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pokemon ethereal gates wikia

Please leave the "(5e Subclass)" identifier in the page title when creating your new subclass! Contents. 1 Guidelines. Pokémon Ethereal Gates is a fangame developed by Perihelion Productions. On January 1st, it was officially announced that Pokémon Ethereal Gates was. Follow him and a cutscene will trigger in which Wedge pleads with the Shinra officers to open the gate and save the trapped citizens. Saving Marlene. Run. FOREXTRADER PROWEB

After the cutscene concludes, Cloud will be just inside the fence surrounding the pillar, so head inside and climb the stairs on the right side to reach the second floor. Take them out, then loop around to the small offshoot area on the right to find some Shinra boxes. Take out the Grenadier first, then single target each Riot Trooper with Fire spells to Pressure them and take them out, making the last remaining Riot Trooper and easy target to strafe and take out.

At this point, you can circle around to the back side of the platform to find a chest with two Orbs of Gravity and two Slug-Rays. Take them out quickly with Thunder, then return to the staircase and head up another level to find several Mysterious Spectres and Biggs. After talking to Biggs, circle around to the back part of the platform, then climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder, turn left to find a Shinra box, then loop around to the right to discover a new enemy; the Helitrooper.

Head to the stairs and climb to the next level. Follow him and a cutscene will trigger in which Wedge pleads with the Shinra officers to open the gate and save the trapped citizens. Aerith will find Betty on the way through the path to Seventh Heaven, so turn around and take her to Marle.

Turn right and head down the main street, against the flow of fleeing people. Soon another cutscene will trigger and Aerith will get knocked down. Follow the path forward, then veer right and duck under the debris. Turn left and climb the stairs, then open the front door to Seventh Heaven.

Walk her outside and another cutscene will trigger, and control will pivot back to Cloud and Tifa. To the Top Recommended Materia During this section, the helicopter will fire at you at every opportunity, so carefully proceed and use cover to avoid taking damage. Take advantage of this opportunity to equip Magnify and Lightning in linked Materia slots. Run through the scattered boxes and hug the right path, following it around to the ladder, then take it up a level.

Take a right at the top of the ladder, then take out the Slug-Rays and Sentry Guns and head up the stairs on the right side. Ironically, said item was a Paralyze Heal. You can buy a drink from the bartender Hell Is That Noise : Auklet Library's theme is filled with creaking wooden floors and distorted whispers. Hidden Depths : Both your rivals have them, if the player goes out of their way a little to look.

Academically-minded April has an artistic side. Looking in the trash can in her room shows discarded drawings that are remarked as quite good. August spends most of his time in the game's opening moments lamenting being dragged into being Professor Hawthorne's surveyors by April. He only makes a positive turn when he learns gaining a Pokemon is part of the deal.

August's also implied to be a multi-trophy-winning star athlete of his town, and his character description notes he gets bad grades. Yet when you look at the computer screen in his room, you see he left an open Wikipedia page. This shows he's actually more intellectually inclined than he may outwardly indicate.

Long Song, Short Scene : A rather lovely, relaxing theme plays in the gates between towns and routes Missing Child : A little girl goes missing just before you arrive at Auklet Town. Ominous Fog : Auklet Town is filled with fog and, sure enough, something less than pleasant occurs during your visit.

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Just like the fight in Chapter 3, the Enigmatic Spectre is highly resilient against all damage types, so target the Mysterious Spectres and take them out to make it vulnerable.

Pokemon ethereal gates wikia After being used to rescue Thor from the remnants of the Statesmanit takes the Guardians to Knowhere and Titan before being brought back to Earth by Carol Danvers. Wario's skill is represented by him opening a treasure chest containing diamonds and capsules labeled with his W emblem, where it increases the number of pokemon ethereal gates wikia by three in normal stages or increases the timer by six seconds in challenge stages after activating it. He was to try one of the drinks that Mario and Luigi prepared and reward them with an item called Wario's Greed. Not surprisingly, Wario is one of the heaviest babies, making it hard for the Yoshis to cross wide gaps with him. Wario crash-lands near his manorlosing a fight with the heroes once more. Allerglen's "mouth" also refers to scowling?
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Afterward, the two find Quagsire waiting for them and he takes them to a request board he placed so the two can take requests to earn items and money. The Partner takes a request to rescue a Dunsparce from Stompstump Peak and the two head out to find him. While searching, they meet one of Dunsparce's friends.

