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Value investing blogs brooklyn

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value investing blogs brooklyn

This concept is similar to Warren Buffett's contrarian value investing philosophy which was covered by our sister site: Real Estate Blogs. The Brooklyn Investor · Vintage Value Investing · Aleph Blog · Barel Karsan · Wexboy · Old School Value · Pragmatic Capitalism · Bronte Capital. The Brooklyn Investor is an insightful blogger who posts (unfortunately infrequently) about Value Investing, A Balanced Approach by Martin Whitman. CINCINNATI VS LOUISVILLE BETTING LINE

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The newsletter contains a stock screener of UK companies and a portfolio. His website offers many useful tools such as spreadsheets and checklists. Here is the link to the latest article from ukvalueinvestor. The author is searching for value and writing about interesting ideas.

His blog list fabulous quotes and a bookshelf of interesting books. Some even link to his personal notes. Feed has no items. The Brooklyn investor: The Brooklyn investor is a blogger writing about his thoughts and investment ideas. His investment background comes from his career on Wall Street. It was nice to have Ajit and Greg join Buffett and Munger on the stage. Buffett and Munger both looked great, and it was good to see that duo in action again.

There were a few interesting things this time. This is by no […] LT Blog: The lt blog writer is Lyall Taylor who is an equity portfolio manager of a small seeded fund. He is located in Asia and focuses on his blog mostly on investment, finance and economic topics. Articles are posted on an irregular basis. February at I thought it would be worth penning a few further thoughts on the current Russo-Ukrainian situation, as my thoughts have evolved somewhat in recent days, coincident with recent events which are changing rapidly.

While the situation in the Donbass has now been somewhat resolved — though the potential for disputes about the resultant borders […] Valueinvestmentblog. The other is the wonderfully eclectic nature of its content, veering from insightful analysis of popular stocks like Apple and Amazon to musings on Tchaikovsky. Expect multiple posts a day, as well as useful resources like a list of books recommended by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and other gurus.

We believe this to be partially true, but believe that value investing can outperform the market. The draw here is the supremely detailed posts analyzing individual securities , taking extracts from annual reports and investor presentations and explaining what they mean for investors. He looks both at individual stocks and more general investing principles, and his posts are full of detail but easy to follow. But even if the companies are unfamiliar, the methods are classic value investing, picking over the numbers and trying to uncover value other investors have overlooked.

And the breezy writing style makes it fun to read! His posts often introduce interesting research on subjects like negative enterprise value stocks, and present them in a way that the rest of us can understand. And the worth of this site lies not just in the blog posts, but also in the stock screens to help you find investments that meet the criteria proposed by famed value investor Benjamin Graham. Owner Jae Jun also writes very detailed posts analyzing particular stocks using a variety of valuation methods to show you how value investing works.

Creating Your Own Investment Strategy is our flagship course in getting you started on the right track towards building a profitable investment strategy. Click here to register immediately. To open a Robinhood account, all you need is your name, address, and email. If you want to fund your account immediately, you will also need your bank account routing and account number. Then, once your account is open, you will be given your unique referral link.

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David Einhorn: Not Sure Value Investing Will Come Back

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