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Rachel platen better place hq gastropub

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rachel platen better place hq gastropub

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People in Thailand are very friendly, polite, welcoming and kind. And in bigger cities or resort towns, many speak some English. As an American, I feel lucky that English has become the current universal language. There are many expats from all over in Chiang Mai, the city where I took up residence and whether German or Korean or Brazilian, all generally communicate in English.

First thing to do when arriving is to secure a place to live. There are options for every budget, from shared hostel to small private room to luxury condo or large house. If you find your place a little too spare, there are fun, inexpensive places to go for a few items to spruce it up, like the night markets.

Thais like their food very hot, but they are happy to tone it down for us farangs foreigners. If you get homesick for other cuisines, in bigger cities like Chiang Mai you have plenty of options — Mexican, Italian, Indian, American — for a slightly bigger price tag. With a severe mushroom allergy I was concerned, as mushrooms are common in Asia but as soon as I arrived, I asked someone who spoke both languages to please write me a note that told of my allergy, which I simply showed to the servers.

What about transportation? There are many options there as well. You can hop on a very affordable songtheaw, the little red buses that chug down the roads all over. Or grab a tuk tuk, a sort of cart attached to a motorcycle. There are beautiful temples everywhere which you can visit, and you can even attend a meditation retreat to explore your spiritual side. You might even get lucky and be there during the flower festival. And speaking of festivals, there are many.

In April is Songkran, the Thai New Year, with its crazy water festivities, and in November the stunningly beautiful Loy Kratong lantern festival, where thousands of little boats made of banana leaves are set off on the river, while thousands of paper lanterns are sent floating up in the night sky. And for those who are into shopping of the more modern variety, there are shopping malls as well.

In fact, you can get just about anything you want in cities like Chiang Mai, my home base, and certainly everything you need. JOHN F. Daily 9 a. This museum portrays the life, leadership and legacy of John F. Kennedy and members of his illustrious family in 25 exhibits, three theaters, 20 video presentations and more.

Brookline, , larzanderson. Tue—Sun 10 a. View and learn about more than a dozen vintage cars and enjoy special exhibits, tours and events, including seasonal Lawn Events outside the museum in warmer months. Special events: June 24 from 10 a. Mon—Sat 10 a. In addition, there are tour maps available for the Black Heritage Trail.

Newly installed LED lights now produce even deeper colors and tones in this world-famous stained-glass globe. Sat—Tue 10 a. The museum houses an outstanding collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, furnishings and other artwork from ancient times through the present, as well as the most comprehensive collection of Asiatic art in the world and a four-floor Art of the Americas wing. Science Park, , mos.

Sat—Thu 9 a. Combination ticket prices and evening discounts available. Closed during TD Garden events, call ahead. Mon 11 a. This Back Bay gallery represents contemporary, internationally collected mid-career artists who work in a variety of genres. Wed—Sun noon—6 p.

Special exhibits: Liz Shepherd and Michelle Lougee. Wed—Sun noon—5 p. Mon—Fri 10 a. Tue—Sat 11 a. The oldest non-profit art association in the U. Tue—Fri 11 a. Tue—Sat noon—6 p. This South End gallery shows risk-taking works by the old masters as well as the new masters of today. This space attracts top contemporary artists from around the world, showcasing work that focuses on minimalism and conceptualism. Jewelry, furniture, glass and ceramics range from cutting-edge to traditional, from functional to sculptural.

Shop more than 75 locally loved boutiques and specialty pushcarts, taste diverse ethnic foods in the Quincy Market Colonnade or dine in one of 14 full-service restaurants. Now located in the Seaport District, the oldest non-profit crafts organization in the country specializes in contemporary American crafts. Sun The Beer Barn 10 a. Mon—Thu the site where Jordan 9 a.

Discover store, once stood. Mon—Fri 8 a. Adored by fashion fans and value seekers alike, Primark is a great destination for keeping up with the latest looks for less. Both men and women flock to this Japanese retailer for its signature functional yet innovative clothing available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Mon—Sat 8 a. Cafes: Mon—Fri 7 a. Market: Daily 9 a. The international, tri-level, market-style food retailer boasts a fish market, bakery, wine shop, coffee shop, cheese shop, fresh pasta station, butcher shop and more, along with a wide variety of both imported and domestic packaged goods, from olive oil and dried pasta to sauces and condiments.

Browse unique wines, fresh truffles and, at the Cambridge location, the renowned cheese caves. This cozy cosmetics company specializes in allnatural and often local products from brands like Farmaesthetics, Baudelaire and Dr. The store offers a corporate gift division, bridal and gift registry, a full-service repair department, gift certificates and gift wrapping.

Mon—Fri 11 a. Small Pleasures features antique and estate jewelry as well as vintage costume jewelry. The store also offers jewelry and watch repair, restringing and custom jewelry design. Daily 7 a. Food, art and retail mix at this brand-new, open-air market housing more than 30 vendors.

Enjoy cuisine from pierogis and chocolate to empanadas and macarons, as well as Remant Brewing and a comedy club. Easily reached by the MBTA or commuter rail. Founded in near Harvard Square, this local running specialist boasts 12 retail locations that bring its unparalleled customer experience to runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Through July A grazing pasture and cemetery for Puritan Newtowne, as well as a favorite meeting spot for public figures and a tent site for the Continental Army. Offices open Mon—Fri 9 a.

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