Emolga, who is also searching for Dunsparce and reveals Dunsparce has a habit of getting into trouble and needing to be rescued. The two eventually find Dunsparce and bring him back where he and Emolga give their thanks. Emolga tells Dunsparce to be more careful with his adventuring and learns that Dunsparce left to get one of the crystals found in the dungeon.

The Player and Partner give him one of the crystals they picked up during the search. Some time later, an adventurer called Virizion enters Post Town and instantly attracts the attention of everyone in town particularly the boys who are all in love with her. The Player and Partner accompany Dusparce and Emolga to meet Virizion and Emolga reveals Dunsparce also has a crush on Virizion and got the crystal as gift so he could become her friend.

Virizion reveals she travels around on a whim and came to Post Town to see it's legendary Rainbows of Hope, beautiful overlapping rainbows, but is informed they stopped appearing long ago. With encouragement from the others, Dunsparce presents his gift to Virizion, but she rejects it because she doesn't make friends with anyone and she considers Dusparce to be too weak to even be considered an ally.

Dunsparce runs away in tears and Emolga chastises Virizion for her coldness and goes after him. Virizion justifies her actions by claiming the world is full of people who can't be trusted and before leaving and two Pawniard spying on the scene decided to go after Dunsparce. The Player and Partner decide to go find Dunsparce to see if he is okay after being rejected, but can't find him in town.

Quagsire enters town and reveals he saw Dunsparce leave with the Pawniard after they offered him a way to become strong fast and that Emolga went after him. Realizing Dunsparce may be in trouble, the two head to Desolate Canyon, where he was taken, unaware Virizion was watching the entire conversation.

Some time in Desolate Canyon, Dunsparces decides to stop following the Pawniard after he realizes getting strong is not what he really wants and that he is being tricked. However, the Pawniard brothers refuse to let him leaves and prepare to mug him of all his money, but Emolga arrives to help with the Player and Partner right behind him. The Pawniard then reveal they have reinforcements and the group prepares to fight, but Virizion arrives to help along with Gurdurr and the Timburr.

The group manages to defeat the baddies and send them running. Afterward, Gurdurr reveals Virizion told him about the trouble Dunsparce was in and Dunsparce apologizes for being suckered into the Pawniard's scheme. Emolga comforts him and explains that he managed to realize he was being tricked before it was too late and helped fight them off. Virizion apologizes to Dunsparce for being so cold to him earlier, but tells him trusting others in the current state of the world is a mistake.

The Partner explains their dream to build a paradise and Dunsparce and Emolga agree to join the team and even Virizion asks to join to everyone's surprise. Against Emolga's objections, the Partner agrees to Virizion's request on the condition she tries to trust her fellow team members.

As she leaves, Virizion recalls a conversation she had with Gurdurr when she asked him to help save Dunsparce and Gurdurr's story about reforming thanks to the Player and Partner's efforts was what pushed her to join their team. They meet with the other members of their team and a Pelipper delivering a letter from HAPPI asking for their team name so they can be registered as an official team.

After inputting the team name, Quagsire arrives and reveals he has prepared a gift to celebrate the team being formed. Quagsire's gift turns out to be Scraggy who has been coerced into reforming after Quagsire, who is actually a famous reformer of criminals, punished him. A box from HAPPI arrives and Quagsire explains how to use the badges inside to recruit new members inside dungeons and also explains move growth.

He also reveals Scraggy will help team members remember and forget moves much to the latter's chagrin as his fear of Quagsire's wrath keeps him in line. The next day, Gurdurr reveals he is setting up a shop in Paradise to the delight of the Player and Partner. However, Gurdurr is having trouble getting back into shape for carpentry and asks the two to find him a Sturdy Vine to help him get back into peak form. After obtaining a Sturdy Vine, the two deliver it to Gurdurr who quickly gets back into shape and opens his shop where he can prepare land and build new facilities.

