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Growth investing blogspot

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growth investing blogspot

Run by Ben Reynolds, who is on a mission to help people gain maximum benefit from dividend growth investing, the Sure Dividend blog helps you. Whether you rely on your financial advisor or prefer to invest on your own, there's a wide range of finance blogs dedicated to helping you make smart investment. A Dividend Growth Investor working to Retire at Blogging my dividend income, net worth and dividend growth stocks weekly. Only 5 more years to go! CARD INDEX SOCCER BETTING SYSTEM

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These are dividend investing blogs whose authors share their personal investment strategies in dividend-paying stocks in order to receive a regular income stream from their investments.

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growth investing blogspot

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I have invested time, money and on the job skills to provide add value for my organization, customers and community. My current Australian shares portfolio is about 3 and half years. I have written tweets on some of my shares holding and the economy. I have found gaps in the Australian media on their economy news reporting that usually run for split seconds on the nightly news while sports runs almost for over fifteen minutes or longer on the news, while economy news affect our daily life more than sports in my opinion, and therefore, should have similar importance to sport.

And my financial growth journey in trying these. The main thing of investing that I take into consideration is personal risk appetite that people have in different degrees and access to funds. Each knows their own circumstances; risk appetite and feeling confident that the Australian company they are investing in will reward them.

Selling it below their purchase price and profiting from the difference. And some of them are leveraged. My risk tolerance for such investing style is pretty low. The raja decreed that everyone must give nearly all of their rice to him.

For many years, the rice grew well. The people gave nearly all of their rice to the raja, and the storehouses were always full. But the people were left with only enough rice to get by. Then one year the rice grew badly and there was famine and hunger.

The people had no rice to give to the raja, and they had no rice to eat. The raja's ministers implored him, "Your highness, let us open the royal storehouses and give the rice to the people, as you promised. How do I know how long the famine will last? I must have the rice for myself. Promise or no promise, a raja must not go hungry! But the raja would not give out the rice. One day, the raja ordered a feast for himself and his court--as, it seemed to him, a raja should now and then, even when there is famine.

A servant led an elephant from a royal storehouse to the palace, carrying two full baskets of rice. A village girl named Rani saw that a trickle of rice was falling from one of the baskets. Quickly she jumped up and walked along beside the elephant, catching the falling rice in her skirt.

She was clever, and she began to make a plan. At the palace, a guard cried, "Halt, theif! Where are you going with that rice? But if you wish, you may give me one grain of rice. Today, you will give me a single grain of rice. Then, each day for thirty days you will give me double the rice you gave me the day before. Thus, tomorrow you will give me two grains of rice, the next day four grains of rice, and so on for thirty day. The next day, Rani was presented with two grains of rice.

And the following day, Rani was presented with four grains of rice. On the ninth day, Rani was presented with two hundred fifty-six grains of rice. She had received in all five hundred and eleven grains of rice, enough for only a small handful. On the thirteenth day, she received four thousand and ninety-six grains of rice, enough to fill a bowl.

On the sixteenth day, Rani was presented with a bag containing thirty-two thousand, seven hundred and sixty-eight grains of rice. All together she had enough rice for two bags. On the twenty-first day, she received one million, forty-eight thousand, five hundred and seventy-six grains of rice, enough to fill a basket. On the twenty-fourth day, Rani was presented with eight million, three hundred and eighty-eight thousand, six hundred and eight grains of rice--enough to fill eight baskets, which were carried to her by eight royal deer.

On the twenty-seventh day, thirty-two brahma bulls were needed to deliver sixty-four baskets of rice. The raja was deeply troubled. On the thirtieth and final day, two hundred and fifty-six elephants crossed the province, carrying the contents of the last four royal storehouses--Five hundred and thirty-six million, eight hundred and seventy thousand, nine hundred and twelve grains of rice. All together, Rani had received more than one billion grains of rice.

The raja had no more rice to give. And for the rest of his days, the raja was truly wise and fair, as a raja should be. But not me. I thought about how cool it would be for me to do that with money. I wanted to learn how to have the "doubling effect" for real. I was astonished by what I now know as the principle of compound interest. I'll explain.

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Growth Vs Value Investing

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