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How to breed a rare ethereal monster

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how to breed a rare ethereal monster

I'm trying to breed a rare ghazt. 5 yrs Report. Elice Fertitta Lehmann, profile picture. Elice Fertitta Lehmann. I've been trying and trying and trying. Breeding · Ghazt: Entbrat + Bowgard (plant) · Grumpyre: Deedge + Conge (Cold) · Reebro: Riff + Scups (air) · Jeeode: Shelbeat + Spunge · Humbug. How do I breed Ethereal, Legendary, Rare, and Seasonal Monsters? I got an Epic Monster, but it doesn't show up in my Breeding Structure! WALTER SCHLOSS 16 RULES INVESTING IN MUTUAL FUNDS

The key to feeding strategy is balancing the expected benefit of feeding a monster vs it's impact on your food production. Which raises as overall coin production does. As with more spare coins you will be able to bake more. The main thing to be careful of is not too overfeed a monster when leveling them isn't going to benefit you much in comparison to feeding another monster that could give that same benefit for much less food.

The last thing to bear in mind when feeding monsters is breeding chance. It's more than practical to breed 3's and 4's with 10's for quite a awhile however. But if you're trying for rare's seasonals or ethereals you might want to pick a breeding pair to feed up.

Breeding Okay the first thing to address is wishing torches to really get into breeding you need friends and torches! And of course do as your done bye and light your friends torches! You can click the flame tab in friends to see what friends have unlit torches and just run down the list. Some people change their display names to request lit torches on a particular island so try and accommodate those requests when you can! Now to address breeding chances. So as long as you get their elemental combination right you are golden.

As well as get one of every triple element monster. There is no need to breed multiple triples at first. Next up will depend on how often you check. If you want more quads.. For example on cold island the best combination for Deej is Thumper and Toejam.

Because the most common result is a toejam which takes 2 minutes to hatch and sell. And then you can just breed again. And even if you get thumper.. However on each island I like to have a balance between quad element monsters and many 3 element monsters. Breeding 3 elements without a quad can be a pain. However the coveted ethereals are gained by breeding a 4 and a 3 element monster. This strategy is very useful when breeding 3 element monsters for wublins and when populating your island with 3 element monsters.

This is why you want to rush the quad monster! Both the parents are 3 elementals so each failed breeding occupies your structures for a long time without diamonds. So getting a couple to finish off the song should be all you really need. This is the ONE monster I would be tempted to spend diamonds on to speed up breeding.

While ethereal monsters are somewhat difficult to breed meaning they can't really be relied upon as a go to strategy for starting out. It should be noted that these are by FAR the most efficient monsters you can own on the natural islands. Both their coin rate and coin max outclassing quads. The 5 beds they take up can be an issue with planning an island on a coin only castle though. EDIT : There is one particularly standout monster among the 3 elementals and this is the humble Congle.

They store almost 30k at rank 10 which is about twice as much as most of the others so if you're looking to min max these will probably out produce any other 3x element monsters. Wublins Wublin island is rather unique and is unlocked fairly early; it is an electricity themed island with a very different way of getting monsters.

There is no feeding or even castle upgrading. No beds to worry about. You buy the monsters as statues for 5k each and need to wake them up by zapping eggs from your main islands to them. Each wublin when they become active or are collected from will randomly roll between hours and randomly generate a resource. Each wublin regardless of type will generate either 2 diamond, 10k ish food, 50k ish gold or about ish shards!

Wublins are awakened by filling their inventory with specific eggs in specific quantities. All of these are zapped from the other island.. This can be used to your advantage of course. What they cost more than anything is time in your breeding structures. So before you go hard on wublins my recommendation is to get plant and cold island nicely filled out.

This is so you can awaken the almighty Zynth! Most people fill their wublin island with mostly zynth's. The reason for this is simple. They take only 4 spaces Most wublins take 9 And are relatively easy to awaken. Requiring only eggs from the first two islands. Which I do recommend. For example, breeding Mammott and Joe Jammer can give you a new monster called Maw.

Distinctively, double-element Fire and Magical monsters are not that easy to breed. This is because they can have the characteristics of their parents once they are created. Moreover, if you want to know monsters that are difficult to breed, you can try the double-element ethereal. Overall, despite their breeding complexity, they are still the easiest monsters to acquire. Triple Element Monsters These types of monsters are described as slightly different to breed.

This is because you are required to have a double-element and single-element monster to create a new one. One example is when you combine Quibble and Mammott, it will result in a Congle. Breeding triple-element monsters is not guaranteed and can only cause the same creature from either of the parents.

Therefore, They are rarer to implement yet easier than other breeding combinations. Rare Monsters They are unique variants of the existing monsters, and obtaining them is not that easy to do. Like their common counterparts, they have the same combinations. But, Rare Singles are exempted from these since you need two triple-element monsters with the same element to breed them. It ended up to this because they share the same elements, such as Water and Plant. Even more interesting is once you already have the typical and rare variants, you can have new monsters.

Seasonal Monsters Seasonal monsters are only obtainable during the seasonal event and are only available for a limited time. You can also acquire them on other occasions such as Out-of-season events and even during anniversary month. Usually, in every seasonal event except Seasonal Shanty , you can get unique combinations that you can use across all islands.

The downside is that breeding these monsters has a high likelihood of failure. Common seasonal monsters are always available to breed during Seasonal Shanty. They are mainly divided into two types: Core Seasonals and Aux Seasonals. Monculus, Ffidyll, and the Spurrit are also under the Aux Seasonals.

Specifically, you can breed Core Seasonals with any of two Aux Seasonals. Ethereals Ethereal monsters are the most available monsters to breed in the game. Each of the natural islands has an available single-element ethereal in the game. The types of monsters which they can breed are quad-element and triple-element monsters.

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I Had a Monster in a Costume, where did it go?

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How hard is it to breed on Ethereal Island? How rare are Ethereals? Happy Monstering! How much food does it take to get an ethereal to level 15? According to Diablo 2 expert Rhykker, the drop rate of ethereals is 1 in and as we mentioned earlier, they actually drop more quickly if you have a low-level character.

How do you breed an ethereal plant Island? How does the Ethereal Island work? Teleporting will reset their levels back to one on Ethereal Island, and turn the monsters into eggs again. Is the Ethereal Island worth it? Yes, definitely. How do you get ethereal breeding on bonanzas? In addition, up until this update, Daily Deals and weekend deals previously reduced the cost of the Rares in the StarShop. Since the update, Daily Deals during events still continued to reduce the cost of Rares in the StarShop, but Rares Duets only allow for the Rare Monsters in question to be available for purchase.

In addition, Rares Reruns were re-introduced on October 21st, Rare Solos happened once every two weeks. On February 19th, , the price of Rares in the StarShop doubled. In Update 2. Rare Solos continued to happen until mid, with the last one happening on August 18th. Rares of 2 elements or more are bred the same way as regular Monsters; they require parents that are level 4 or higher. The parents can be Common or Rare. Single element Rares can only be bred using their specific combinations of two 3-element Monsters.

Valid empirical testing to determine which combinations have the highest chance of producing a Rare offspring has not been done; the period of availability is too short to get useful data. It is possible to breed most Rare Monsters by breeding failure. Breeding failure occurs when a breeding combination produces one of the Monsters that were used for breeding.

This includes breeding combinations that can never be successful in the sense that they would create a new Monster type different from the parents.

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How To Breed All Ethereal Monsters - My Singing Monsters


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How to breed Rare Ghazt on Ethereal Island - My singing monsters how to breed a rare ethereal monster

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