A few days later, a blazing comet races across the sky toward Paradise. When the Player and Partner leave to start the day, they meet Dunsparce and Virizion and discover a strange wind is blowing through the area. Emolga arrives and reveals Quagsire wants everyone to come to the Paradise Center.

There, Quagsire reveals he set up a board that reveals the forecast for V-Waves. However, the comet from earlier crashes into the board and when the blast clears, a Victini appears with a new shop. That night, while the Player sleeps, they have dream where they hear a scream for help before waking up. When the Player and Partner leave to start the day, Dunsparce asks them to come to Post Town to see a special mirage that can be seen from the hill. When the three reach the hill, Virizion and Emolga show them a mountain in the far distance.

Virizion explains it is the Great Glacier, a giant mass of ice that is surrounded by ever changing crevices and freezing wind that make it impossible to access; making it a complete it a complete mystery to outsiders. The Partner is inspired to one day explore the glacier and desires to become experienced enough to traverse it.

Meanwhile, the Player has another dream where a voice asks for help, but the Player wakes up. The Partner notices the Player is distressed and the Player tells them about the strange dreams. Afterward, Quagsire asks the two to deliver some money to Swanna at the inn in Post Town to pay for a meal he had yesterday that he had to put on credit and he is unable to make the trip due to a bad back. The two pay deliver Quagsire's money and Swanna assures them the notice is not to be too worried about, but admits life has been getting worse.

The Partner decides to put the depressing subject behind for now and continue their work. The next day, the two are greeted by Emolga and Dunsparce, but are interrupted by the arrival of a Leavanny and Lillipup. Leavanny asks the group to find her missing son, Swadloon, and Lillipup guesses he might be lost in Inflora Forest while looking for some rare items.

The Player and Partner decide to check Inflora Forest and leave to search there. When the Player and Partner find Swadloon, he is alone and they take him back to his mom at Paradise. Swadloon apologizes to his mom for worrying her and gives her the red jewel he found as a birthday gift and he joyfully embraces with her and Lillipup. Leavanny gives the group a reward as thanks for finding Swadloon and heads home with him and Lillipup.

As the Partner comments on the happy family's bond, the Player begins to Wonder about the Partner's family. That night, the Partner asks the Player about their friends and family from the human world, admitting they have been alone without a family as long as they could remember. At the inn, the two see a large crowd has gathered and go inside.

Despite the many questions the group has about Umbreon, his current condition prevents him from answering and the group goes back to their daily schedule. The next day, one of Timburr arrives and reveals Umbreon is awake, but he is desperate to leave Post Town despite his injuries.

Everyone returns to the inn and Umbreon reveals he fled to Post Town because he and Espeon were attacked. To escape their pursuers, Umbreon and Espeon split up, but Espeon is still being hunted. Emolga asks why anyone would attack them and Umbreon explains they were after special cards they carry called Entercards.

Entercards have the ability to manipulate the paths of mysterious energy inside mystery dungeons called Ley Lines and Umbreon demonstrates they can be rearrange Ley Lines to create Magnagates, portals to mystery dungeons that can exit in distant places, including the Great Glacier. However, without Espeon's set of Entercards, the Magnagate won't work and Umbreon guesses their attackers were after the Entercards.

Everyone decides to go and save Espeon, who fled to the Crags of Lament. As the Player and Partner travel across the Crags of Lament, Espeon continues running from her unseen pursuers. Espeon soon reaches a dead end and is cornered by her pursuers, a Croagunk and Purugly, who demand her set of Entercards. When Purugly searches Espeon for the Entercards, she discovers they aren't on her.

Before the two can attack Espeon to force her to tell where the Entercards are hidden, the Player and Partner arrive and defeat them. There, Espeon and Umbreon reunite and formally thank the Player and Partner. Though she has no idea who their attackers really were, Espeon confirms that Toxicroak and Purugly wanted the Entercards and Umbreon guesses they wanted to use them to travel to the Great Glacier.

