deposits and withdrawals that vary from state-to-state. Deposits Cash: A user can make cash deposits and withdrawals at select casinos and race tracks PointsBet is partnered with.

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There is only a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning you only have to bet the site credit one time before you can withdraw it. PointsBet doesn't mention if the site credit expires after a certain amount of time as is typically the case with most free bets and risk-free bets from sportsbooks.

How to get it When you register for an account with PointsBet , you will see a box for a sign up code. You can use our exclusive PointsBet promo code ODDS to support our team and help us continue to create free content and betting tools Once you finish registering, your first fixed-odds bet and first PointsBetting bet will be considered the second chance bets.

How it stacks up PointsBet has the best welcome bonus currently available because of the total dollar amount of the second chance bets. It's important to know that these bets still do carry a risk. If you lose your first bet and then the ensuing free bet, you would be down all of the money for that initial bet. Having the free bet to fall back on if your initial bet loses does give you positive expected value in most cases, however.

This means you would win money with this scenario in the long run. Now to how PointsBetting works… Traditionally, you place a bet at a specific line with specific odds. If you win, your payout is determined by how much you wagered and the odds, and if you lose, you lose the full amount you wagered. With PointsBetting, however, the payout and amount you lose are determined by how far off the line you bet is from the final result.

For example, you will have a higher payout if you bet a team at -3 and they end up winning by 15 than you would with traditional spread betting. On the flip side, if that team loses outright, then you will lose more than you typically would.

Game ends in ? Game ends at ? Aside from typically spreads and totals, you can also bet on player stats, bets based on when things will happen in the time of a game, and multiplier bets. One of my favorite things about PointsBetting is the stop-loss feature that allows you to cap your losses as well as payouts at a certain multiplier that you can decide on. The available sports markets vary from state to state, so you might not have access to all of the above listed sports based on where you place your bets.

Online Betting Experience PointsBet Sportsbook has plenty of fans — but even its most ardent supporters would agree that the site could use a little sprucing. The desktop version features plenty of wasted space, while the app has more redeeming aesthetic qualities but also boasts issues that will have some players tearing their hair out.

Put together the best elements of the desktop and mobile experience and you have an app that would compete favorably with the industry leaders in terms of interface quality and ease of use. Website Experience PointsBet provides a decent — but not great — desktop experience for users. Unfortunately, this layout also leaves me wanting. Players also need to select their odds and then add that play to their betting card the initial click opens a prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Why not do what others do and allow players to add games to their card with one click? Give full credit to PointsBet for going with a simple design — but in this case, it might actually be too simple, resulting in a lot of empty space on the screen.

Give us a visible sports menu! The mobile app layout is much smoother than the desktop. Users need to manually log in after 10 minutes of no activity, which is a drawback for those betting in-game specifically that want to jump on a bet quickly while watching a game. That said, PointsBet has an impressive rating of 4. Live Betting PointsBet does feature live betting and streaming for select sports. This is an area PointsBet excels in as it offers one of the broadest selections of in-game bets and props in the industry.

You can bet on super-specific bets like quarterback completion percentages and at exactly what second the first touchdown will be scored in a game. Slot games can be sorted by All, Featured, New, Exclusive, with standard offerings across all menus. PointsBet offers 83 slot games to Michigan residents, 66 to those who live in New Jersey and just 11 for West Virginians. PointsBet also offers a token number of live games like Baccarat, blackjack and roulette, along with a handful of video poker options.

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