The news that the two have a way to reach the Great Glacier shocks everyone and Umbreon explains the two had dedicate their research into studying the Great Glacier to learn if the rumors of a crystal with strange powers exists inside. However, the Glacier's natural boundaries make it impossible to get to unless Entercards are used to alter Ley Lines to create a dungeon that exits inside the Glacier's boundaries. Umbreon determines the Espeon no longer has her set of Entercards and assumes they were stolen, but Espeon reveals she hid them before entrusting them to Swadloon, who found them buried inside Inflora Forest when she went to check on them.

Swadloon returns the Entercards to Espeon, who tearfully apologizes for risking getting Swadloon pulled into her danger, but everyone is understanding. Umbreon asks if he and Espeon can stay in Post Town where they are safe and the townspeople agree to let them stay. That night, the Player and Partner discuss the day's events and decide to help Umbreon and Espeon with their goal.

The two check on Umbreon and Espeon the next day and the latter join the former's team because they need the Player and Partner's help to explore the Great Glacier when they finish the Magnagate. Everyone is shocked to learn the two have been invited to the Great Glacier and the pair accept the offer, adding Umbreon and Espeon to their team.

Umbreon explains he and Espeon are close to finishing the Magnagate, so they will be unable to go of jobs until its finished. The Partner understands the situation and everyone prepares for the trip to the Great Glaciers. That night, Virizion finds Dunsparce outside, trying to reminisce about the time he saw the Great Glacier, and sits down to talk with him. Emolga discovers the two talking and eavesdrops on their conversation.

Dunsparce tells Virizion he is not the cowardly weakling he used to be and is excited for the chance to prove himself at the Great Glacier. Emolga is glad to here Dunsparce is coming out of his shell and grows excited to go to the Great Glacier with him. The next morning, Quagsire greets the Player and Partner and explains he has bad news. After some discussing with the team, Dunsparce decides to stay behind since he's the weakest, but Virizion beats him to it and declares she's staying behind much to Gurdurr's excitement.

Though the team is depressed they have to leave Virizion behind, they go to Umbreon and Espeon to explain the situation. Umbreon and Espeon reveal the Magnagate to the Great Glacier will be ready the next day and are told of Virizion's decision to stay behind. They argue that Virizion has to go to the Great Glacier because she once had a friend named Keldeo who supposedly went to the Great Glacier and disappeared.

Virizion searched for Keldeo, but never found a trace until a she got a letter from Keldeo stating the trip to the Great Glacier was a lie to get from Virizion and cuts off their friendship. Virizion was so hurt she closed herself off to others until she joined the Player's team. When she met Umbreon and Espeon, she asked to go to the Great Glacier when the chance was available, still hoping to find Keldeo.

The remaining team members become conflicted about keeping Virizion behind after hearing her story, even Emolga is outraged by Keldeo's betrayal. Dunsparce realizes his conversation with Virizion the previous night is what spurred her to stay behind and offers to take her place, but the group settles on an idea by Emolga to draw straws to everyone has a fair chance of being picked to stay behind. The next day, everyone conducts the drawing and Dunsparce gets the short straw.

Despite objections from other team members, Dunsparce accepts the result and wishes the rest of the team luck. The Player and Partner go to Umbreon and Espeon who reveal they have completed the Magnagate and open it. The team steps onto the Magnagate to be transported to the dungeon that will lead them to the Great Glacier, but Emolga switches with Dunsparce at the last second before anyone can react and the team, minus Emolga, are teleported away. The Player's team arrive at the dungeon and though they are depressed that someone had to stay behind, they continue ahead and make it through the dungeon.

The group emerges on the other side of the crevice that surrounds the Great Glacier and see the glacier in the distance. Umbreon and Espeon are delighted all their research paid off and the group goes to reach the glacier.

After getting through another dungeon, the group discovers there is another chasm blocking the way to the glacier and are at a loss at how to cross it. The Player discovers a strange marking in the ground and realizes it was created by a Magnagate. Umbreon and Espeon confirm that a Magnagate was created a long time ago and discover someone created a Magnagate directly into the Great Glacier, and that they can do the same. Though confused about who created the previous Magnagate, they continue through the new Magnagate to reach the glacier in hopes of finding answers.

After exiting the Magnagate, the group discovers they are inside the Great Glacier, which is actually hollow and covered with a dome of ice. They also find a palace made of ice is the distance and go to explore it. As the group moves towards the ice palace, they discover it is becoming difficult to breathe as well several floating pieces of ice, providing evidence the great crystal said to be inside the Great Glacier may exist.

The Partner also finds several crystals Espeon identifies as Frisms, rare treasures that can record messages spoken into them. As the group begins to collect a few Frisms as souvenirs, Virizion finds a Frism with a message already inside. The group plays the message, which was made from the person who previously explored the Glacier, who records their experience exploring the Glacier.

Upon hearing the message, Virizion begins crying and she reveals the message was left from her former friend, Keldeo. Keldeo's message finishes with him stating he is going to explore further into the ice palace. Everyone is confused about why Keldeo wrote the letter to Virizion claiming he didn't go to the Great Glacier when he actually explored it.

They decide to continue exploring in hope of finding the answer about Keldeo. While continuing their exploration, the group is ambushed by a pair of Cryogonal and a Golurk, but they defeat them. Afterward, a strange wind blows through, despite the area being inside a covered dome, but the group puts it aside and keeps moving. As the group continues toward the ice palace, everyone except the Player begins having trouble breathing and soon collapse.

Suddenly, a Kyurem appears and whisks everyone away to a different location. Everyone awakens, able to breathe again, and Kyurem introduces himself as the master of the glacier. Kyurem explains that not even he can enter the place the group was heading to, and that he used his ability to see the future to save the group. He tells the group to leave, as there is no place left they can explore, and Umbreon gives his word the group will return home in exchange that Kyurem tells him if the Great Crystal of the glacier exists.

Kyurem confirms the crystal is real, and that he doesn't know about Keldeo, as no one else made it as far into the glacier as the group did. He then flies off and leaves behind a treasure chest as a reward for the group's effort. The group becomes concerned about what became of Keldeo, but Virizion reveals she hasn't given up hope. She also admits the reason she became bitter and rejected the friendship of others was that she gave up on friendship after reading Keldeo's letter, but she now that she has learned to trust again thanks to the team, she has hope of finding Keldeo and learning the truth.

Satisfied with what they accomplished and allowing Virizion to get closure, the group returns to Paradise, declaring their expedition a success. After returning home in success, the Player and Partner decide to resume their normal activities. That morning, the two are subjected to a prank by Emolga who uses the Frisms the group brought back from the Glacier.

After figuring out the prank, the two and Emolga catch up and Emolga reveals mysterious balls of light have been seen rising into the sky from great distances away. The Player tells the Partner about the dream and the Partner determines, whoever is trying to contact the Player is slowly getting more clear and they might soon be able to fully communicate.

The next morning, Emolga alerts the two that the lights he mentions earlier have returned and brings them to the Post Town hill to see them. Despite the intrigue surrounding the lights, the citizens of Post Town are growing concerned about the unknown phenomenon and are considering it a bad omen.

That night, the Player has another dream where they finally meet the being who summoned them. However, Hydreigon discovered she was calling for help and began hunting her and forcing her to hide. The Player offers to help and Munna reveals she is at the base of Mount Kilionea, but is forced to end the dream when Hydreigon discovers her.

The next day, the Player tells everyone about Munna and their origins as a human. Everyone decides to believe the Player is telling the truth and discusses how to help Munna. It is decided to rescue Munna and bring her back to Paradise in order to figure out how to best stop Hydreigon and the Player and Partner volunteer to rescue her. Due to the distance of Mount Kilionea, Umbreon decides to create a Magnagate to get there fast and begins experimenting with Espeon to find the right combination of Entercards to create a dungeon that exits at Mount Kilionea.

When the two reach the base of Mount Kilionea, they find it is nighttime and decide to camp out until morning. While sleeping, the Player meets Munna again in a dream. Munna reveals she has continued to elude Hydreigon, but she's stuck in her hiding spot. The dream is suddenly cut off and the Player awakes and tells the Partner about it. Fearing Munna is in danger, the two rush to where she said she was hiding.

Upon arrival, the two carefully search for Munna and quickly find her. However, Munna's personality suddenly takes a dark change and she surrounds the two with a group of henchmen, including the Toxicroak and Purugly who hunted Espeon. The two are completely caught off guard by Munna's betrayal, but manage come up with a plan to escape. They attack Munna's Chandelure henchmen who are providing light, knocking them out and blinding Munna and her henchman with dark of the night, allowing them to escape.

After running for a bit, the Player discovers they have become separated from the Partner during their escape and wonders why Munna was working with Purugly and Toxicroak to set a trap for them. However, Toxicroak begins catching up to the Player, forcing them to keep running. When the Player reaches a dead end, they are ambushed by Toxicroak and a pair of Munna's minions. The Player manages to defeat them, but Toxicroak calls for backup and a pair of Excadrill and a Salamence arrive to attack the exhausted Player.

Before Salamence can attack the Player, he is attacked by Hydreigon who helps the Player escape. The Player later awakens with Hydreigon who claims to be their ally. Seeing that Hydreigon's polite and gentle personality contradicts what Munna told them, the Player wonders what's going on. Before Hydreigon can explain why he brought the Player to the human world and why Munna is trying to get rid of them, the two her Salamence roaring and are forced to run to avoid being caught.

The Bittercold is the actually the Great Crystal of the Great Glacier, evidenced by its power to make objects float. Kyurem guards the Bittercold, using his ability to see the future to thwart all who could stop the Bittercold to protect the future that he has seen. Munna and her henchmen all work for Kyurem to ensure the world is destroyed.

The Voice of Life objected to the world being destroyed and took the form of Hydreigon to stop it. Munna and her gang spring their trap and surround the Player The next day, the Player and Hydreigon head toward Post Town to get Umbreon and Espeon's help in returning to the Great Glacier. After crossing a savanna, the two are ambushed by Purugly and a few Excadrill, who reveal Snivy has been taken captive by them in the Holehills. Despite objects about trusting any message Munna's gang says, the Player decides to go save the Partner.

The two travel to the Holehills, a valley filled with caves and holes to find the Partner, aware they are walking into a trap. While searching the Holehills, the two find a Frism with a message from the Partner recording a conversation with Munna, confirming they were really captured.

When the two reach the top of the Holehills, they see Munna and her gang guarding a cave where the Partner is being held prisoner. The Player knocks out Toxicroak, who was guarding the Partner's prison, but discovers the Partner has been moved and a Frism was used to replay their voice to further trick the Player. However, Hydreigon launches a surprise attack from the air, giving the Player time to find and rescue the Partner. The two make a narrow escape with Hydreigon's help and flee to safety.

When Hydreigon lands to rest, he reveals the Player saw through Munna's trap when they noticed the first Frism wasn't the one that belonged to the Partner. The Partner is formally introduced to Hydreigon and brought up to speed on the situation. This is not meant as a criticism of the user or their contributions-they clearly were an asset to the wiki in the past-but only to indicate their inactivity Any other information: I realize both the number of edits I have currently made and the amount of time I've spent are slightly small, and I ordinarily would not apply for adminship so early.

For the most part, any of an admin's tasks have already been done, and quite well The main reason behind my application is to delete unnecessary templates and maps. While a number of templates are put to great use, this has also resulted in a number of infoboxes relating to subjects such as anime episodes, trading cards, and the like, something which a fangame is not likely to ever develop. The map section is already fairly unnecessary, as this game only features one map.

Some of the maps created are at least actual maps, but that's all that can be said for them-maps for locations featured in Mario Kart and Five Nights at Freddy's are not going to be used with this subject. Some "maps" are not maps at all, instead depicting figurines or various species of owls.

One such "map" is a rather strong issue-it features a highly explicit image of characters from The Simpsons, including bondage and near-nudity. While this fangame is not directly targeted at children, this image is certainly far more mature than most of the game, in addition to being entirely unrelated.

I am rather new to the function of creating maps, and so I am not positive the images I wish to delete are directly associated with the wiki and may be deleted. However, I am certain that I could remove the Create a map option from the contribute button, and so could at least prevent that image from being seen by unsuspecting users, as well as prevent further abuse of the system.

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